Discussion for PFA members - What talents do you possess that you can bring to the table?

What are your talents, trades and skills? What can you bring to the table? What WILL you bring to the table? Are you going to get involved more than just observing what is posted?

In order for me to keep PFA running.....I expect members to be engaged and offer up help. We all know our economy is going to collaspe. Obama has told us his plan (which we already knew) is to spend spend spend and tax, tax, tax.

We also know, after the collaspe, thievery will come as will violence, plus, our enemies from around the globe and even in cells here are going to take advantage of that crisis. So, are we serious about working together as a group to prepare to defend ourselves, families and have each others backs or not?

I note many new members have been joining. But I also note that most members and new members are not contributing on PFA. We must lay everything on the table and pick out the best from it all. However, if you don't lay it out, how do we pick from it.

I need help! I cannot do this alone and I do not want to do this alone. So again, what can you bring to the table and WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?

PFA Immediate Mission :

Prepare for what is coming. Networking with each other to ensure our constitutional republic stands in liberty after the collapse.

Just a thought for all to ponder! Will our troops and National Guard be here to help us? Probably not! They are deployed! Also, what do you think is going to happen to them in the muslim hell holes when our economy collapses? No money to bring them home and no money for ammo and other supplies they must have! Despots sure don't want to get them home! What is going to happen to your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends that are left over there?

My question to PFA membership is......................

Are you/we going to step up to the plate! The ball is in our court now! If we wait until after the collapse to try to figure out our plans.........there will be no ball and no court.........WE FAIL!

If we start working together, start learning about and from each other, offer up what we each can bring to this life or death work, We succeed! We Win! We restore liberty for our descendants.

Then we can really claim "Failure is not an option!"

I also do not want to see any comments on here saying, let go and let God. That is not an action on your part, that is you using an excuse to not act! Am I a Christian? Yes I am! And I will not use that unscriptual false doctrine that many use to justify not doing what I don't want to do. I / We must be honest with ourselves and each other. I bring this up only to NOT see comments in comment section here about that, that is a whole different topic than what we are discussing here, but it never fails someone always uses that cop out.

Stay on topic and lets see if PFA is a tool that we will use. Electioneering is off the table.


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I do not know how I can contribute, I am a retired Kindergarten teacher, belong to several groups -such as We the People, Republican Women, different Tea Party groups.  Looking at become a Ham operator, but not licensed yet, no radio but working on it.  I am not going to sit and wait, I go and come from my computer, I do not sit here all day.

Have gathered some , but dropped off lately, on the food.  Going to start accumulating more now.

will check back later, must get some chores done.

In Central Florida I can help other than that we would have Instruction over skype.. weapons safety, and tactics are inportant. safe rooms and choke points to funnel unwanted "guest" preferrably in the Neighborhood /yard first ..home as a last resord.


You are right healthcare will not matter after a collaspe! Now I have an idea of what direction you are going in.

These are the things I can do. Canning meats, vegs, fruits, and soups. I sew, a little crocheting. Grow a veg garden, herb garden, patio or container gardening. Learning to use a bow-arrow, and recently bought a slingshot. Know how to dress and butcher wild game. I keep a binder (hard copy) of survival, cooking, medical information, herbal, wild plants.


Terry, I have canned everything but meat. I have some in the freezer that I want to can and plan on using pints since they are only 2 of us. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

Terry could you provide more information on canning meat.  I remember my mother used to can meat and at any given time there were several shelves full of canned meat in the cellar.  Unfortunately I was never interested in domestic things, that was for girls.

God helps those who help themselves, he gave man a brain superior to any animal so he could do for himself.  Unfortunately , in this 21st century most have not been taught to use that gift.  I have started teaching it.

Insofar as "bring to the table".  I have been training individuals to be leaders, giving them skills like weapon handeling, tactics and developing a chain of command etc.  I am a sharpshooter, master at imporvising, good in surveillance, combat engineering and more.  I have developed to a point where I can adapt to any situation and make the best of it.  Not boasting, you wanted to know!


Twana, we need Art Phillips in the VETs group, I don't think we need a weapons section tab but his knowledge, and also the gentleman calld BanG should both help out in the VETs section. BanG has already joined.


Art, Have you joined the VETs groups section of PFA yet? If not please do so.

26 year Army vet , Demolitions expert and am a skilled firearms instructor.. handguns or Long guns, also am skilled at WOUND CARE and water purification...to name a few............New sons of Liberty ...




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