For the last hour I've been reading about all of the parks that obama and his thugs in DC have shut down, I'm also reading and hearing in person about life depending services being shut off for those who really need that gov. service!

I've also been reading about what this despotic government is opening and for who! This is reason for this country's citizens to rise up and remove these folks from their government seats! This is nothing more than a communist tactic of tyranny upon a nation.

Folks are planning a Veterans March on DC. One day and a set amount of time! What is that going to accomplish? NOTHING! If we really want to accomplish the works of restoring our country then we must pull an Egypt! Anything less is just a show with NO results!

We have the trucker thing going on soon! What is that going to accomplish? Shut down DC for a day? Again what is that going to accomplish? NOTHING!

Either spend your resources and energy on works that will restore or at least call your works what they are..............a party that will accomplish nothing except makes folks "feel good" for a day or moment in time and then return home to a country still under tyranny!

Are we this lost, that we can't even think of creative ways to truly restore our country? It really looks that way!

Do an Egypt and stop pretending a (word-smithing/renamed) party for a very short set time frame will do anything else.

Don't even start any election smack talk on this post! If you really think elections will fix our country then that tells me you do NOT WANT to know the truth and therefore we have nothing to talk about. I will waste no more time talking about that ............. fix that first, then talk with me about that.
The shutdown of the federal government is now affecting some families when they are most vulnerable, denying them benefits to help with...
Amanda Bondy I think the truth of the matter is that people know there is only one real solution, and nobody wants to see blood spilled in our streets. I agree with what you are saying - these feel good displays of angry (but polite) citizens is accomplishing nothing. The people running our country do not give a shit about what Americans want. The elitists are committed to their globalist agenda and they will force it down our throats if we don't end this nonsense soon.
___________________________ www.washingtontimes.comAt least five families of U.S. military members killed during in Afghanistan over the weekend were given a double-whammy by federal officials: Not only have your loved ones died, but due to the government shutdown, you won’t receive a death benefit.
Don't waste time signing the petition. It won't work! Just posting for knowledge of what is being funded while our families of Fallen Troops are denied benefits! www.conservativeactionalerts.comDespite all of the clamor coming from politicians about the end-of-the-world scenario called the “government shutdown” — the State Department confirmed that there’s enough money lying around for foreign aid to continue as usual. Just before the shutdown last week, State Department spokesperson Jen P...
Bastard obama threatening:
The Social Security Administration has begun warning the public it cannot guarantee full benefit payments if the debt ceiling isn’t increased.
__________________________ was launched on June 16, 1998 as a news source for individuals, news organizations and broadcasters who put a higher premium on balance than spin and seek news that’s ignored or under-reported as a result of media bias by omission.
__________________________ was launched on June 16, 1998 as a news source for individuals, news organizations and broadcasters who put a higher premium on balance than spin and seek news that’s ignored or under-reported as a result of media bias by omission.
Paul Joseph Watson | "This is a sign of betrayal."
___________________________ washingtonexaminer.comA planned immigration reform rally will take place on the National Mall on Tuesday even though the site is closed due to the government shutdown. Organizers for the Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform were spotted Monday setting up a stage and equipment on the National Mall for the rally…
____________________________ washingtonexaminer.comEven though isolated barricades with closed signs remained on the National Mall on Tuesday, the setup for the immigration reform rally said otherwise. A giant stage with lights and an Immigration Reform Now banner was set up in the center of the mall, along with three large portable screens. On one…
A marathoner says he was fined $100 for running in Valley Forge National Historical Park during the government shutdown.
Have you seen any in DC with shabby hair, unkeep hair, needing hair cuts through this? NOPE!
America’s taxpayers are paying a hefty price for the well-groomed appearance of the U.S. Senate’s members and staff.
________________________ www.kjrh.comThe Muskogee Veterans Affairs Regional Office announced it will cease non-essential operations Tuesday, Oct. 8 if the federal government shutdown continues.

