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What is Crypto currency and why is it so important to us in the near future?

WikipediA describes it like this:
A crypto currency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.[1][2][3] Crypto currencies are a kind of alternative currency and digital currency (of which virtual currency is a subset). Crypto currencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems.[4]

The decentralized control of each crypto currency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database.[5]

A Digital asset with decentralized control as apposed to a central banking system;

Currency with no central bank; In fact its currency with no banking system at all.

In yesterdays article I wrote how the US Federal Reserve Bank is NOT part of the United States Government, it is actually a private corporation owned and operated by foreign entities. (The Rothchild's and the Bilderberg groups and a few others).

The Federal Reserve Bank and our US dollar currency is now based on thin air – the Fiat currency we all hear about. The US is now in access of $225-Trillion dollars in debt to this Fiat banking system. The system is unsustainable and it has a built-in life span limitation. We have reached that life-span limitation and exceeded the limitations of that national debt. There is a change coming.

What will that change be and how it is going to effect you is what this article is all about.

Within the next five years, (I believe three years at most), The Federal Reserve Bank will declare itself bankrupt. The US dollar will be declared insolvent and useless. America will have no choice but to reorganize around some kind of new US currency and a new banking system, what that will be and how it will work is going to have the biggest impact on the United States that has ever been seen. It will have world-wide implications to say the least.

We have only two alternatives available to us; We can create a new US currency, (such as Abraham Lincoln's Green-Back Dollar) or we can permit the same people who own the Federal Reserve banking system to manage the transition into a new currency system.

THAT is where the Crypto currency system becomes so important. Trying to create a new “Green-Back” dollar bill requires something to base that currency on. Such as the US Gold reserves that existed in Fort Knox and in the basements of the New York Central Bank. Many people say those vaults are now empty. No one in our Government has been allowed to inspect or audit those gold reserves for over 60 years. If those vaults are empty then the US would have to find some other asset upon which to base that new Green-Back dollar currency. Either oil, minerals, or the good-faith and hard work promise of the American people, (That last one is what our present Fiat currency is based on now.).

That is why we have been saying that when we run up our debt through this Federal Reserve Banking system we are mortgaging our children's futures. It's true.

Option #2; Crypto currency; The Rothchilds and the Bilderbergs do not control either the cryptocurrencies or the Bitcoin systems. Those systems are based on what people are willing to pay for it and it is all controlled by the people who run the computer networks around the world. There are thousands of computers around the world all linked together that each broadcast the current price rates of each system. There is no Central Banking system in control of either one.
But the Bilderbergs and Rothchilds and the Banking cartels are all trying to gain control over the Cryptocurrency system. If they manage to gain control or if they simply create a new form of digital currency, something called a digi-coin unit, then live is really going to change – big time.
This digi-coin (digital coin) could more appropriately be referred to as a Digital Credit system.

What is and how will this new Digital credit system work? For the American worker it's actually pretty simple. When we go to work and receive a “pay-check”, instead of getting a “pay-Check” we receive digital credits. Those credits are applied into the digital credit reserve system. Then when we go to the grocery store or other place to make a purchase we simply present our debit card, (or an ID Chip).
Our purchases will be deducted from our digital credit account. No hard currency is required, no more carrying around all that money every month or every week. You might still have a credit card but that credit card will be linked to your digital credit account. Once your digital credit account has reaches a zero balance you are done spending for the month or until more credits are “deposited” into your account, (another paycheck – ie, next “pay-day”).

Mortgage payments and that auto loan will be handled the same way, everything will be paid through a digital credit account system. Here's the bad part of this, if you still have any of that “Old” US Federal Reserve money and you try to present that at the grocery store they will laugh at you and throw it in the trash can. Those “old” US Federal Reserve notes will be useless, not even worth the paper which they are printed on. (We're almost there anyway).

To some people this new system of digital credit accounts with no central banking system might sound like a good idea. We can get rid of those crooked bankers. But hold on – not so fast; Remember here that we are still talking about the Rothchilds and the Bilderberg groups, we are still talking about the money changers. And they are still going to get their share no matter what we do. When that weekly or monthly “Pay-check” or digital credit check is applied to your digital credit account some of that credit will go to the money managers as fees and taxes to help “support” the system. You may not have a central or local bank anymore but you've still got the bankers. And they want to get paid too. This is where things get interesting and complicated. Those “fees” and taxes extracted from you weekly or monthly Digital Credit “Pay-Check” could end up being as much as 50-80 Percent of your “pay-check”. When you go to the grocery store thinking you will buy a hundred dollars worth of groceries and find out that all you have left is $20-$40 dollars then you will realize what has happened to our US currency system.

And just in case you're about to blame all this on Donald J. Trump, the President has little or nothing to say about any of it. The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a part of the United States Government. The only thing President Donald Trump (or any other president) can do is to confiscate all assets of the Federal Reserve and implement that option #1 – the Green-Back dollar bill. But then he has to figure out how that can be based on real tangible assets that the rest of the world will accept as good hard America currency.

Right about now you might be thinking about our US Mineral and oil and gas assets, but most of that may have already been seized by the United Nations, right along with the gold that was in Ft. Knox.

Either way, no matter what happens, the next 3-5 years are going to change life in America in many ways we never dreamed possible. This is also why the Democrats are so instant on taking control of our US Congress. Because Congress controls the purse strings of America, NOT the President.

A list of some of the richest families in the world;

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Ahh !!! you will not get many replies on this, this issue has all ready been exposed and to whom it belongs to. I say no to this program, there is no need to violate Constitutional Laws where it clearly states Currency, this was the intent by the Founding Fathers of America, to prevent others from controlling we the people. 

 So sorry but, NO..


I googled, The US is now in access of $225-Trillion dollars in debt to this Fiat banking system, I did not find any evidence to support this but I did find this:




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