Constitutional Emergency

Enforce The Law Act - Maybe, Just Maybe Accountability for Barack Obama?



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This is awesome this speak my words.. and my questions thankyou

I love the part "We don't pass suggestions, we don't pass ideas, we pass laws"!!!!!!

lol , those words sound very pretty ? Almost like a polotician seeking re-election ? No dis-respect to you but lets us all stop and think before we drink the Kol-Aid . How has that been working for the Republican's for the past 5 years ? No dis-respect to you mam , just say;in look at the way they have voted and what have they proven by their actions ? Words are cheap especailly for the DC crowd ? Especially when honor and truth have no meaning to them ?

I agree Dwight. I trust very few of these people. Socialism and communism progress at a snail's pace but the end result is the that way, the people are fooled slowly but surely. I just hope the American citizens are not fooled into thinking things will change by all this big talk....then to only find out, the politicians were only marking time. We will never have a better time...than now!

Words do fall upon deaf ears in Washington but the words expressed by Trey Gowdy and his positions are nothing else but genuine, to the point, honorable and of course true. I am certain that you do not know well of Representative Gowdy's tenure in Congress nor his background as a Federal Prosecutor. His actions? DO tell -  what are they in comparison to the unlawful and also lawless actions of this pseudo-president?  Mr Gowdy stands as a statesman in comparison to the impotent exhibition we have all witnessed as poor Mr Obama flounders, flips, fails and literally screws up daily since 20 January 2009.  Words may be cheap - I agree- but depending upon content. Sadly and unfortunately, hopeless and "honor and truth have no meaning to them" describes the two terms since 2008.

A law to make Obama follow the law? This is laughable and naeive. I will support and pray for success for OAS. But after this action if it is not successful and gets action and results, I AM DONE WITH THIS KIND OF WISHING, HOPING, BEING CIVIL, ETC. I do not trust one single federal office holder. I am sure there are a few, but far too few to accomplish a thing. Democrats, RINOs, criminals and traitors have America by the throat and it is gasping. Truthfully, we are far past a political solution. I predict a major event this year; civil war, martial law, anarchy, attack from foreign interests; maybe a flyover from the missing 777 with passengers gone and a nuke in place of them. America, we are screwed unless we take America back. Trey Gowdy may be sincere, I don't know, but I do know he has changed nothing. Issa and Chaffetz only give America committee reports but do nothing even though they have powers. Boehner is like a deer in the headlights and a worthless criminal/traitor.

There it is America.

I agree w/ Pete Dixon. And, I believe that our Senators & Representatives are wasting valuable "law making" time by going over & over the same issue. The issue being that Mr Obama is a lawless President! To our Congress: You are where you are because We the People elected you to represent us, to uphold the Constitution of our country. With a LAWLESS President abusing all our laws, making end runs around our Constitution & making it perfectly clear that he does not love our nation, but, in fact, despises it ~ to me, this is the most important issue that should be addressed right now. As Mr Dixon stated "This is America." Let's start making our Congress do the jobs we sent them there to do.

Joyce, we don't have a lawless president. You can't be elected to an office you aren't eligible hold.

We have a usurper in the Oval Office with the aid and abetment of all 545 members of Cogress and the 9 members of the Supreme Court.

I'll raise the question again Carlos, why is Trey Gowdy just now coming out with his "argument"? Why has no one in congress threw the question on Obama's constitutional eligibility out? Or better yet, why have they all thrown it out the door as co-sponsors?

Even Gowdy who in my opinion is the best of the bunch has probably been threatened..Or his family has been threatened..I would not give up on Gowdy to quickly though..I have heard rumors that he is quietely supporting OAS..We will see just who are freinds are when we get to D.C...Many will say that they were supporting us all along but i think that we all know that is bull- - - -..Everyone wants to be your buddy once you succeed..It is who is at your side during the campaign that is really your freind..SEMPER FI!

One has to admire Congressman Gowdy for what he is doing. The problem will be getting enough Democrats in the Senate to support this bill. We know 'low-down and dirty Harry' will never allow this bill to see the light of day. Until we have 'Constitutional' support as a majority in BOTH houses of Congress, it is only vociferation. 

Are you sure you typed what you meant to say like" legally " , is this a good or bad statement ? So you seem to dis - like it or do you like it ? I fail to understand the point you are trying to get across ? 

Hi Bob,

There is no current "standing" for Congress to use the judicial system if the President does not follow the laws of the United States. That is the purpose for this bill, so there is "standing."

BTW: If there is no standing, the court will not hear the case.

Also, for those who choose to get their heads out of the sand, it does show Americans his intention is to not follow the laws or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.



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