Constitutional Emergency

Do you know who is running for President of the USA?

Yes, we all know the names of the current front runners in this 2016 presidential election;

Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But how much do we REALLY know about these people?
We know Hillary Clinton is basically and fundamentally dishonest, has achieved nearly nothing of any real substance in her life except for getting four Americans killed in Benghazi.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist from Vermont, Actually from the same roots as Barack Obama, a Chicago community organizer. In the '60 & '70's Sanders was aligned with the same groups of people Obama was aligned with; Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground. He is another follower of the Saul Alynski philosophy. Another devout Communist not much different than Obama and Hillary. Except possibly a little more to the left if that's possible. Maybe we should say that Bernie is actually only a little more honest and open about being a Socialist and Communist than Hillary or Obama. Hillary wont admit it but Bernie does.

At any rate the question that I have right now is who ARE these people? And who do they really follow? Who – if anyone - controls these people?

We've pretty well covered Bernie Sanders, he follows Bill Ayres and Saul Alynski. The DNC and Democrat voters are apparently funding most of his campaign, and the Communist Party.

We know that the DNC, Donors, and probably George Soros are funding the Hillary campaign.
On the Republican side; Campaign contributions and donors are basically funding Ted Cruz campaign.

We are being told that Donald Trump is self funding his campaign while he is playing the media like a fiddle and getting them to air his messages via way of “news” broadcasts.

We also know that good-ole George Soros literally OWNS most of the main stream Media News outlets. And that includes those based in New York City. George Soros and Donald Trump both live in New York City. And so does Michael Bloomberg who also threatened to run. Why didn't he? He's another Socialist.

What are the connections (if any) to these three billionaires that all live in New York City? Where do their loyalties REALLY lay? Is Donald Trump connected in any way to Soros?? and Bloomberg?

The same questions should be asked about Warren Buffet, the guy that owns the railroad that carries all the oil down to the Gulf from Canada. Another NYC Billionaire.

What about Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz? We know he's not eligible as a NBC,? But what real connections, (and potential loyalties) does he have to Castro and Cuba, and a New-World Order???

I'm old enough to remember back in the late 1950's when Fidel Castro was traveling all around the US trying to build support to oust the Cuban dictator Batista. Americans were all in favor of him, we all though he was great. (I didn't). He wanted to liberate and Free the Cuban people. WOW, That was wonderful. Until the US helped him take over Cuba and then we found out he was a Communist traitor, and basically a vicious killer. It wasn't until 1961 when Castro announced he was aligning Cuba with the Russians that Americans' finally woke up, and we were shocked. The result was the Bay of Pigs invasion which failed, but resulted in 50+ years of isolation of Cuba by the USA. And nearly started WW-III with Russia.

Then in 2008 America was once again suckered into electing another Unknown – Barack Hussein Obama.

And right THERE is my point. America has been suckered several times in the past. Even Ronald Reagan's Vice President and our 41st US President George H. W. Bush was an advocate for the New-World-Order and a One-World Governance: I'm tired of it, and this time I WANT TO KNOW WHO IN HELL ARE WE ELECTING AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

America – you better start asking questions, even if you don't like the answers, ESPECIALLY IF YOU WONT LIKE THE ANSWERS ONCE THAT DECISION IS MADE.

This is no time for America to make another blind mistake. This is quite possibly the last election we will ever have. We better get it right.

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