Constitutional Emergency

Cowardness/Apologies continue to enable rabid blood lusters to slither in this set up offense (war tool) so they can claim and rage in victimhood!




Afghan clerics call on US to turn over prisons

KABUL, Afghanistan — A council of Afghanistan's top religious leaders are calling on the U.S. to end night raids and hand over its prisons to Afghan control.

The influential Afghan Ullema Council says that if Afghans had been in charge, Qurans from a detention center at an American base would never have been tossed on a burn pit.

In a statement issued Friday, they condemned the Feb. 20 incident, which sparked six days of deadly protests.

Control over detainees and night raids are the two most contentious issues in a strategic partnership document that Washington and Kabul are negotiating. The council statement is a boost for the Afghan government's position.

The document would govern U.S. operations in Afghanistan after 2014 when NATO ends its combat mission.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.


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Past time to be gone, the place is a money pit and certainly a player for all of the U.S. money they can attract; however, as an ally they have shown thehselves to be untrust worthy. Go home now, leave nothing and allow them to roll in thier own feces for as long as they desire, they deserve nothing more and a whole lot less.

If it were I, I would move all of our troops in the mideast to Israel and defy the mullahs to attack.  When and if they did, I would engage them, wipe them out and destroy any country that participated.  There wouldn't be a mosque or the Kaaba left.  The clerics would be offered life imprisonment in solitary confinement or instant passage to their paradise.  I would declare the religion of islam to be null and void and place any practitioners under arrest as criminals against mankind. Just like the British treated the Thugee in India. I am sure the bulk of the remaining non moslems on earth would breathe a sigh of relief. Only dhimmicrats and communists (same thing) would object.



Years ago, singer Randy Newman had song "Let's drop the Big One". We don't need nuclear weapons; we MAY have something better!

The principle which governs a modern microwave oven can be used to build an interesting and VERY deadly weapon.

With modifications which I will NOT explain here, this device can scramble every electrical impulse in the human brain, in effect, 'Shorting it out'! I have good reason to believe these weapons exist, and I wonder WHY we aren't using them?!

   Bruce ,if these weapons exist ,I'm sure obama will use them soon as he declares martial law America

Nothing at all disgraceful about what the Marines did.  The dirt bags they p****d on were minutes earlier trying to kill them.  These people are insurgents the Geneva Convention does not apply to them.  Therefore my response to this incident is, war is hell get over it.  If I was the CG in Af-fagistan I would order several plane loads of lard made from pigs and announce to the world that my troops were going to lube their ammo with that lard.  Guaranteed things would change in a hurry.  It worked with the Moro tribes in the Philippines it'll surely work with these stone age ragheads.  Problem is, no one has the brass to do it.

Get our troops out NOW! Stop all aid to Afghanistan! If the military can't take everything with them, just destroy it all and leave nothing to these barbarians.


worse yet the administration has not come out to say that they will not turn them over to the Afghanistan government, that should be the first words from Obama's mouth on this besides the bowing and kowtowing to even consider the option of turning them over is a death sentences to the people involved.    



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