Constitutional Emergency

Given the chaotic, destructive conditions created by politicians in positions of power in the United States of America,  as well as the world, isn’t it comforting that God has told us He is the “same today, the same tomorrow, the same forever”...and that He “will be with us always”?  
Without God’s promises, I for one, would throw in the towel in preparation for the worst in America. 
He is still the source of the wisdom we need to save America now...putting on our boots under prayer and God’s direction as Operation American Spring has been shouting for six months, is still the vehicle to begin constitutional restoration and bring lawless leadership in D.C. to their knees, not only in surrender of their political positions, but in surrender to God.
Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder have all but totally destroyed America internally through purposeful constitutional destruction, failed policies, encouraging moral decadence, encouraging social unrest, pitting groups against each other, citing racism at every opportunity, rewarding laziness, and generally destroying any confidence in the smallest measure whatsoever of political integrity. 
America has been reduced to third world status in the eyes of enemies abroad, our economic power-house taken into unimaginable debt, emasculated our once “second to none” military force structure to a shell, deleted our credibility to command even the weakest of third rate powers to release a prisoner for making a wrong turn into Mexico, stand in complete surrender as the Mexican government deposits or allows tens of thousands of illegals across our southern borders, make a mockery of our sovereignty,  allow the murder of our diplomatic contingent with only a whimper, wring our hands and watch as terrorist reclaim Iraq, cower to the incompetent and corrupt leadership in Afghanistan while American blood spills, release the worlds worst terrorist from Gitmo in exchange for a U.S. deserter, on and on....just to name a few of the recent crimes and impeachment considerations related to these incompetent, self-serving politicians pretending to govern.
With our Independence Day celebration just around the corner, my heart tells me it is a thing of the past......only a dream of what once was, given the wholesale attacks on our Rights as our Creator has given us, along with the near total melt down of the three branches of the United States government under the United States Constitution.  July 4th is three weeks away...a time of joy? While thankful for what God has allowed us to enjoy for over 230 years, my heart is heavy as to the longevity of our beloved free nation. 
America is out of control, ruled by tyrants on a day by day basis, waiting for the smallest spark to flame into civil violence.
A righteous, united, rise up of “we the people” is the only hope...God is with us, but He won’t do it for us.
Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
Crestview, FL

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“OAS - A call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, not a Call to Arms”

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This is a post that I put on Facebook this morning.  The comments are PROOF that we as people have a very difficult time listing those in office who are doing the right thing.  There have been NO comments to my post.  Thus not listing ONE person.  hmmmm ....

"Do you want to know where a LOT of your tax dollars go? LOCAL, STATE, & FEDERAL ... There are over 207,735,456 .gov websites online! Why do we need to continue to PAY for websites for our Government Employees to sit on their backside and create and maintain all day? Start doing a little digging - you'll find out just how much wasteful spending there is. Kind of like the classes and seminars etc etc etc that are held to "protect the streams and creeks ... and the precious waters of the "Chesapeake Bay" ... if you are upset ... I am sorry ... Let the cows go to the bathroom wherever they want - there are many more issues to deal with than the ones pressing on the front burner of our politicians. We have REAL problems that no one is seeing? Do we have any HONEST, HARDWORKING, REALISTIC, PRUDENT, RESPONSIBLE, FAITHFUL, DEDICATED, GOD-FEARING, RED-BLOODED, RESPECTFUL WARRIORS who are GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES OR ELECTED OFFICIALS?????  Please list them below:  "

Thank you.

Col Riley,

Albeit our intentions may be pure and righteous, the founding fathers also were eventually forced to commit to a "call to Arms".  How long must we as a freedom loving people endure the indignities, the lawlessness and disdain for the Constitution and our Rights as citizens?  Surely, there will come a time that "We the People" are not just ignored, but also what I fear will be imprisoned for our belief in liberty and justice.  My prayers go out to all our citizens that our current efforts will be fruitful.  If not... when is the time for us to take a stand and how will we make it?

