Fox & Google GOP ‘debate’ to be turned over to Muslim YouTube Activist (Judi McLeod has a few thoughts on Megyn Kelly)

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Thanks for that information.  I have been so tied up with this murder of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon by our FBI that I have been out of the loop.   I have been following them there in Oregon since 1/2/16.  I lived on video seeing them doing all kinds of stuff live as it happened.  We need to do something as America is falling apart quickly.

Patricia........I am very sorry to learn of Mr. Finicum's death.  I can only imagine the circumstances but one can be sure the government is doing all it can to gather every bit of trash they can find to blame "we the people".  I had a phone call today from an individual who was at the location....the report I received was that Mr. Finicum was not an armed individual.  I was also informed that those that remain will not give it up............

Patricia... I hope the towns people will stand up with the people. My gut tells me this didn't need to happen. It makes no sense. Condolences........

Mr.Finicum -RIP-- Prayers for his family-- I still believe it was political assassination--Pre planned Only way I can explain the hospital wing and government trauma center set up prior to  the staged conference call-guest speakers arrested on their way  ONLY a dam fool would trust the Government today.We ar eNO longer FREE.

You are so right and they actually found out about the hospital being set up days before this took place last night.  They also knew that there was something brewing with all the vehicles at the FBI Compound and the set up there.  I no longer trust any part of this government, and have you noticed, not one Senator making any comment on this tragedy.  They are silent as far as I know.

I have been in contact with a young lady who is running for County Commissioner there in Burns.  Very nice and we were messaging back and forth on Facebook last night.   She is very concerned about their County and that is why she is running for that position.

Megan Kelly has been a non-reporter "making her own news" since she was a mid-day semi-anchor years ago. She is a star in her own mind. A smart lady with a misguided idea of what a news-anchor is supposed to be.

Here is the latest from FB re: Trump's fund raiser: on CNN tomorrow night 6 PM - 8 PM PT, 9 PM to 11 PM ET (which would make it 8 PM to 10 PM Central Time)

BOYCOTT,  Switch to another channel, and let the rating eat them up


Exactly what I am going to do and on my Facebook sounds like a whole lot of other people as well.

More proof of how degenerated this nation has become. There's nothing worth fighting for until we first kill off all the degenerates that have overrun our nation, that would be around 40% of the population.

Trump knows about the set up. They're planning on trying to piss him off enough to get him to make derogatory statements so they can escort him off the stage and publicly humiliate him. I'm glad he's not going to appear. I'm going to laugh when the ratings drop too. GO TRUMP!!!!



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