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Former Pentagon Analyst Says China Can Shut Down All The Telecom Gear It Sold To The US


The Business Insider


F. Michael Maloof, G2 Bulletin |


Chinese companies apparently have a covert capability to remotely access communications technology sold to the United States and other Western countries and could "disable a country's telecommunications infrastructure before a military engagement," according to former and current intelligence sources.

The Chinese also have the ability to exploit networks "to enable China to continue to steal technology and trade secrets," according to the open source intelligence company Lignet, which is comprised of former U.S. intelligence analysts.

The issue centers on the Chinese firm Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., which U.S. intelligence sources say has direct links to the Chinese government and the People's Liberation Army, or PLA. These sources assert that Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications firms such as ZTE Corp. have "electronic backdoors" to telecommunications technology sold to the U.S. and other countries.

Revelation of China's electronic backdoor capability into U.S. and Western telecommunications networks comes on the heels of recent WND/G2Bulletin revelations that China has been manufacturing counterfeit components that have made their way into sensitive U.S. weapons systems.

The problem of fake Chinese electronic components, which were installed by defense contractors without prior testing and are operating in U.S. military systems, is far more widespread than originally thought.

These parts don't just come directly from China but also from suppliers in Britain and Canada who redirect Chinese products to U.S. defense contractors.

These counterfeit components have been found in sensitive U.S. missile systems meant to thwart the potential of a Chinese missile attack, in night vision devices and in various military aircraft.

"We do not want a $12 million defense interceptor's reliability compromised by a $2 counterfeit part," Gen. Patrick O'Reilly, director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency said.

Huawei, suspected of exploiting electronic telecommunications backdoors, continues to sell communications technology in the U.S. and other countries despite a supposed ban on the company that was supposed to keep it from bidding on cellular networks and government contracts, a current intelligence source said.

The electronic backdoor capability reportedly could allow the Chinese government through Huawei and ZTE to access information traveling through telecommunications networks or even sabotage electronic devices, Lignet said.

With this capability, China would be in a position to sabotage critical U.S. weapons systems and sensitive cyber sites and could include intelligence or systems used by defense contractors doing work on behalf of the U.S. government.

With cyber espionage on the rise and increasing attacks aimed at U.S. government computer systems, these sources contend that Huawei has achieved that capability on behalf of the Chinese government.

Sources say that Huawei can use its backdoor access to reach into foreign telecommunications company systems without its knowledge or permission.

In the case of the mobile phone maker ZTE, Lignet said that the company pursued a security vulnerability through an electronic backdoor on cell phones run on Google's Androidsystem.

"This backdoor reportedly could allow someone to remotely control the phone," Lignet said.

In 2013 defense budget legislation, the House Armed Services Committee's Strategic Forces Subcommittee had introduced language to require a search of all U.S. nuclear weapons arsenals and infrastructure to remove products from Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE because of the possibility of "backdoors or code for espionage and/or sabotage purposes by the Chinese government," Lignet pointed out.

These revelations follow a warning by the U.S. Department of Defense that Chinese hackers are aiming malware at U.S. government agencies and industries that could threaten the nation's economy.

The indication is that these attacks are directed by the Chinese government itself.

"Chinese actors are the world's most active and persistent perpetrators of economic espionage," according to a DOD in a recent report to Congress. "Chinese attempts to collect U.S. technological and economic information will continue at a high level and will represent a growing and persistent threat to U.S. economic security.

"China is likely to remain an aggressive and capable collector of sensitive U.S. economic information and technologies, particularly in cyberspace," DOD added.

Another concern raised by sources is that Huawei and the other Chinese telecommunications companies also provide technology to Iran and the Taliban.

According to sources, Iran's security network relies on Huawei technology, raising the prospect, sources say, that the Iranians could gain the same backdoor access as the Chinese intelligence service does to U.S. defense and sensitive industries.

This concern has been heightened by new Iranian threats to undertake a cyber war with the U.S. in response to recent revelations that the U.S. was a principal player in launching a sophisticated cyber attack on Iran's nuclear program.

Code-named Olympic Games, the effort by the Obama administration was to initiate a cyber war against Iran along with Israel. Such a revelation left little doubt that the U.S. and Israel also were behind the Stuxnet virus which was inflicted on Iran's centrifuge machines used to enrich uranium.

One source said that Washington already has declared that a cyber attack on U.S. computer systems would constitute an act of war and that would call for a military response. The Pentagon earlier this month said that there would be a U.S. military response if there is a cyber attack on government networks – in effect, equating hacking with an act of war.

Yet, the U.S. already has initiated such an attack on Iran which now is threatening to do the same thing to U.S. computer systems.

