Constitutional Emergency

Guidance - Operation American Spring Forward Into Summer - No Turning Back

All Patriots,

This is to update you on latest OAS decisions regarding our continued future forward movement and the current manning/direction of the “on-the-ground” Washington D.C. team  which was decided in a meeting Wednesday night, May 28, 2014.
America has an option right’s called Operation American Spring(OAS) and is active on the DC Mall every day.  We incorporate every worthy initiative such as declaring we will have no more Fast and Furious, no more Benghazi back-stabbing, no more VA murders, no more 9/10 Amendment attacks, no more 2nd Amendment more Obama and Congress lawlessness, no more destruction of the United States by domestic enemies.
Every patriot organization, citizen.......every American that loves our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the principles given us by our Founding Fathers, should, must join Operation America Spring which is established on the D.C. Mall across from the Air/Space Museum.  We’re there every day, fighting for every jot and tittle of our cherished Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and to reverse the moral decline that is moving America into the rubbish heap of disaster.
 Visit any of our sites....  or and lock arms with us, stand shoulder to shoulder with Americans for America.
We love our nation and the Obama Administration is dead set on destroying what over 230 years has make it worse the cowardly Congress is complicit in that they do nothing to rein Obama back to Constitution responsibility........
Show up on the D.C. Mall to lend a hand to our established movement.......we need all America to think about our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and what they will inherit if we fail the right the ship of America.  There can be no greater challenge to all of us right now than to protect our nation and leave those following us with what we have enjoyed.
I hope to see you on the Mall............Use the information at the attachment below to guide you when to come........we need an even flow of patriots onto the Mall every day except Sunday.  Sunday we have church on the Mall.  First week it was at the Lincoln Memorial, second week it was at the WWI memorial, tomorrow it will be at another memorial..........join if you can, any day, every day as we send a message to the lawless leadership in D.C. their days are numbered, they will be held accountable, our constitution will once again become the law of the land.
 The on-site D.C. Mall coordination/decision team will maintain a permanent presence(with appropriate over-lap) on the Mall and is:  Pastor Bland, Joe Bennett, Alex Coffey, Roberto Tonizzo. Critical to on-site coordination is Don Johnson, State Operation Center (SOC) Leader,  Deb Howard, the overall PR Lead 352-942-5203, Susie Price a major player for the social media from a strategic position, and SGM Nick will assist with local issues. Remaining staff and the rest of America are in support

Obviously those of us not “on the ground” will not be completely up to date on events as they unfold, so we need to be careful in our writing and radio to focus on the general mission, principles, and refer “current status” to Joe Bennett, Pastor Bland or Alex Coffey.

I will be on the ground from time to time, decide any major modification of mission, get updates on a near-daily basis to deal with radio as needed, edit press releases, etc...... 

We have a team sending OAS related press releases to me, communicating mission, principles below, whether on radio or writing and of course using media reports that clearly show the lawlessness, betrayal, backstabbing of the in-place leadership toward America, and how OAS is trying to combat the betrayals, evil corruption, greed, etc.. The on-site staff will deal with real-time issues on the ground.  Strategic supporters must not send mixed messages that deviate with actions on the ground or our mission. Unity, unity, unity...........

OAS is focused on a dual approach now..........the on-the-ground team handles just that.......programs, marches, demonstrations, visitors, permits, on-site radio shows, camper help, etc., basically maintain momentum on the D.C. mall.  Don Johnson, SOC leader,in close coordination with on-site staff, and others will reenergize the State Leaders, etc. to begin activity as warranted e.g.  (marches,demonstrations, petitions, rallies, etc.) at State Capitol, county, town, commissioner level, focusing on our mission.  

OAS is credible...........we announced to America all was well with our movement violence, unarmed, lawful, peaceful and we proved it.......the Glenn Beck’s, trouble makers, self-servers, have lost credibility in that their false predictions of violence were without basis in who will America believe in the future.......trouble makers, rumor mongers, Glenn Beck......... or OAS leadership?

We must stick like glue to our mission........not branch out into international issues........keep the pressure on the lawless Executive and Legislative branches, bureaucracy, oath breakers, etc.......keep our focus on internal U.S. issues can be embraced when US constitutional government is restored.

Mission –     Constitutional restoration to reestablish the rule of law under our Constitution. Rights restored as our Creator and Founders provided. Removal of those that fail to obey established law.

                    Forward – No Retreat

Principles:  Truth – God is our rudder.  Mobilize our pulpits

                                My initial expectation for millions on the Mall was faulty.  I misjudged the attitude of America to stand by the millions, but our call resulted in strong, hard core, patriots to carry-on and finish our mission which we always assumed would be of some length. We will not surrender, slow down, or allow the lawlessness in D.C. to dissuade us.           

                     OAS Dual Approach -  D.C. Mall presence and State Action.                  

                    OAS Success – Depends on OAS unity and developing same throughout America.  Millions of Americans are in lock-step with us now and we must cultivate strong unity to a “leaning     forward in the fox-hole” position ready to charge. Unity, unity, unity........

                     Expectation – Numbers are no longer critical(unless called for) on the Mall but are outside D.C. in America's neighborhoods.

                     OAS Supporters – Desire to re-establish constitutional government, liberty and freedom only requirement to stand with OAS.

                     Messaging   – Communications/messaging must be a priority to get the mission, principles, and status, far and wide.”  FB, Twitter, Blogs, Web sites, et al

                     Alliances – Form them but not expect endorsement...we only ask acknowledgement of OAS on media resources and any other support they deem appropriate.

                     Social Media – Maximize our coverage.

                     Self-Supporting -  People helping people as we’ve done in the past.  NO OAS organization.......a “movement to action” is our strength.

                     Guidance – Mission, Principles before personalities.

