Good News/Testimonies/Observations about Voting Today From PFA Members

Everyone please post your good election testimonies here. We are all in need of some good news and testimonies.

Today I noted my polling station in my precinct was full for several hours that I observed. That is unusual for my precinct. But I seen friendly faces and folks stepping up to do their duty to start the restoration of our state and republic.

I sat outside of my polling place with one of my sister-in-laws and waved signs but I was really there observing. I wanted to observe people going in and how folks would respond to us sitting out there. I found some were friendly and waved, all had an expressive look on their faces that told they too have experienced the horrible last 4 years under a despot government.

The turnout says a lot...............we as a people in my community want to live in liberty and do not take kindly to elitists putting their boots upon our throats.

Please share you good reports, testimony's and observations here. We are all in major need of some good news.


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First time I ever waited in line at my polling location for more then a few minutes. Took almost an hour and had been like that from 7:30 am when the polls opened. A strong turnout in my area is great news for Romney/Ryan. Got my fingers crossed but I think Ohio will go Romney/Ryan big.

I voted early as I have done since I became disabled. Now this time I had to wait in line and one of the workers told me it is the first time he has seen this big of a turnout for early voting. I was in there at noon and he said there had been over 700 people come in and vote. THAT is way up from previous years. He said it is normally about 100 or so by this time. Hopefully it is for our side but only time will tell.

when we went to vote this afternoon we were surprised cause most of the time we never have to wait and today there was a line! God bless America!

I live in the country, west of Pittsburgh, PA.  I got in a long, long line at took 50 minutes for me to be able to vote...when I showed my ID and signed in for my vote, I asked the poll workers how turnout was going and the ladies told me that they had already surpassed at 10am the usual TOTAL 10:00 am!!!

Went to polls early today and observed car loads of young people getting out and into line for same day registration....all holding envelopes....the table where I picked up my ballots was immediately next to their line....and I loudly proclaimed to the person who was handing me the ballots that most of the people in this line to the right do NOT even live in this town!  The poll worker replied, maybe so, but all they need is a copy of a utility bill or something similar and they can register to vote!...I asked if they match driver's license of other photo ID to the utility bill, and she replied "no"....we can not ask for that information....ALL of the young people heard the discussion, since they were only a few feet from us, and not one looked at us, and some were just whispering to each other.....I got a few dirty looks when I walked past the group of about thirty people in the new registration I was leaving.....CAN ANYONE ELSE SPELL THE WORDS VOTER FRAUD???????

Robert Powers...what state do you live in?

MAINE....I asked the poll worker if they could spot check and she said that they cannot question their identities if they show a valid bill..... can we call sheriff if we just suspect fraud?????  Can Sheriff's office t check voter IDs???? I am told that they can not!   I am tempted to go back to polling location, because I actually have a name, I'd like to check....but can we ask those questions or check on voters while at the polls?????   WE NEED VOTER ID MORE THAN EVER.

I agree and wish we had voter ID here in Maine.  We also heard "rumor", but from a very reliable/credible source...that there were "students" who visited their friends at U of Maine, have shown up with HAND written "paid" rent receipts, have used their friend's addresses, registered to vote "absentee", and they have voted in more than one state.....makes my blood boil....because this is a technique used in other places....where voter ID not required.

Good Poll Experience- 11-6-12, Peoples' Republik of Kal-eee-fornia

I went to my polling place today, with the sun shining and a nice breeze over the harbor waters. There were no menacing black panthers with clubs or skinheads with AK-47's in range, no Obama "Hope" posters on the wall, no Mormon missionaries telling me to vote for Romney, not even people urging a Gary Johnson vote, or for the propositions to raise taxes. The premises were orderly, with polite, helpful election staff in attendance. While they don't check your ID, they do ask for your name and address. The ballot didn't automatically change my vote to Obama, but I don't know what happened after I put in in the scanning machine. It wasn't crowded at all, probably because people were busy working.

Smooth sailing on the way to the polling place

I'll bet that guy will vote for Romney, so he can afford fuel for his gas guzzler in the future

Democrats?  I paddle, too and I'm not.

The neighborhood

Just offshore of the polling place. I hope that's the tidal wave sweeping "Obama" and all associated bad memories away.

In my polling place which is a public school in full session, I voted at approximately 1:00 P.M. ESTin a  ward and precinct not particularly known in most elections for a heavy turnout. While I do not know the outcome of the trends, I can report that fraud monitoring and voter security were being impeccably observed and since we are basically an  island community, where we are not particularly close to any other major urban areas, we do not seem to experience the fraud we hear goes on rampantly in other communities. It is my belief that our National Guard units should have been stationed in these areas nationwide to assure proper and legal voting procedures. This is all a democratic effort to influence the election by theft with dead pets, multiple voters, dead voters, rigged electronic voting machines and altered absentee ballots voted early and thus, subject to tampering when out of sight of responsible monitoring. The saddest aspect of all this is that illegals will also vote and lawyers will likely determine the winner and, if it is the compromised DOJ making the decision, we are screwed.I was the 734th voter to do so in my precinct and that was nearly five hours ago . Many will vote after work  but there is only a total population of about 27,000 in this community and the trend here is hard to determine.But, from what I am seeing and hearing from all over the country, we need VOTER ID CARDS MORE THAN EVER!

In 2008 I voted at the end of the day was #432, today I went just after noon and was #535. There has been a lot of growth around here, but they add in several new polling stations. I got ion there just as another horde hit. The Lady working the registar stated that they had had lines all day long and that it was the best turnout she had ever seen. I wore a Second Amendment hat and a Zombie Response Team shirt with some obama guys on it. The lovely young lady behind me was had her nose snarled up mean mugging me and the lady checking me in got a chuckle out of it. Everyone else seemed to get a kick out of it, but I understood what her problem was when she got into a smart car covered in Obama stickers.

Some polls in Florida surpassed their total daily vote in 2008 by 1100 this morning............I smell good news.......



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