Discussion for PFA members - What talents do you possess that you can bring to the table?

What are your talents, trades and skills? What can you bring to the table? What WILL you bring to the table? Are you going to get involved more than just observing what is posted?

In order for me to keep PFA running.....I expect members to be engaged and offer up help. We all know our economy is going to collaspe. Obama has told us his plan (which we already knew) is to spend spend spend and tax, tax, tax.

We also know, after the collaspe, thievery will come as will violence, plus, our enemies from around the globe and even in cells here are going to take advantage of that crisis. So, are we serious about working together as a group to prepare to defend ourselves, families and have each others backs or not?

I note many new members have been joining. But I also note that most members and new members are not contributing on PFA. We must lay everything on the table and pick out the best from it all. However, if you don't lay it out, how do we pick from it.

I need help! I cannot do this alone and I do not want to do this alone. So again, what can you bring to the table and WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?

PFA Immediate Mission :

Prepare for what is coming. Networking with each other to ensure our constitutional republic stands in liberty after the collapse.

Just a thought for all to ponder! Will our troops and National Guard be here to help us? Probably not! They are deployed! Also, what do you think is going to happen to them in the muslim hell holes when our economy collapses? No money to bring them home and no money for ammo and other supplies they must have! Despots sure don't want to get them home! What is going to happen to your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends that are left over there?

My question to PFA membership is......................

Are you/we going to step up to the plate! The ball is in our court now! If we wait until after the collapse to try to figure out our plans.........there will be no ball and no court.........WE FAIL!

If we start working together, start learning about and from each other, offer up what we each can bring to this life or death work, We succeed! We Win! We restore liberty for our descendants.

Then we can really claim "Failure is not an option!"

I also do not want to see any comments on here saying, let go and let God. That is not an action on your part, that is you using an excuse to not act! Am I a Christian? Yes I am! And I will not use that unscriptual false doctrine that many use to justify not doing what I don't want to do. I / We must be honest with ourselves and each other. I bring this up only to NOT see comments in comment section here about that, that is a whole different topic than what we are discussing here, but it never fails someone always uses that cop out.

Stay on topic and lets see if PFA is a tool that we will use. Electioneering is off the table.


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Twana, I have been a mechanic my whole life. I hold Michigan Certification for Transmissions, Journeymans Card for Industrial Hydraulics (Fluid Power), Honda Power Certification and Certificates from Wacker Construction Equipment and JLG Lift Repair, but, anything mechanical I am good with. I'm a decent guy with a computer, but, technology has outpaced my ability to keep up. I also enjoy shooting, big surprise there, huh? Unfortunately, since the trip to D.C. on 11/11/11 my physical condition has worsened, forcing me to take a Mediical Retirement. So, I am ready and willing, just not as able as I used to be. If you find anything in my background that may be helpful, I'm here for you.

I do have an Army Survival TM. I also (worst fears realized) have experience in Infantry (small unit operations) Primary Marksmanship Instruction, Communications (antenna construction) and Fild Craft (living out in the field)

My skills are varied. Special Forces trained, concealed carry instructor, trained security enforcement officer. I would like to take part in obtaining intelligence from various sources and verifying what is fact and what is not. Success is often in "what are the facts", and are the sources real. There is a great need in establishing verifiable intel. Willing to participate at any level. Thank you for taking this on.

I wrote this this morning before I looke at this Discussion.

I was remembering before I retired we had a union where I worked.

It was a lousy one of course in my opinion, never really been a fan of onions.

They have their place but I always figured if you just do your job you’re OK.

It seamed to me the people that needed the union was the ones that where always in trouble for not doing their job.

Maybe just never worked with the right one, seemed all they where really interested in was dues and every time we got a raise the dues went up and I noticed they didn’t support the ideas I did.

Anyways to the point.

The company I retired from the union was really bad, it was part of a larger LA based union and I always felt we where treated like the “red headed step child” that just added to the coffer.

Three years into my service to the company I decide to try and get people organized to try and make some changes with the union.

It sounded like there were a lot of like minded people there and they just were not happy with the situation.

So I talked to, if I remember right 3 people that I saw as the most influential with the rest of the work force because I was still pretty new there.

I guess I picked the wrong ones because about two weeks into the effort the union came after me so I backed off.

I had a pretty good idea who it was after awhile and I was very surprised.

After about 10 or 12 years of service I tried again.

I had a lot of people very interested and agreed with what I was saying and I thought finaley.This was over about a month or two time period.

A lot of stuff was going on and people seemed to understand this particular union was in bed with the company and was telling us one thing and doing another.

I mean union Stewarts where getting promoted into supervision on a regular basic’s.

