Do not close the site down due to hackers. They want you to fail. Do not close it down.

When the truckers went to DC Facebook and Twitter shut down their sites when the movement was gaining steam and it put off a lot of folks who were going to join the drive. Just send out notices and let the members know there are trolls out to destroy the march but don't shut down the site due to their negativity. Otherwise you let them win.


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I agree DO NOT CLOSE THIS SITE. Let the people here take care of the Obots. Barack
Obama is a fraud a coward a liar and a murderer. His ID is stolen and forged. He
left people to die in Benghazi then lied about it. The little coward must be removed. 

Well happily We all agree for a change. (at least most of us).

If we shut down this PFA site then they win. Many of you here may have noticed that some things have changed in the past week. We have shut down the Chat room  and we have shut down the blog system.

Most people never even used the blog unit anyway.
You may have also noticed that we have deleted or suspended several members. This is not something I take pleasure in doing. But we knew from the beginning that Obama's minions would try to mount attacks and infiltrate any online media and forum systems. In fact they even published what they intended to do. Mr. Cass Sunstein, Obama's head of the office of information and Regulatory affairs explained exactly what they intended to do. Infiltrate and destroy, cause as much chaos and disturbance as possible. They want to spread lies and mis-truths. The goal is to turn the people against any kind of movement that may threaten them.
Well I hate to say it but Ms. Cass Sunstein is doing his dirty deeds very well. They have managed to convince many people that the idea of OAS is un-Constitutional, they claim it's illegal, it will destroy the very Constitution that we have set out to preserve.

We have seen some of this rhetoric and talk right here on this PFA forum site. And as we see this stuff we try to identify who is spreading it, when we find them we will delete them. The more time that passes and the more people who join the movement, then the more we will see of these infiltrators. We must all work now to be aware of who is posting things. I'm asking all of you to please be aware of any potential imposters and subversives that may have come into the systems.
Many of you are now aware that we now also have a new site. We created this new site specifically for the OAS movement. That new site provides a little better security to defend against these attackers. And it also provides a place where the operational planning aspects that are needed to develop the OAS mission can be put together in a more secure environment.
If you go to the Tabs at the top of the pages and just hover over the Forum tab you will see and new sub-tab drop down. That sub-tab will give you a link to the new forums. In the meantime please be aware, Obama and his minions are working hard to infiltrate and destroy this operation. We must stay alert and be aware of any infiltrators.
And have no fear - we have no intentions of shutting down this PFA site.

Thanks for all your help and support friends, America depends on us now, (and that's YOU).

Thanks Ron,, Administrator.

You don't close down your main hub because of trolls. I eat these little bas%^$ alive on the conservative blogs. You MUST keep your web-site up to encourage those serious patriots who want to come for your rally.Ignore them or delete them. They hack ALL the conservative blogs and web-sites. Those who frequent the conservative blogs are used to them and know they troll. 

Thanks for keeping this open....I agree that we are individually responsible for identifying trolls.  I had been "spammed" by one such person on this site requesting money...the usual "If you send me XXX dollars to help my daughter/son/mother/father/etc. in "wherever" you will be rewarded with "lots of money"...etc.  I deleted her and her request.  The first name is Priscilla with a last name starting with A(something) and she sends "friend requests" that has an urgent tone to them.  In my dismay this morning, I deleted her without taking note of her last name...sorry for my lack of discernment but thought it best to pass along anyway.  



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