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I can't argue with that, Greg.  But I have to wonder if even the nominating process is now rigged.  Remenber, the Republican Primary of Nevada was actually closed down when it became apparent that Ron Paul was going to win over McCain.  They just closed the meeting and declared McCain the winner.  What kind of anti-American power freaks does it take to demand the nomination of the likes of McAmnesty anyway?  My fear, as opposed to proof, is that the parties have been taken over by the NWO folks who will NEVER permit a constitutional candidate to be nominated by their parties.  McCain's nomination really displayed the disfunctional problems with the duoploy party system, as system our Founders did NOT incorporate into our political system.  It is a system that by all appearances has become not only parasitic but antithetical to our government, our politics, our constitution and your very liberty.  The political party seem to have becom nothing more than advanced public employee unions that like the others are taking over our way of life for their own selfish gains!

As an insider I think it is rigged. But, again, it got this way because WE were asleep at the wheel.


If you want it fixed get involved at the highest levels you can.

I wish we could do elections like they did in the early days before parties wrested control.  They put all the names for president into the hat, the top vote getter was president, the 2nd vote getter was vice president. Thus, nearly all Americans had a representative in the Executive Branch.  The way it is done now, we have no choice whatsoever in selecting the vice presidential candidates. Conducting the elections in this manner eliminates the "3rd party candidate" syndrome that so many suffer with. Because of the dynamics of the two-party system, it is more important to be heard at the primary level than the general election. And, the republican party is the only possible choice for us to leverage any control. This does not mean that I will automatically vote republican, it just means that I see access to the ballot through the republicans.
I believe the problem with the people electing the VP is that it puts the POTUS and the VP at odds with one another rather than a compatable team.  Honestly, I'm not sure which way is better.  The VP choice rarely does anything of positive value for the ticket.  Palin was the lone exception.  I'd love to see the "my candidate is the only candidate"Republicans get off their high horses and vote for the most constitutional candidate but it ain't gonna happen.
Actually, I see the potential conflict between P and VP as a positive thing, one checking the actions of the other, rather than rubber-stamping everything each of them does.
And, there were some personality conflicts between P and VP in the early years. :)
Well, I'm all for gridlock!  Gridlock is the only thing that has kept these elected bastards from selling America out to the highest bidder already.
You Can't Absorb The TEA Party We The People Are Not Members We Are Participants And Can Only Attract Like Minded People, Ones That Try To Organize The Movement Can Only Try To Grab Sand And You Know What Happens When You Try Do That!
NEVER give up, thats what "they" want. Be part of the solution, if not you are part of the problem Twana.
Twana ain't giving up!  I see too much P & V there!

I am no fan of Dick Armey...he is a dyed in the wool politician that served more years than he should have in the US House of Representatives.  His motivation, in my opinion, is retain the "good ole boy" network and continue the corrupt political back-slapping that put us in the mess we're in.....Armey is a lobbyist for Armey and a user of anything and anyone that will foster his agenda........I wonder how much he gets paid at FreedomWorks??? 

We can bet, the political apparatus is continually working to capture and use any effort that might interfere with selfish motives.....we've said it time and again....Tea Party is a movement toward constitutional restoration and republic principles.....whoever fits with this philosophy is in opposition to the status quo establishment. I figured.  Armey pocketing over $500,000. while Tea Party and 912 people put nearly 2 million patriots in the DC streets..............



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