I AM totally blown away... why 3/4 of our country is not on the door step of the capital bldg... and white house......

i would be there if i was not a  75 yr woman... where are the  younger generations...????????????? are they sitting on their duffs... waiting for everyone else.. col  harry riley is  is too polite to say these words.... but i am telling you we will get what we deserve.... if we do not act , now ... we will live what is coming... and then it will be to late for the lazy ones to  stand and be a patriot.

these people leave it up to everyone else to give us the benefits of living free and have our american rights..... no we  have had  a free country, because of the blood shed of the past generations that died for us.. !! 

this new generations coming up are lazy.. and feel entitled and because of that ... mind set.. we will loose the 240 years that have passed on other peoples efforts to keep us a country under god.. for liberty and justice for all ...

What I think we have to do is vote in the most conservative candidates that are on the ballot. If we can keep the House and take the Senate, we have a chance to stop this destruction.

Nancy Amen! I am an 80 year old woman and I feel exactly the way you do. I see it with my own grandkids, They are so brainwashed at college. A few are coming around now but may be too little too late. THe younger ones do not learn any history to speak of. They know nothing about Congress etc. Very scary and sad.


You are 100% dead on target. Unless We the People stand up and take our Republic away from the traitors, criminals, and tyrants at all levels of government, America will die and with her, all our Freedoms.  If we allow that to happen, we do not deserve to be Americans nor do we deserve our Freedoms.

Having said that, we must have a leader like Washington who will actually lead by making the LAWFUL "call to arms" to "alter" our government as is our right which is enshrined in our Declaration of Independence.  That is the only way we can restore our Constitutional Republic.  Even with that, we still need God's help which means we must place our total reliance in Him then act with faith.

I pray these things will happen, and soon, for Ovomit and his evil cohorts are not waiting for us to complete the destruction of America.

Out of the 300+ million Americans there are just a little more than 90 million who work and pay taxes. The rest who are old enough to work are being supported by the taxpayers through government handouts. So, those who work for a living to support their families and the government's dependents can't be expected to leave their employment and go to Washington DC. And there are many seniors who are too old or ill to make the trip. 

Yes! America is in trouble because of the greed and stupidity of the elected elite that have turned their backs on us. Even if you had half the people eligible to show up in Washington it still won't make a difference. Congress will still ignore us and continue with their New World Order agenda. Collapsing the dollar is their goal and when this happens only then will the people rise up because they will have nothing left to lose but their lives.

We can pray for our country to be restored but without God's blessing it won't be. I think God has had it with us.  

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been good. He organized the posse to investigate Obama's birth certificate, Also has done what he can to protect the border.

Harry Riley,
Please don't give up hope, though our situation is dire. I am passing on the word that OAS is now accepting donations.
I will be donating too.
You have stated our situation very well. Can your publicity team contact Michael Savage- maybe he will mention OAS again? Invite Alan West to speak? Actor John Voight?

I am ashamed and discouraged by most Americans who don't seem to give a damn.  They don't deserve the freedom and the blood that was shed for them.  Truly disgusting people.  Once reality smacks them in the face and they suffer, I will tell them "talk to the hand" and "suck it up and deal with it cuz you did NOTHING to stop the tyranny." 


i wrote the one above yours.. and i am sick first of what is happening to " our country! 

next  where is   "WE THE PEOPLE?"

I  will tell you... we have all been dumbed down... and because of more dumbing down and more people coming into this country.. with no vacinations... no medical... sick and no education... that is the plan.... !!! 

i am also ashamed of our  citizens that do not give a damn.. until it  actually reaches them... we have to look at the country a a whole...  one entity. of americans.  not this group and that...! 

the bikers  stood up and made a great effort... and vets too.. the truckers too.. we cannot expect them to do it all .... for petes sake... AMERICANS  do your part ... get to washington... you may not have a job or home . or freedoms if you do not ... and stay there.. until  things change... remember we are one nation under god.

they would not attack christians and jews... if it were not a threat to their tyranny.... wake up people now.!!!

yes but when you come in just drips and little groups it gets nothing accomplished. Everyone should come together in one big rally not go against each other. I am sure there is a date that everyone could agree on.



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