Constitutional Emergency

Government Completely Out Of Control - It's beyond chaos, they're now jeopardizing our food supply, our water, and the very existence of our farmers.

There will come a time when America will awaken from the slumber, stupor, hypnosis or whatever "we the people" are currently under.  Will it be too late? 

Is it possible for anyone, anyone, to view what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing in attempting rules over every ditch, every puddle, every drop of water in the United States?  This is just another of the communist ideology in an on-going attempt to totally control every facet of the the lives of American citizens. They control our money supply, trying to control our healthcare, and now total water control.

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I'm beyond being tired of constantly oppressed by a government fully mobilized in destroying every free movement and reversing the rights given the people of America by God...they can't do it, they won't be allowed to do it...

As the farm family says in the video, "enough is enough, we won't back down". 

Active resistance is being thrust upon us whether we want it or not.

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We're all targets of the evil enemy and his minions Richard.  The few agitators, self-servers attempt to marginalize those that would take a positive action. 

What the evil seeks is recognition through our responses to their anti-constitution, anti-American nonsense. I have blocked all their personal emails, so everything goes to the spam folder which is deleted without reading.

If we see those with that attitude on PFA, alert me and I'll deal with them.

At some point, God will make the path He wants us to proceed...we are still waiting to see what God will do with our OAS efforts........I continue to view OAS as  Joshua situation..........not millions but a small thousand or two that stood up.......God uses righteous efforts and I'm positive He allowed a major impact on D.C. and continues to do so..........

I don't mind the attacks normally. It just gets tiresome and disheartening, because it seems those who are seeking to bring us down are succeeding to some degree and very few are truly stepping up to the fight.

I agree with Ricky White of Mark Connors Free America that for those of us who cannot get out to DC, much can be done in our own Communities. Because in a true Constitutional Republic and by that original document, all States are sovereign. Effect change at the local level and it spreads Nationally. Without the compliance of the States, Counties and localities, the Federal Government cannot achieve it's mission.

Perhaps while we're working to get the goals of OAS achieved in DC, we can also get something serious going within our localities and States. Something that will work to the same ends. I know some already are doing that. Ricky White and his friends in Colorado are an example of just that.

What's happening is so "Atlas Shrugged". You're absolutely correct, Col. Riley. "active resistance is being thrust upon us". Let our Constitution and the wise counsel of our Founders be our guide going forward.

They ruined Florida years and years ago by diverting water flow from the Kissimmee River which helped to dry up the Everglades; thereby, causing massive death of plant and animal life and caused massive pollution build up into Lake Okeechobee. The Everglades is actually a River of Grass that most people don't even realize begins in Orlando and then southward onto the tip of Florida. Massive land moving and cross-country canals ruined our ECO-System. The last few decades have been spent trying to undo the damage!

these are the funniest posts going on for months, everyone agreeing something needs to be done but when you all had the chance to support Col Riley and be there with him on 5/16 where the hell were you?? Just keep sitting home and yaking it up as usual, nothing will ever be done because all of you are too damn lazy to move off your freakin butts. I am 80 and wanted to go to DC as I have in the past, but for health reasons could not get there on my own. The younger woman who was going to go with me got scared off by the negative crap on the internet about the protest and refused to go so I had no way to get there. The damn jerk in the Ct group cut me off from accessing the Ct site, Never gave me a reason, I posted nothing controversial but guess he needed power too. All in all I am sure I will be reading your YEA YEA lets do something for years to come, while doing nothing!!!!

I don't know if there has ever been any discussion or action on this-but the 4th reminded me that there was a group of  people who got together to lead-has there been any effort towards putting together a meeting of every leader of any organization possible to unite in a plan of action for the cause.?  The movement has to grow-maybe all our points wont be the same but the basic idea of  a renewal of Constitutional government has to unite everyone.

Yes Stuart,you have hit the nail on the head..All liberty groups all freedom groups all any groups that care about America need to sit down and come up with a united plan..Or we are in deep trouble..We are under siege..But there are some who just refuse to believe it or they are satisfied with it..It is up to those who know to and care to save our country..But as the Colonel once said the silver bullet is elusive..

