By Michael Connelly

July 29, 2016

For years I have listened to the leaders of the Democratic Party and the left wing media lie to the American people about what they stand for and their intentions for America. This has been particularly true during the last seven and one half years of the Obama administration. Americans were lied to about Operation Fast and Furious, about climate change, about the IRS attacks on conservative groups, about Benghazi, about the true state of the economy, about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, etc.

Yet, during the four days of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats finally spoke the truth about their vision for America, and speaker after speaker confirmed that it is a vision of the total destruction of our Constitutional Republic. It is to be replaced by a socialist utopia where everyone will gladly march in lockstep like good little drones and be happy every after. The problem is that this vision has failed everywhere it has been tried for over 100 years, and the results have already resulted in the deaths of over 60,000,000 people, massive poverty and repression, and often starvation. Just look at what is currently happening in Venezuela, a “socialist paradise” touted by the left that is now a country in total chaos.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was mostly platitudes, but she started off by completely embraced the “progressive Democratic platform”. (By the way, I have been trying to find the text of that platform on line so I could read it, but it is mysteriously unavailable, only select portions of it can be found. Why is that?) What I do know about the platform and what I heard from the convention speakers, including Hillary, is chilling. For the first time, they talked honestly to the American people and this is what they told us:

  1. The U.S. economy will no longer be based on the free market, but will be completely controlled by the federal government.

  2. Small businesses will be regulated out of existence, and major corporations taxed into oblivion. In fact, all hard working Americans will pay massively higher taxes so that those people who choose not to work will receive the free stuff the Democrats have told them they are entitled to.

  3. If you own a firearm to protect your family and property, you are a criminal and must be disarmed. This particularly true if you are a military veteran, or social security recipient.

  4. If you are a Christian or a Jew and your religious beliefs don’t conform to the federal secular agenda, your churches and synagogues will be shut down.

  5. If you attempt to exercise your free speech rights by saying something the government deems politically incorrect, you will be silenced.

  6. When it comes to freedom of the press, most of the main stream media is already in the tank for the Democrats and their socialist ideology. As long as they continue to go with the party line they will be fine, but members of the media who don’t follow that route will be silenced.

  7. The due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution that protects Americans from having the federal government arbitrarily take our lives, property, and liberty will be ignored.

  8. The federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, will no longer be a separate and independent branch of the government, but will be stacked with judges who will support the agenda of the federal dictatorship.

  9. The Congress of the United States will no longer be an independent branch of the government. If it refuses to submit itself to the control of the executive branch of the government it will simply be ignored and laws will be imposed by executive order.

  10. There will no longer be any illegal immigration, because our borders will be wide open to everyone including drug dealers, violent gang members, and potential terrorists. The United States will be a country without borders, and therefore not a sovereign nation at all.

              This is the Democratic Party plan for the future of America. They claim it is a progressive vision, when in fact it is both regressive and oppressive. In other places; and at other times it has been referred to as socialism, communism, or fascism. It doesn’t matter what they call it because it ultimately translates into the loss of human freedom.

              Of course, what do we know? In the eyes of Obama, the Clintons, and the other elitists, the rest of us are just the ignorant unwashed masses, who cling to our guns and our religion, and therefore we must allow the elites to take care of us and make all of our decisions for us. In my popular new novel, “The Rag” I refer to this new order as the Socialist Republic of America.

              That is the message the Democrats have given to us. As a free American my message to them is that I will never submit to being a slave on their federal plantation.

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That horrific embrace between Killary and Bathhouse Barry spoke volumes about what has been going on behind the scenes since day one, and is very much indicative of what is to come.

Hillary Clinton is intended to be the relief pitcher to complete the final and absolute destruction from within of The United States Of America.

Thanks no I do not want the Democrats vision.

The sad part is, Everyone running on the Republican ticket also supported the Dems future visions.

Trump was the ONLY one Not part of that Liberal Progressive Utopia.

4 years ago we were told to give the House and Senate to the Repubs and they would kill Obama Care and all the other Progressive agenda.

We were also told 2 years ago to give the House and Senate to the Repubs and they would again do the same.

Now we are again at another election and WE TRUE Conservatives have finally had our voice heard and removed every Republican NOT following their words and Our Demands to remove all the Progressive BS forced on Americans by both Obama and Bush.

That's right, if you actually research what Obama has done to America, you will quickly find He has followed the Progressive liberal agenda started under Bush.

9-11 was the "Pearl Harbor" that was the mark in history where the Progressive Movement (bush included) took control of our once great Country.

Why do you think Bush and most of his supporters have made public they will vote for Hillary!!!

The Bush family, WAS in on the 9-11 ,they ALL knew about it, that is why they all left town !!! Isreal, also knew, that is why they paid a find to move out of the building early,( 1 ) month !!! they are all working for the NWO & Saudi Arabia!! they are our enemy, that is why they are giving the Clinton's so much money !!! ( for there information )

Time to finally vote for one of the three third party candidates, my choice is the Constitution Party.

Which is a vote for Killary!!!