In attempting to uncover cyber attacks before too much damage has been done, sources say that there are millions of lines of software code that transmit data securely and to find a malicious code would be problematic and cost-prohibitive.

F. Michael Maloof, staff writer for WND’s G2Bulletin, is a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He can be contacted at


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Leadership meets the stupid test.........buying communication gear from an enemy?  It is beyond the stupid test to a betraying mentality.

Yes, but somehow, at the highest levels of government, we have an entrenched strata of Stupid.

Many moons ago, (Lonetree-Bracy era), I worked for the US government.  It was our task back then to secure embassies, consulates and communications sites against hostile and foreign intelligence services.  The main problem wasn't that we didn't know what to do about it -- we in the counterintel field did and advised as many bureaucrats as we could reach how to interdict foreign intelligence efforts -- the problem was that the Upper Level Strata of Stupid (ULSS for short) routinely told us to sit down and shut up.

Invariably, after years of us warning, and our warnings being ignored, it would come to light that the huge US consulate building in Moscow (at the height of the Cold War) was wired for quadraphonic sound by bugging devices for the Soviet intelligence services, such as the KGB and the GRU.  Even then, the actions taken by the ULSS were not so much remedial (e.g. having contritely learned their lessons)... no Sir... they were in Flail State III and fully engaged in CYA action. 

Thus, instead of the chief decision-maker being hung up on a meat hook as he richly deserved for undermining US security and intelligence operations, they ran out scape goats, usually at the lowest of the low levels.  Thus, instead of a clearing out of the ULSS what we got publicly, was a Marine Security Guard Scandal.  A couple lonely and irresponsible minority low-rankers being blamed for the whole mess.

This was consistent.  Even a stopped clock was correct 2x a day, but the ULSS was consistent in making decisions that wasted money, time and endangered US security.  I would image, somewhere, the ULSS were getting promoted to the rank of Major in the KGB or GRU and being awarded the Order of Lenin.

I concur in your observations Karl.........

How very very true.  I experienced the same thing.  Usually it was a case of "that's too much trouble or we haven't got funds".  Unfortunately, it will take a complete wiping out of the current DC bureaucracy and starting all over with dedicated public servants who are beholden to no one.  Chances of that happening are slim and none.

This is like getting the engines for B-17's from Germany in 1938.

Ain't "globalism" great?

Unfortunately, it isn't just Obama; this has been going on at least since Nixon in 1972.  Most of us remember the scandal that erupted when it was learned that Clinton let the Chinese in on the W-88 warhead secrets.

We have to stop fooling ourselves; there has been a move afoot to bring America down, "level the playing field" as it were, for over a century.  A great deal of the legislation passed in this country in that time has had America's demise as its ultimate goal; there is almost no other way to explain, for example, the EPA.  What good does it do for the United States to "save the world" if our competitors continue with their business as usual?  It doesn't matter where the pee in your Wheaties® came from; they're still inedible.  All that these regulations have done is force the American economy to play football in the World Economy Bowl without helmets, pads, and shoes, and we now find out that our competitor(s) can change the scoreboard at will.

The world's nations and politics greatly resemble the "state of nature" as described by Hobbes, and, unless America arises from her torpor and starts to act in her own interest, her history has already been largely written. 

Then this should apply to allAPPLE PRODUCTS WHICH ARE MADE IN CHINA , too!!!

When you have political influence you will never have a security plan that will keep this nation safe. Politicians do what politicians always do and that is trying to put a feather in their political hat. These people seem to learn every thing they know by shear osmosis, if you walk into a nuclear power plant when you come out the other side you are a nuclear physicist., but you still don't know any thing.

The American people have left the task of governing to these morons for far to long. Anytime you have a privet citizenry group come forward with idea of how government should be run they are chastised, ridiculed , mocked and made a public spectacle much like the Tea Party is being done to today.

People if we do not take back this nation just as Wisconsin took back their state from the big labor  that was bankrupting them. So we can take back our nation. This must be done in all elections local state and national. The 2012 election for the president of the United States is at hand and this will well be the last chance we will have to save this nation and live in a Republic, which allows the people to govern them selves.

God Bless you all that believe. 

Darrell.......I like your statement which should be a slogan of truth...........  Politicians seem to learn every thing they know by shear osmosis, if you walk into a nuclear power plant when you come out the other side you are a nuclear physicist., but you still don't know any thing.

Amen brother...........

We can't stop it from killing us because it is "Cost-Prohibitive"???

PLEASE PRAY THAT ALMIGHTY GOD WILL "{SAVE AMERICA}"!!!!!!!           II Chronicles 7 : 14



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