Follow Up For All of You Who Answered the Call For Voter Fraud Info - Here are details you've been patiently waiting for


Link to Criminal Complaint is below post in a PDF attachment just above comment box.


We have only 7 DAYS to raise the funds to launch the Criminal Complaint. We are prepared to put our lives on the line in filing it, but only if the people are prepared to provide the funding necessary to complete the mission and protect the people involved throughout that process.

This organization needs big money donors. If you can help with this please do. All sizes of donations are welcomed and thankful for all.

If members would help contact individuals with better resources, using the info provided, the funds could be raised by only a handful of truly patriotic citizens with extraordinary resources.

If we do not meet the stated goal for launching the Criminal Complaint, ALL funds will be used to launch other stated initiatives at The North American Law Center and we will fight the battles we have a chance of winning.

One way or another, we are committed to fighting for freedom and liberty and the future of our once great nation.

Thank YOU for your commitment

Donations can be made online HERE!

The national contact person on this initiative is Tim Harrington



Priscilla and all.......  First I would like to thank all who took time out of their days and life to help gather stories and coverage of the fraud committed on the last National election.  I am not here to tell you who and where you should share your donations as it has been four years of people sharing what little they have in some cases as they have been hoping for something to happen to advance the actions to hold people and Government responsible.

The North American Law center has and is being developed to work for the people and focus on issues and people who need to be held accountable.  We did not roll this out nor where we ready but unfortunately the election as predicted determined for us that we had to expedite this organization to combat the things we know took place on Nov.6th of this year.  This is also an organization that will run point - on issues that revolve on other national organizations, who point fingers at the American citizens as they work with home land security and government to hold those who believe in constitutional law and country accountable.

  "but"  we need to focus on this election and no other entity that I know of is willing to do this at this time.  We also have plans to hold media accountable under FCC regulations on their actions as part and parcel of the bias reporting and subsequently up holding of the changes of your  government, the Republic it was founded under united by states and represented by it's people.  You have standing !!

So in reading the post and you as PFA members feel we working together in a "JOINT" effort is something you are interested in and or believe can and will make a difference we can use your help finically and your time helping us with research to pull this organization into a National fighting force for e=everyone.

Your help is needed to take this huge fight on as we will be in their playing field but we take the fight there. We have great attorneys we are working with and remember, only about 40% of them are actually bar members.  Not everyone is part of the problem and as we go forth we should bring in other leaders to advance the projects that will make a difference for all.  I am open for questions and Twana can get you in touch with me as we go forth.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your constant help and support and we are really going to need it in this fight.  We are also going after the FEC and the money fraud perpetrated through 3rd party site to the Obama cash flow into this presidential campaign.  So, once again thank you an Semper FI

Tim Harrington

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A Bodacious 'end run'  and I trust it will be effective...

I read the PDF of this complaint and do not see any way it could be denied if it is filed as is required by law and acted upon as it should be. I have HOPE !

How much do they need to raise?

Is there a way to keep track or how close they are to the goal?

I was looking at their action link and it doesn’t look like there is any news on any of their cases or anything filed.

7 days from the 3rd?

Is anyone contacting Fox News or Glenn Beck about this? Or Canada Free Press?

I was under the impression that they wanted it fairly quiet until it is actually filed. I could be wrong (quite often am).

then how can they raise $500,000?

I.m on board,have sent my donation. I agree the media is not helpful so am sending info to other patriots I know personally.

I must be stupid.I cant find the "stated goal".Want to share all info I can.

If this mesage is for me I did read it.I'm talking about the money goal.I think your update said your working on it.

Gave 20.00 on 12/3

I do not do anything financial over the internet.  When I get a snail mail address I will

send a check on as soon as possible. 

Jo D.


Just donated $50.00.  Wish it could be more!!  Praying for success!



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