Demorats and the never ending "Bull Shit" they write into Laws specifically to Gun Control, Here is another one !!!

I am getting tired of the Representatives from both parties and the President not completely reading bills before voting on the bills. This the kind of SHIT the Demorats do and it is a slow whittleling away of Amendments they don't like.

Before attacking President Trump, the Democrats had one issue they cherished above all else.

That’s trying to disarm everyone in America.

But between their anti-Trump attacks, Democrats just revealed a new plan to destroy the Second Amendment.

Throughout the eight years of former President Barack Obama, supporters of the Second Amendment were put through constant assaults in their right to keep and bear arms.

After every horrific mass shooting, the demands for gun control reached a fever pitch.

But since the election of President Trump, the intensity of those attacks have become much less severe.

That is because President Trump is a supporter of the Second Amendment, making their more extreme proposals, like outright gun bans impossible.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying anyway.

They are hoping to pass what some call “minor gun control” into law.

Instead of targeting the guns themselves, they are instead targeting the purchase aspect.

And so far, they have been surprisingly successful.

In the same 2017 bill bringing historic tax cuts, Democrats were able to force one of these proposals into law.

That law, known as Fix NICS is seen as “gun control lite,” and forces states to hand over private medical data to the Federal background check system to assist in creating more restricted purchasers.

Some dismiss this as minor, but pro-gun activists see it as creating a dangerous precedent, and as a signal to Democrats that more extreme proposals are on the table.

One of those more extreme proposals is the prohibition of private firearm sales and is gaining ground quickly.

The bill, H.R. 8 is sitting in a Democrat House Committee, in the Democrat-controlled House.

Democrats are working to clear it from Committee and push it to the floor for a full vote this week.

If passed into law, transferring firearms from two private parties will become illegal, instead forcing it to go through a licensed firearm dealer.

Democrats claim this bill will prevent gun violence, specifically using mass shootings as an example.

But they fail to mention that nearly every mass shooter in recent obtained their guns legally through a licensed dealer.

In fact, the Democrats brought out former Rep. Gabby Giffords to propose the bill, using the 2011 shooting at one of her campaign events as a reason.

But Gifford’s shooter obtained his gun legally, through a federal firearms dealer.

This bill would do nothing to stop that shooting or virtually any other mass shooting.

While virtually every shooter passed their background check, virtually every mass shooting in recent memory has occurred in a gun free zone.

Research from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 98% of mass shootings since 1960 have occurred in gun free zones, where only police are legally allowed to carry a firearm.

The one thing that Democrats seem to ignore as a solution is minimizing gun free zones, especially schools, which are virtually all gun free.

While Democrats are unwilling to look into this, there are Republicans fighting to end gun-free school zones.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie has a bill to end the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act, something President Trump has signaled support for.

Do you support ending gun free school zones?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Gun Free Zones are license to kill unarmed citizen's (kids) zones.

And I'm like every other gun owner and military veteran, I KNOW what the implications are to giving up our weapons.
These people in Congress KNOW what the Second Amendment was actually written for. They KNOW the framers of this country deliberately and specifically wrote that second amendment into the Constitution so that the people would have the means to defend themselves against a tyrannical Government.

Therefore any time you hear another politician advocating and pushing gun control (of any kind) you should automatically know and understand that that person has evil intentions in mind and he/she does not want the people to be able to stop them. They do NOT want you to be able to defend yourselves or your family against what ever it is that they have in mind.
Therefore - on that basis alone, and without any further consideration, that person who advocates gun control is by definition a traitor to our Constitution. 
Nothing else needs to be know. As far as I am concerned the Second Amendment IS the RED LINE in the sand,,
"SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" means precisely that. And that includes 10-20-30-40-50 round magazines, AR-15 type sim-automatic rifles, and any other kind of weapons typically used for hunting OR for civil defense purposes.

Gun Control advocates should be removed from Congress immediately upon issuance or sponsorship or support of any of these gun control measures.

You like Gun-free Zones !! Move to Chicago, LA, or Detroit, or NYC. Worse killing zones in America and all are heavily gun controlled.



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