As I see it, you have three options.   #1.  Armed revolution.   #2.  Peaceful revolution A.K.A. OAS (Operation American Spring).   #3.  Elections with plans drawn up prior to all campaigns concerning what is to be accomplished from day #1 to day number #730. We have just two years to accomplish all plans.  I suggest that we use #2 and #3 jointly.  As #2 is already in progress, we must develop plan #3 which also is already in progress.  You MUST have plans which speak to ALL Republicans and especially to ALL Tea Party patriots like you, me, all writers herein, and all readers of any of these blogs minus the snooping traitors of this once great country.  The plans must also have an appeal to independent voters.  As I wrote, this process has already begun.  Below are the two plans which were and are being presented.  Following them is an announcement of a third plan.  All three require and sincerely request Patriot input.  I will look for your contribution therein, George and Stuart as well as others.  Thank-you!

"What would you do if you were the president."  The results of these blogs, and similar future discussions, will be forwarded to candidates who align themselves with the Tea Party Patriots.  When you are finished writing on this discussion, please use the provided link (View Blog) to go to:

#1          Thoughts on Reducing Unemployment in the Inner-City

View Blog

If you were the new President, would the following be an avenue you would explore?

#2          Thoughts on Reducing Unemployment in the Inner-City

  (The title is the link.  Please click the Control-click the title)

If you were the new President, would the following be an avenue you would explore?

#3          Health Care: A non-Governmental Plan for All  -  Coming Monday Evening, Hopefully

If you were the new President, would the following

be an avenue you would explore?

A lot of Americans have become so insulated from any inconvenience to themselves that reality is non-existent and they imagine that America cannot demand their participation in the protection of this nation.
That is why they vote for Democrats who promise free gifts without efforts on their own parts.  That is why they are indifferent to the truth of the current and present danger this country is in at this very moment.
Most Americans who say to us older Vietnam Veterans the currently PC phrase Thank You For Your Service, do so with a blank expression, a limp handshake (if any) and the knowledge that they were the draft dodgers and anti-war protesters of the sixties. Do I sound angry and ressentful?....well yes I am and do not hide behind a curtain on that fact.  I remember full well the verbal abuse received when I returned home from Vietnam and especially the Cafe that refused me service because I was wearing a military uniform.  No I will not forget EVER!
Most Americans in our country today probably could not survive a single day of combat without turning tail and running or hiding in the deepest hole they could find.  In fact, I believe, contrary to the Americans who gave birth to this nation, the majority are self-centered and would allow this country to be overrun by leetle cockroach illegal immigrants and Muslims from Whogivesadamnistan without raising a finger.  I have heard the liberal "bleeding hearts" with their "save the children" plea with complete disregard to immigration law, disease control, and the added cost to the taxpayers to feed, clothe and house the children and some of their parents.  Obama's policies begat this influx of illegals so I say HE and he alone should pay the bill.
I have also totally lost faith in "most" Americans to become involved and protect and defend our nation so I leave it to our brave men and women now serving and the Veterans many of whom are still willing to serve, if allowed, to close and kill the enemy and prevent the overthrow of the United States Of America.  It appears that the current President of the U.S., his staff and cabinet members and a majority of Congress appear to have turned tail to run should a "call to arms" be made.
Our national debt is so serious that we face immediate internal financial collapse and personal fund confiscation by our rogue government.What a sad state of affairs we have found ourselves in. 
Gentlemen, I don't know about you but I shall continue to stock up on ammo, magazines and long term rations and water for the eventually possible Armageddon, mass hysteria and chaos from the looting "takers" or government "entitled ones" (Remember New Orleans looters, Katrina 2005?) and even the possibility of invading foreign troops on our soil (most probably in the "name" of the U.N.).
I have been advised by some to remain silent on my personal opinions "because the government is watching".  Well I choose to toss out that advise due to the fact that I very firmly believe that it is the government that should be watched, not the citizens. 
So many have forgotten the preamble to the Constitution which states:  We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense (sic), promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,  do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." 
I would never imagine in my greatest fears that our country would be in the peril it faces today. Stand by for that bugle call to assemble.  It shall then be our sacred DUTY to restore our nation to it's former purpose as is succinctly stated in our Constitution.  With that said, to those who serve and who have served our nation, I say Thank YOU for your service.  You are among the very small percentage who have placed your very lives on the line for the preservation of this country and it's way of life.  Those who have supported you are involved in the OAS movement and to you Americans I say Thank YOU for your service in supporting and protecting the Constitution Of The United States Of America.
John Joseph Little Eagle - Freeman
Native American, Musquakie FOX
Staff Sgt. USMC ...until the day AFTER eternity !

Why have the people kept "re-electing" the traitors for decades? It's past time for all of them to check out of Congress' "pleasure room" and go home.

It's past time all voters should know who, and what, they're voting for. I term in office is long enough and two terms is too much time [away from home] and I agree it's time to clean house... all 535 'we gotcha suckers' rooms.



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