Constitutional Emergency

Gun Killer - Prop 69 -Bad for Ammo Purchases and Gun Registrations

Starting on Jan 1st, fruit loop lawmakers fantasies of killing our second amendment rights became a grim reality.

Thanks to a new law called Prop 63, more than 36 million law abiding Americans were just forbidden from shipping ammo purchased online to their homes…

And if these law abiding Americans do buy ammo at the store, they now have to pay a special “processing fee” before their ammo is released to them.

This “processing fee” (AKA a tax) doubles the cost of ammunition.

On top of that, Prop 63 creates a new background check system.

A background check that gun owners will have to submit just to buy ammo!

Worst of all?

Prop 63 is set up to create a backdoor gun ban that could prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns they’ve already purchased!

The number #1 way to guarantee you don’t become a victim to Prop 63 is by knowing gun law “workarounds” like those found in the Firearm Survival Guide.

The Firearm Survival Guide is the patriot’s “Bible” for making sure laws like Prop 63 don’t interfere with your right to bear arms.

And the publishers are giving away 100 FREE copies to protest the passing of Prop 63.

ATTN: This guide is not sold in stores.

Because it’s filled with the most up to date information on exploiting loopholes the publishers choose not to sell it in regular bookstores.

The only place to get it is here - and if you respond today you can get a FREE copy.

The Firearm Survival Guide shows you things liberal lawmakers will hate.

See How To Get "Off The Books" Firearms. These are legal guns with no registration, regulation, or paper trail and protect your 2nd amendment right to carry a firearm that can NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY (by anyone).

How To Have Complete Ammo Independence. No matter what kind of shortages we face in the future!

A Little-Known Loophole To Buy & Sell "Unregistered" Firearms In All 50 States. This is a loophole gun grabbers desperately want closed!

21 Great Places To Hide Your Guns. Even veteran ATF agents won't be able to find them… plus 6 places never to hide your guns unless you want them found.

Plus much more.

This guide is only available here and will NEVER be sold in stores.

There aren't many Free copies left (just 74 of the 100 remain when I last checked) so make sure to get yours now!

- Billy Reed

The #1 Patriot with Guns

P.S. You can stick your head in the sand and pretend your guns will never be taken… or you can take this simple step to learn how to guarantee they aren’t.

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I got news for them. This illegal law and the rest of the illegal shit from the Congress, we ( I ) will not comply !!! They can take their illegal laws and stick them where the sun doesn't shine. I am ready, all the Federal and State requirements are done, my weapons and licenses paid for, so KISS MY ASS !!!  I don't care cause when it comes time, there will be a whole lot of other people behind me, regardless of what happens to me. Here is an Imagery Test, see if you pass:   Take your middle finger, make a fist with just that finger straight out and then look at it, you will know what to do from there.

This is from CALIFORNIA and it is not from Washington D.C. as I suspected, but I am sorry for not checking what state it came from. My Appologies for not verifying.

Clois, This one may be from California, but have no fear, the Democrats are already trying to push it all over the country. Oregon also has passed similar legislation and I believe they may have gone even further.
The second amendment says "Shall NOT be Infringed" but since these Democrats don't believe in the Constitution anyway what the hell to they care about that.
The REAL problem is that these Democrats and politicians actually REALLY DO NOT believe in the Constitution at all.
They really do believe they rule over everything, They don't need or obey the Constitution for anything.
They actually believe they have all power over and above the Constitution.

THAT attitude MUST be stopped.



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