I had met and became very good friends with a co-worker who was like minded and didn’t have a problem speaking up, matter of fact I think he probably encouraged me to start again.

So well armed with what we thought was the support of most of the employees we went to the next big union meeting where they where discussing the new contract witch of course was about a year over do.

What had the problem been before was that people would talk but would not follow through or come together.

We found out at the meeting nothing had changed.

Some of the employees attacked us, surprisingly some that I thought would agree with and back us who had a lot of seniority.The union attacked us. Resorted to typical liberal tactics, belittling you know the drill.

I would ask questions and they would not answer and finally referred me to another official that happened to be there so I turned to him in the meeting to ask, guess He wasn’t ready for that.

Looked like a dear caught in the head lights and I’ll have to get back to you.

It got to the point where a union official had to come and take me aside.

We left after that.

My point is or my question is.

Was this an isolated incident or is it like this all over?

If it is, what do you do?

How do you pick the right ones?

How do you do what we want to do?

I think Randy Beason has a good response. 

I’ve been a driver for about 20 years, served in the Army 3 years 76 through 79.

Worked for Coca Cola for about 8 years and Sunny Delight for about 5 years.

Other odd jobs along the way. Had to retire early for medical reasons.

What ever I can do, how ever much I can do I’m here.

I’m also a member of our Emergence Properness Committee in the park I live, what ever I can do.

"On December 8th, Auctions America by RM is holding one of the largest ever sales of WW II-era vehicles at the National Military History Center in Auburn, Indiana. Over 80 vehicles, including this White M3A1 Armored Scout Car will be crossing the block, with all of the proceeds going toward preserving the non-profit museum.

Click through for a few of our favorites."

WW II vehicles battle for bids at auction

Wish I could go.Anyone close?

Getting people to reach agreement at times is tough, rememder it took our founders almost 20 years to finally craft our Constitution, the document I DEFEND. As a Community we can plan classes on all we said earlier, herbal medicine, Water purification, Weapons training.. IF You dont have 1 or 2 get them now with at least 500 rounds each, try cheaper than Dirt .com or cabellas , they have the best bulk ammo price. AS for me I am looking for some local land in West Palm Bay or Fellsmere to have a secondary place for my family and I to go when all the utilities go to hell..and like ART said 1 person at a time.


Not sure that I have any particular skills to offer.  Not much demand for counterintelligence agents in the civilian world.  However,  when the you know what hits the fan I would consider my place here in Arkansas to be a safe haven.  I am well armed and well stocked with ammunition.  I don't think I will have any problems keeping supplied with meat.  Lots of venison on the hoof around here and when everything goes to hell in a handbasket I don't think we'll have to worry about game wardens.  I would have no problems with water because we have a nice pond.  Problem would be purification.  Also have enough fertile land that with some help I could have a very nice truck farm.  Am looking into getting a HAM radio set up.

Entered the United States Navy August 01 1963 retired Feb 22 1989.

Logistics was my specialty , also received medical training. Currently living  in the  Phoenix Az area. So I look forward to helping those in need of my talents, I swore and pledged to support the American life. That desire still lives with in my heart. Should anyone need any advice personal are spiritual, are need some to stand in prayer with you please don't hesitate to call  contact me. God Bless The United States

Upon a request I will forward my ministry cell and my e-mail.

. Amen

Since I have been accepted as a friend in the vets group, I know that I have several capabilities that can be of some help.  I spent 24 active (and 2 inactive) years in the Air Force as a Intelligence Officer, and have been trained to be able to put disparate items together to come up with a conclusion.  The main conclusion I am coming up here with is that if the country goes under and the troops are having a hard time overseas, those of us who have airline miles should be able to transfer them to a military person or dependent to get them home, or at least part way.  I also know that if this DOES happen, we will be in a civil war as soon as we can get set up to do something.  Another way I can hopefully help with is I am considered to be a good writer and will be able to let other members know what is happening.  Being 72 will possibly be a hindrance, but I will be able to do whatever I can to assist others.  Just have to know WHAT to do.

In terms of survival, I was an organic farmer, raised chickens , eggs , crops - believe me this takes knowledge and skill. I also train horses, I can track in dry, wet and snow conditions, I know how to survive in primitive areas, I can shoot, but, don't ask me to kill a critter , no can do! I know how to put up fast shelters with whatever materials are present, I know how to move in stealth mode. I know how to start fires, treat serious wounds, I know how to use natural resource in the absence of finished product(ie : make rainbarrels, shelters). I know when and where to find wild food , in wa, id and mt. I know how to fish and actually where to fish for them. In terms of modern tech, I am a dba/developer.



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