That attitude is the reason we keep electing those who don't care for we the people.  Doing the same thing again, over and over, and expecting a different result; insanity.  Both of the Bush administrations were onboard with the New World Order.  Trump should tone down his rhetoric and his loud/ foul mouth if he expects decent Americans to cast their vote for him.  He needs to act more "presidential" for the remaining months of his campaign.  He is beginning to act like the Democrats act with their rhetoric and attacks; he IS turning off people that may have decided to vote for him.

  I guess you wan t him to act like the politicians we have now , I damn sure don't !!!

There is no chance whatsoever for a 3rd party candidate to win, so any vote for any party other than Republican or Democrat is a vote for Hillary.  We're not voting for the greatest candidate in the world - we're voting to keep Clinton Corruption out of the White House and giving a chance to Trump to begin to take this country back.  So if Hillary wins, the 3rd party voters will claim responsibility for that, as much as if their voters had voted Clinton in.

Then someone please tell Trump he needs to show some restraint and tact, his bombastic attitude and shooting from the hip is causing many to shy away from him and consider other options.  Rush Limbaugh has some good advice for Trump, maybe Trump should listen and heed the advice.

Thomas, Well said. Far too few realize we no longer have two parties but one party with two sides that are essentially identical.  I fear for Mr Trump for we know the traitors in government have murdered countless people who got in their way, including sitting Presidents.

I am a 72 year old Massachusetts resident and a Vietnam 100% disabled Veteran, once personal protection in Vietnam for MOH awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky. At my age and with my disabilities, I ought to be able to enjoy the retirement I worked for all my life as my disabilities did not show at all until 40 years after exposure to Agent Orange and they are serious and damned near killed me but I am ambulatory. I also try to be proactive health wise but, In this vision of utter depravity and pure evil as exemplified at the Democratc Convention with PRIDE, I was in loathing as should be every decent God fearing American citizen. These pond scum pols are not AMERICAN in any sense of the Word! Every one of the motherless sons and daughters of Satan took an oath as did we all who served, prior to taking office to DEFEND AND UPHOLD the constitution against all enemies foreign and domesic: not to become such!  In my eyes, therefore, they are all TRAITORS, and oath violators; malfeasant in office, derelict in duty and unworthy of the possession of the offices they hold. If we lived in a Representative driven Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law, we would not have these problems because all of these scumbags would be in prison or awaiting trial on a variety of charges and they are the ENEMY WITHIN; loyal not to this country, it's constitution, traditions or moral values but to a Godless , pure evil New World Order Cabal as co-conspirators in my opinion with the United Nations to subvert us from within and then once in control , establish a UNIVERSAL OLIGARCHY, socialist and dictatorial where freedoms won't exist, choices eliminated and progeny treated as State property with no future and no hope of one; thanks to implementation of their Agenda 21

I have had a degree in Government since 1967 and after Vietnam was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and learned early on just how corrupt was our Federal government but, it was a pittance compared to the wealth of skullduggery ongoing today. Having seen it then in 1969, I tried to warn others and was ignored,  Many of those I spoke to then remember and wish they had listened but the takeover in conversion was slow and steady and so most paid no heed. Then came Obama and open rule by Executive Order and personal fiat ALLOWED BY A COWARDLY AND CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT CONGRESS  WHEN NEVER SHOULD IT EVER HAVE BEEN SO. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY! And, we MUST vote as Americans , elect Trump, vote Against Every incumbent in BOTH parties as they are all malfeasant and keep doing so until we can get the trash out of our HOUSES . Then establish term limits, balance and live within a budget, end all congressional benefits the day they leave active office. secure our borders and put at least a 20 year moratorium on ALL non-invitational immigrations, constantly survey Muslims here and allow no more into the country as they are totally incompatible to our way of life and our laws, and deport every illegal in this country. We need to end all entitlements to those who have not paid for them and we need to put AMERICAN CITIZENS, BACK TO WORK! All these things represent only a start, a new beginning , so to speak.  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO DO AS SO VERY MUCH DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE IN SO SHORT A RELATIVE TIME BY A CABAL OF N.W.O. ADVOCATES WHOSE CITIZENSHIP SHOULD BE STRIPPED FROM THEM AND THEN SEND ALL OF THEM INTO EXILE OR ON SOME PRISON ISLAND WHERE THEY CAN LIVE AS THEY LIKE AND LEAVE THE REST OF US TO ENJOY THE FREEDOMS OF THE GREATEST DOCUMENT EVER CONCEIVED POITICALLY BY THE MIND OF MAN,THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION WHICH ONCE MADE US THE GREATEST NATION ON THE PLANET AND WILL AGAIN IF WE ADHERE TO THE MORAL AND RELIGIOUS VALUES AND OTHER FOUNDING PRINCIPLES ON WHICH THE U.S. WAS ORIGNIALLY BUILT. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DEFEAT BE ALWAYS THE FATE OF HER ENEMIES.

I cannot speak for others as I have not the right but I can suggest the actions I have laid out and total resistance to the New World Order. If we value our freedoms and choices and the futures of our children; then we have no other choice but to fight for them as those who do not use them, lose them, the lives and freedoms of the future generations now depend on our actions TODAY and in the immediate Future, We cannot afford to disappoint them,  or ourselves! As for me, I will resist until I draw my last breath. I hope ALL Americans worthy of the title Citizen , will do the same.



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