Constitutional Emergency

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Restore Oklahoma Public Education


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FILE: Education Secretary Arne Duncan told the students and others gathered at George Washington University in Washington on Tuesday, April 21, 2010, that Title IX protects the civil rights of women. Seated to his left is Valerie Jarrett, head of the White House Council on Women and Girls ( Starr)


Washington ( – U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard, could not say where the U.S. Constitution authorizes the federal government to be involved in primary and secondary education.


On Thursday, after a House subcommittee hearing, asked Duncan, “The Bill of Rights says that powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states and the people. With that in mind, Mr. Secretary, where specifically does the Constitution authorize the federal government to be involved in primary and secondary education?”




Duncan dodged the question. “We are obviously a small percent of overall funding--you know about 10 percent," he said. "The vast majority of funding comes at the local level--state and local level. But we have a responsibility to support children who have historically not had those kinds of opportunities--disadvantaged children, poor children, homeless students, children who are English language learners and, more recently, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of reform from the department.


"We have to dramatically improve the quality of education we are providing this country and we can help to continue to reward excellence and encourage at the local level,” Duncan said.


According to the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Education spent $106.9 billion in fiscal 2010.




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Shut down the zzzzzzzzars shut down this GOV.
Yes the Education of our children needs to improve, ASAP.

Debrajoe, just how is that going to happen when for years we have been throwing money at it only to watch our kids become dumber and dumber.  All of the improvement went into the salaries and benefits of the teachers (as seen in Wisconsin) and school administrators not to mention all of the beauracracy it takes to redistribute our increase in taxes back to the States.  Defund and Disband the NEA, the Department of Education, and the Teachers Unions, only then will we see improvement in the education of our children and grandchildren.  Sorry but it won't be ASAP.

Semper Fi

One of the first places to start is to bring back God in our schools (He never should have left because of the very few non-believers) and to let the teachers punish the kids if they do wrong (if the parents don't like it, have them discipline there monsters at home). It worked in my time and it will work NOW.
You can disolve the "Dept. of Energy" too  it isn't even coming close to it's mission statement.
Every State has it's own Department of Education: we don't need a federal department of Education. Waste of tax payer money.

Dear Paul R. Hollrah ,

Thanks for the inspiring article you wrote re the 10 states (to date at least) instituting laws requirements for proof of future presidential hopefuls provide proof of their constitutional eligibility requirements.

I am skeptical that Obama will find some kind of tricks to foil or buy the election of 2012. I will not spell out what I suspect he might do or try doing as I do not know who, or how many might read this and I have no assurance that it will indeed get to you.

I am one of countless thousands who are certain Obama is indeed illegally holding the office of the  president of the United States. I just can not stomach calling him our president, and he certainly is not mine.

I have a question which you perhaps can/will answer. Who is/was responsible to certify Obama or others in the past election? I know Pelosi had to send out qualifying statements for signatures. And i am aware she sent at least 2 differently worded such statements, and due to such I sincerely believe she is/was in on the conspiracy.

Is there not someone or someway to hold the responsible for their inactions, and are they all in on the conspiracy?

And who can yet force the issue to force Obama to provide indisputable proof of his eligibility? Is it the senate or the Congress that can force it? And I do not trust any of them in politics to either visually witness or verify having seen such credentials. In all my years on this planet I have never seen such a fraud.

Between the ruination he has caused our country to date, and at least one fine military officer serving time because Obama and his band of thugs either threatened or bought out the court marshal board, prohibiting LTC Lakin from presenting a defense in his court marshal. I had some faith the military justice department would have a spine and be supportive of the court marshal,instead however like the civilian courts they appear to be full of fraud and corruption. The judge in LTC Lakins case she would not allow LTC Likens to present, question, or mention Obama's eligibility for fear it might embarrass the president.

In my opinion it would be much better to embarrass Obama if he is illegally holding the office of POTUS, and it would show the rest of the world our laws maybe do mean something. And perhaps we might begin to regain some respect from the rest of the world.

 And in my previous occupation I had the misfortune do to the nature of it of having to spend quite a lot of time in the courts, and witnessed the corruption first hand. As well as in couple or so cases of which I was personally involved in. And my suspicions were substantiated by an attorney friend before his passing.

We just might ride it out until the 2012 election, but if there is anyway to get him out of office and in prison where he belongs. Also including in that fraud will certainly be Michelle and Pelosi at a bare minimum. Bernie Madoff went to prison for 150 years for a $55 billion dollar Ponzi scheme and rightfully so in my opinion) and are they going to let Obama skate on his multi-trillion $$$ Ponzi scheme?


Oz Beck

A note to Oz Beck. It is not my understanding that the rest of the world fails to respect us because they believe our president is an illegal alien. As a matter of fact, I haven't heard of anyone outside of this country attempt to create his birth place as an issue. Would you please give me a source?

This country has become the laughing stock of the world.  As for the rest of the world caring or not caring that Obama is illegally holding the office of POTUS.  And in my personal opinion I suspect he is not even a citizen of the US.  Short of such he has no reason to have spent some $2 million in fighting to prevent from substantiating the matter.  And the corrupt courts have either been bought out by the Obama thugs, or threatened to hear the matter.  The courts, the military, and the politicians all have taken oaths (or are supposed to have at least) to defend the country against aggressors invasions, and support the constitution, none of which is being done.  The border is a war zone on both sides.  Hawaii officials have stated with in the past 3 or 4 weeks there is no record of Obama's birth there.  In Kenya several have reportedly said he was born there, and one woman alleged to be his grand mother said she was at the hospital in Kenya when he was born and actually held him in her arms.  He could more successfully push a thread off of the spool more readily than he could lead a hungry dog to food.  And there have been videos where Obama has stated he was born in Kenya, as well as a few where as he stated he in not qualified to hold the office. And we have some people who are so totally ignorant as to not believe him on that., one of the few things he might be believed on.

All of the videos of BO saying he was born in Kenya have been de-bunked as manufactured from other videos.

The only one I saw that BO stated he was not qualified to be POTUS was also faked.

I don't believe any video unless I saw the original taping.

I don't believe any photo of BO doing something stupid unless I see the actual shot being taken.

Is BO qulified to be POTUS?   NO!!!  His father gave him dual citizenship, not Natural Born Citizenship!

The same goes for all the Departments with the exception of the Department of Defense, that is covered under the Constitution as needing Naval Forces to defend the sea lance and commerce at sea. The Army was tacked on after the War of 1912.



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