Constitutional Emergency

Federal judge halts Obama's amnesty orders...For Once A Judge Is Not Making Law but Upholding Law...


Federal judge halts Obama's amnesty orders

Government 'hereby enjoined from implementing any and all aspects'

Published: 8 hours ago

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We're on the same page Mike. Here's a bonus video documentary "The Hidden Enemy" (in plain sight) exposing who's causing military's 22 suicides A DAY, and cashing in. Best watched with Chrome, Firefox, or I.E...Gray

To all Friends , Members , Patriots : Stand Tall , Fight Back : Illegals get the hell out of my land .
Please do this , it`s Free and takes just a Few minutes . Thanks.


It's only going to take ONE THING for the people to get THEIR REPUBLIC back again, and that is to EDUCATE themselves about the truth of how this diabolical system of government we live under actually works!  What is a law?  Who has what authority?  Why, in court, the judge will tell you that the Constitution does NOT apply to you.  If you can't answer these questions, then it is ab out time you turned off your stinking TV, and STUDY!  THAT is what needs to happen, if we are to ever be truly FREE!  You sing the national anthem, which ends in "the land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE".  Well, tell me this.... are you really FREE, and just how BRAVE are YOU(and that includes me, too)?  Think about it.



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