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This assignment for a sixth grade class to remove two of the first ten amendments to the US Constitutionis that they feel are out dated is outrageous!!!  This is nothing more than social engineering by the liberal left!!  It takes 3/4s of the states to ratify a Constitutiona amendment!!!  Who the hell are these ego maniacs who put this to grade school children??!!!  If anything needs removal it is Barack Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosie, Eric Holder, and most of the rest of the Democratic Party!!  

Well, Twana, I've been saying the same thing for a long time now.

The best I could do is get myself on the committee, take a leadership position on it, and vet all local & state candidates.

I also signed up and am a poll worker.

I've been to every rally in the state capitol that supports the constitution.   The unAmerican paperboy either under reports it or ignores it.  Yet, they fell in love with OWS.

In my blue hellhole state, apathy is rampant.

It's like Sleepy Hollow.

I'm sick over it.

The entire scene is hard to tolerate, but tell me Twana, what can I DO and maintain a job besides call our Senators and Congressman and voice opinions on social media?

not if the military follows their oath. Then the transition is still viable and follows the Constitution to make the government follow the laws as written not interrupted by the current administration

You should know that when we took the Oath (I did it about 8 times)  we included the part about obeying the orders of the people over us (they call them "superiors", I call them people with higher rank) to include the Commander in Chief, who is normally the president of the U.S.  However, the current pretander to our throne is a fake.  The problem is the younger people in our military come from the current educational system that has them thoroughly confused about who their real leaders are.  These young military people need to be re-educated to learn the truth.  Then they will not obey the illegal alien in the White House.  By the way, we never unOath, so my loyalty is still to the Constitution first.  I agree that we need to bring down the current regime, but the few of us that can and will lock and load need about 2 or 3 million more.  There is no way the 4 of us can do it alone... Semper Fi!  Gunny

Get prepared Mutantone,  A lot of the high-officers from all branches of the service have been forced into retirement and I personally am not comfortable with whether our Military will do the right thing, when Obama declares "Martial Law" on the citizens of this country. I have heard from people well placed into middle management that when "Martial Law" is declared, they will NOT fire on American citizens; however, there other factions Line Officers that will follow Obama's orders. So, in my opinion, the Patriots, the Veterans and those Military that oppose "Dictatorship" will be the ones fighting the UN, and all those who are Progressive Liberals, RINO's (Republican's in Name Only) and all other persuasions of TRAITORS in the current government.....So get your stuff Locked and Loaded, cause the party will be beginning shortly......

It has been a while, Clois.  Basically, the only time any regular active duty military can be called to stop the citizens is in the case of major riots.  Normally, only the National Guard does the Martial Law work.  If our military people have been trained they I was, they will not shoot citizens unless it is in self-defense from the really bad guys.  I have been soap-boxing for a couple of years now about getting ready to take on the liberal retards.  Yes, lock and load, but do it in large groups.   Get many thousands of our Americans to do whatever it takes all at the same time throughout the entire country.  If it becomes necessary to defend yourself, shoot to kill!  Wounded people can shoot back and still kill you.  Any person that aims their weapon at you, or any citizen, should be considered an enemy.  Semper Fi!  Gunny


Twana, you are correct.  Egypt.  

Amen! You're absolutely right - we need to take a lesson from Egypt's and take our country back. No mercy! No Islamists need to be in our country planning from within their Jihad! What Obama and his network of communists are doing is treason. No more excuses, no more! We need leaders!

It's silly to even talk about election - I don't believe that Obama will allow anyone interfere to with his grand plan to destroy our beautiful country. Everyone who has participated in his plans needs to be either tried for treason or lose their citizenship and permanently expelled from America.

Guess that would free up the population to go about their business - once again free and happy and productive.

ABOUT TIME RIGHT ON !!!!!!WHAT  NEXT ,HOW can I help!!!!!!!!!!



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