Constitutional Emergency

Hello Patriots,

OAS is on the March..........alive and well...........we will not retreat, nor will be surrender our rights God has provided and guaranteed us.

Sorry about my delay in getting a note to has been a bit busy in D.C.

Before I go any further, Our Mission, our commitment is as strong as ever....the lawless leadership replacement remains our goal, all the oath breakers, and those that fail to honor their commitment to the US Constitution are being chllenged. We will be visting Congress this coming week.  A question will be "do you support our Constitution?"  The answer can only be yes, but our response will be, "then why are you not doing your job?  Why are you allowing Barack Obama to destroy America?

We have been assembling early each morning at the Washington Monument and then moving to a location nearer the US Capitol.

We have patriots in D.C. with a heart for our nation, for our chldren, grandchildren, great grandchildren and are determined to see our mission through until God pulls us off.  I think every State is represented except perhaps Alaska......those of you that can't be with us are well in our midst.....your State patriots are standing up for you.

Our first day May 16, 2014 was our best day....even though God got our attention early by drenching us with rain...He reminded us of His power but showered us with sunshine later in the day.........thousands in our midst......some in the cradle, young people with one our PFA members, Marty Church who is 84...the beautiful part is the sacrifical nature of all our participants...I could go into individual sacrifices but I don't want to give the impression there is criticism of anyone who can't be with us...there are many reasons and we know many are doing work behind the scenes, prayers, and the like.

I do want to urge everyone at  home to double up on the calls to your Representatives and Senators....Please burn up the line to Congress. and  and find your Senators/Rep and get on their behind.

We urge all of you to post all favorable reports you find......on FB, Twitter, Blogs, and any where else.  May pictures will be coming.

We have a beautiful Church time today, Sunday, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial....many in attendance.  Pastor Bland, Pastor Drake, two lay pastors   -  from Louisiana and Minnesota also participated.  Much singing patriotic and spritual songs.

We have been attacked verbally in a viscious manner without any credible evidence.  Glenn Beck is a prime example of a hypocrite...he attacked us as being a violent group or a group instigating violence and urged everyone to not support OAS.  He speaks a lot about truth but fails to see the truth about OAS....shame on him for false accusations. He cites the need to investigate issues for ourselves but he violated his own doubt he set us back, however he has already tarnished his reputation as nothing he has said has proven accurate.

Our relationship with law enforcement has been without incident primarily because of our internal security teams...they have performed professionally, without offense, and successfully restrained one of our own members that could have resulted in a very bad incident.  Our marches are respected, and honored by law enforcement...the police stop traffic allow us to cross busy streets.......absolutely no incidents.  We marched to the White House a couple times, the last time to honor our Benghazi citizens who were lost.......we accomplished a "silent" march on the White House by arriving in four colomns, then did a right face with our backs to the White House as protest to the despiciable behavior by the Obama leadership.  We stood silent for 15-20 minutes, dead silent, accomplished a u-turn and left the area.

There is no way I can adequately describe the tears of joy, the harmony, the closeness of every OAS participant.  It is heart shaking.  We have 3 friends,  two teenagers and a 21 year, old share their testimonies as to why they are attending OAS...the response from these young people would make you proud....we also had one 3 month old patriot who demanded we not give up...and we wil not.

Our staff has been wonderfully supported by the Santini family.......everything we need is provided.....God is good all the time.

God bless everyone.  Continue to pray and come to D.C. if you can.



Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret


PS I don't have spell check, so forgive my errors.

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I am wondering now that there are many videos on UTube out there and people will most likely get to know what OAS is all about do you think they may show up this week end to support it?? Just a thought or maybe more of a wish.

God bless you for what you are doing. It's a disgrace that our so called activist leaders are not supporting you in this, which makes me question their legitimacy. My heart is broken knowing that America is almost gone and my children will be the ones to suffer under this new era of tyranny that is coming. Thank you again to the true patriots.



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