Gov. Christie Nominations include a Muslim for Judgeship

I am not going to pick these articles apart for information for everyone. I will just post them under some titles and you can look through them as you will.


Christie has appointed an Indian born Muslim Immigrant for a Supreme Court Judges Seat in NJ. The seat is in the largest concentration of Muslims in NJ.


Links to articles for nomination


This article has some details about some of the work he has done. (WARNING LIBERAL RAG SORRY)


List of some of the nominees from Christie


Info on Sohail Mohammed

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This is why we need that law forbidding the use of sharia or international law in our courts. Muslims will be judging us. God help us!!
That takes care of any respect I once had for Christie. What a monster he turned out to be. What a horror for all of us.

Just when you think you have a good elected official they go and show they are all alike. That's it for Christi for me.

The media will still be trying to push him for 2012. Not then or ever!!


Maybe native born would suffice here; but I'd question anyone coming in past about the age of 2 for certain; because the character of any individual is solidly formed by the time that person turns 6; which means his character was formed in Muslim India; and THAT is how he'll judge and view things; not what he's learned since.  Everything goes through that early-formed filter, in each of us.
Showed his true colors, another fake, liar, scumbag.
Well what do you expect from a pole cat once a pole cat always a polecat. there all the same. they will get you one way or another, and when they do what a stink they make. and yes we do have polecats here in the desert. so the only ones we can count on are our selves in this case he (christi ) needs to be recalled and fast.  He has fallen into the trap that is known as politics and that is not a good thing to have happen.
As Americans learn about Islam and what Muslims follow and believe in the Quran, they will see just another kind of cancer that has been spreading across America.  If America was healthy, following God's natural law we would have nothing to worry about, but those of us that have followed this for several years now are afraid it may be too late.  Before someone jumps dowm my throat, I ask; How can you trust Muslims when they are taught to lie in order to achieve their goals and  ANYONE  not a Muslim IS inferior and should be KILLED?
You are right about that, in the town where I live the maslams are trying to push their own religion on people and for the most part the people just are not listening and it is driving the maslams nuts.


Islam is a disease, a cancer, on society and the world as a whole. It needs to be cut from everywhere it can be found and destroyed, ever to return again.

America - "{WE THE PEOPLE}" cannot trust anyone.  All enemies foreign and domestic must be deported to Cuba!
Or where ever they came from.
Why cuba why not a good old fashioned active volcano that takes care of all problems and in this manor they are being sent straight to where they belong that being (hell).



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