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H.R. 5404; A Bill to return the US dollar to a GOLD standard

H.R. 5404 is a bill introduced to Congress to return the US dollar to a value based on a certain weight of GOLD. This is a return to a GOLD Based Dollar standard.

H.R. 5404: To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

Since the earliest days of America until 1971, the country had used the “gold standard” for money. Under this system, U.S. currency was backed by physical gold, much of which kept in a heavily guarded location in Fort Knox, Kentucky. This was intended to keep the price of money relatively standard and prevent runaway inflation, i.e. one dollar equals _x _grams of gold.

With a few exceptions, proponents say the system generally worked. Although the value of a U.S. dollar fluctuated a bit — since preventing that entirely would have been impossible — for the most part those fluctuations were far less than they would be after 1971, when the U.S. fully abandoned the gold standard. (They had partially abandoned it for domestic transactions in 1933, and abandoned the other part — for international transactions — in 1971.)

In other words, inflation was generally much less. Gold standard supporters note that the two decades in the past century with the highest inflation were the 1910s (when the Federal Reserve was created and started exerting control over the money supply) and the 1970s (when the gold standard ended).

What the bill does:

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 We do not at this time, need the Gold Standard returned, to many corrupt politicians connected to the Federal Reserve. Which belongs to the Jewish Family Banking System of England.

Woodrow Wilson was the original American "Progressive" - ie Communist.
If any President in US history deserved to be shot (other than #44) it would be Wilson.
As for that Federal Reserve,, These guys are the original inventors of corruption.
This is virtually the same bunch of crooks that ran the money exchange tables that Jesus Christ over turned when he entered Jerusalem. The ones referred to as the money changers.
Woodrow Wilson is the President that set it all up here in the US. Presidents succeeding him simply carried on with the scam. Then they finalized the take over when Nixon took us off the Gold Standard and put us on this Fiat-Money merry-go-round. The whole thing is just one big scam. It should have been declared unconstitutional back in 1913

It begs the question as to WHY Congress went along with this Sham and WHY Congress didn't kick the Federal Reserve, which by the way is a Foriegn service run by the NWO  and the United Nations later when they came to World Power. JFK warned us about the secret sociities and other evil entities that wanted more power over it's citizens. I guess that is why JFK was assassinated before he could warn the American people, huh???



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