America is at the tipping point...we must persevere to the last drop of..................God bless every America citizen as we fight once again for our freedom and liberty.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.

OAS Founder


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Yeah, if we had a direct link to each and every person in office that we need to contact via email in one format, then we could just go down the list bam, bam, bam. And flood their email boxes one after the other.

Go to:

OFC. Operation Flood Congress

May 14, 2014 at 6am to July 4, 2014 at 7pm –Everybody/Everywhere

all the phone numbers and contact info is there.

Go get 'em Cracker.

And please pass it on.

Yeah, we've done that, but if they were all on one sheet where you can just go down the line over and over, that would make it ridiculously fun!

We've been doing that now for years and they turn a deaf ear! Both parties are corrupt! When the hell are people going to WAKE UP and try something different! "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity."......Albert Eienstein! OAS had terrible PR! The movement started 7 months ago and we could only get 400 people to D.C.! NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT! There should have been a DAILY MEDIA BLITZ ON A  NATIONAL LEVEL! That should have been the number one priority which was GETTING MILLIONS OF PATRIOTS TO WASHINGTON, D.C.! However, members  were told to contact their local newspapers and local radio stations that no one listens to! What a waste of time and energy! We had a golden opportunity but BLEW IT!

The basic message was right.  But there was a lot of baggage which damaged that message.  Col Riley talking about armed militia waiting in Virginia if needed.  Welcoming racists, bigots, anti-Catholics, anti-semites, Muslim haters and neo-nazis to join the march in DC.  No news organization would touch us with that kind of participation. 

We need to start all over again.  Set some standards, focus and control the message.  Provide a story that news organizations would want to cover.

Agreed...the baggage did distort the msg. I watched for a long time before joining bc of the baggage. And I am sure there are others who didn't watch one minute later bc of that. There are sooo many ppl who believe in the message. ..u can find sites all over the Internet. Another thing, realistic goals. Asking for resignation and impeachment, not saying we personally are going to arrest ppl. Though we wish!

The they would accuse us of being exclusionary! The military admits all, they're just trained and follow!

I see your point but PLEASE do not use labels for anyone here that they think we are..We are tired of people already labeling us what we are not..

Tim with all due respect to you, I am on the same side as you! What tweeks me is untruths about my Religion and I take as offensive and I find it equally wrong for us to be bashing each other (on the same side) when the stuff we say about each other is wrong. I would not be calling either of your parents or your church leader, something they are not. For 4 years I taught people coming into the Catholic Church, about my faith. "Piss on the Pope and HIS "INFALLIBILITY AND DEVINE (oh, really?!!?!?!)
AUTHORITY." That is a bit much to someone on your side! Second Infallibility ONLY pertains to faith and morals. It is almost the exact same thing as if you had a Doctorate in anything, you for the most part should be infallible in that area due to your knowledge of it and your council praying and studying the subject, along with a couple of thousand years of teaching.

Tim, what divine authority? Do you know something that the Catholic church teaches that I was never taught or is not in my Spiritual Library covering most faiths extensively. I only ask, to be respectful of others faiths especially since it is a Christian Denomination as well, (you do realize it had the Bible before the Protestant denominations did? Last week I had to completely stop working answering incorrect accusations about my faith with Biblical responses. Personally I would rather all of us keep focused and on task and instead of wasting a huge about of time fighting each other, can we put this BS aside and focus our energy  on fixing our country and impeaching Obama? 

Brother Tim, I would rather you and I standing together on the walls of the Alamo, when dawn breaks then one of us leaving to fight the battle individually. So that is where I am coming from, ok?

If I may start from the last and work backward.

The Pope is only a man, True! In his position, he is head servant to all. Please also keep in mind The Vatican is also a Sovereign Nation so he has that hat to wear as well. The accusation that the Vatican and the Papacy are heretics having supplanted themselves as the sole, self -appointed interpreter of Christ's teachings. Please understand the Catholic Church has a leadership historical line that goes all the way to the 1st century and Jesus Christ, so that is Historical and can be proven. The Lutheran church goes back to Martin Luther around 1520 AD as do most Protestant Churches. soooo the Catholic Church was around over 1,000 years before your Denomination.Can you explain why the Catholic Church that set the Canon of the New Testament in  about 384AD and if you use a Protestant Bible or "Non" Denomination Bible, thank the Catholic Church for the New Testament, your denomination did not have it first! Please look it up. Tim I really pray that you forgive whoever it was in the Catholic Church, that caused you this inner turmoil. You are a good man and for now lets focus on our mutual task at hand, afterwards I would be more then happy to get back and cover every single item disputed and discussed using your Bible! God Bless you, let's be at peace and fight the enemy together, as I am very active and support OAS.  Because I could not go to DC, I felt it my duty to support those that did go financially, so I organized a group of about 8 and we collected donations from all over AZ and when people came through our city, whom we never met before we provided fuel, food and prayer for two vehicles to get them to DC and back home. Please let's leave this other stuff for another day after we win! Ok?

I love this last reply Matthew. If we can as a people get the attitude you just described...put these smaller fish back in the freezer until we fry the big one.... then I think we can and will regain America. God bless us everyone!

What do you mean " The Jewish Problem?"  They killed, raped, tortured, butchered, experimented etc. on my family and others for our faith only! Why is that a problem? FYI the pope probably is the Anti-Christ! Hitler and the Romans were and are killing Jews and Christians to this day! All of our tax money goes to the Vatican and to the Queen. We have a pretty good idea who inspired the Torah, and OT, but who really wrote the NT? Have you a clue who doctored it up?  There are a zillion names for JC, yet He was a Hebrew! Still is. The pope is a Jesuit. Why don't you Google that? We are All Patriots here including Jews!



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