Constitutional Emergency

"Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence …

"Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence … from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that's good."

George Washington First President of the United States

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I have been reading this paper on why the 2nd. Amendment was written the way it was, what the Founding Fathers were arguing about,both for and against, and this paper does a good job explaining what they wanted and how they compromised.

What struck me was they were scared of a permanent standing Federal Army and they wanted to protect the citizens by having States Militia's, but they considered the Militia's temporary and only to be called up when needed and manned by average citizens with their own guns and equipment.

That got me thinking, I personally as a veteran do not fear the US Military, I believe the threat comes from the paramilitary police forces that the federal agencies all seem to have created, add to that the paramilitary Police Forces created by the State and Local Governments. Everyone of them seems to have a SWAT team. And of course I fear the criminals who could care less about gun laws, but that's a given.

I know why, but rhetorically, why does a Police Patrol Officer have a right to carry a hand gun and scary black assault rifle to protect their well being and the average law abiding citizen not have the same right? I don't think most cops think they  are carrying firearms to protect the lives of the average citizen. They might pay it lip service, but they will eventually admit "They want to go home safe at the end of their shift". To that I add "Me Too!!!".

Piers Morgan wants us to adopt England's gun laws, then lets agree to arm our police and federal agencies the same way England does, that was sarcasm BTW. But when it comes to reality all levels of the Government don't want the average citizen OR members of the Military to have the same firearm rights they want for themselves. Why? They enforce gun laws on themselves like they enforce speeding laws on themselves and elected officials, which is to say they get away with breaking the law. Retired cops can carry but retired military can't? why?

I'm rambling here, my feeling is that living California I have equal chance of being shot by a cracked out criminal or an overly anxious cop/federal agent who both have weapons that I have safely used for over 20 years but for some reason it has been decided I can not now be trusted with.


"Retired cops can carry but retired military can't? why?"

This is perhaps the #1 sentiment to be used against more "Tyranny". I am NOT ex-military, BUT, this question you posed above can 100% NOT be answered adequately by any opponent of the 2nd Amendment.

Every last one of us have the right to bear arms, FOR ANY REASON WE SEE FIT, but, the "armed Veterans" arguement is one we can use to chop down our opponents at the knees.

The only thing I know for sure is IF they "pass" more Gun Control, in ANY form, I will at that time become a criminal because I will not comply. If/when they come to arrest me, with or without a warrant, I will make my stand, unless I hear of this happening to others first and I can find more folks to make the stand with me.

In the space of time that will fall in between passing the un-Constitutional Gun Prohibition laws and when they begin their "sweeps" I will, by Certified Mail, send a Notarized letter of intent to the newspapers, the local, state, federal government and the police of my position on their laws.

This would be the same intent that I sent my local police as to what they will face if they come to arrest me again, as they did in 2007 for target shooting on my own small parcel of rural land because a lost woman pulled onto the property looking for a rummage sale and freaked out by seeing me approach her with my rifle to see what the hell she wanted on my property.

At that time I let the locals know if they ever stepped foot on my property again without contacting my attorney 1st, I will defend myself, my family and property with deadly force.

Since then I have had a visit by both Secret Service and State Police working as part of a "task force"with the FBI and I reiterated my stand. They were actually pretty accomodating of my views and told me that they were not there to shut me up, but, only to let me know that there was a line that I could not cross between voicing my opinion and threatening anybody, from the local Barney Fifes, to the islamic population here in Dearborn(istan), on up to the President.

I, again, told them I was simply stating what I would do if there were any other un-Constitutional acts or infringement on my/our rights by anyone. I also made it clear to them that the (p)Resident of the White House was NOT a duly elected American, but, a usurper who should be tried & convicted for Treason and sentenced as the Traitor he is.They even waited for me to explain in detail why I believe that he is ILLEGALLY occupying that position. They were probably taping the entire conversation so I'm sure they were hoping that I would hang myself if Ithey gave me enough rope.

This is why I speak so constantly about what needs to be done. I KNOW for a fact that they listen/read every word that we type everywhere on line. They had the transcripts to prove it. Hence my attempt to get people to meet in real life to discuss our defense of the attacks on OUR Constitution.

Geez, I'm also able to ramble on incoherently at times :-)

P.S. I even asked them if it would be illegal for me to carry out the "cropdusting Dearborn(istan) with pigs blood" that I had written a few times. Neither laughed, but, they also would not answer my question!

Good post, Tony!  I like your style.


Semper Fi,


Obama and his Democrat henchmen are going to try to have gun confiscation.,just like the Gov of NY said he wants to do.The 2ndamendment guarantees our rights to have a weapon and to protect our families and property.. Rememer what happened to Germany when Hitler collected all weapons,or what Stalin,and also Mao did. My question is how do the Dumbcrats expect to get the guns away from the bad guys.

Just look at Chicago they have the highest killing rate in the country and they are under heavy gun control and only the bad guys and muslims or illegals have the guns and use them...This is what we can expect to see all over the USA if we let the feds strip us of our rights to defend our selfs.. But thats what bho or the white house wants so the muslims can walk in and take the country over. Just like they are doing in the middle east...and soon all of Eur...




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