Hey Barack, sorry the little issue of National Security interrupted your Sunday night personal "whiz bang".....


Two Fox News Guests Suspended for What They Said About Obama’s Terrorism Address

Fox News contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and actress Stacey Dash were suspended by Fox News on Monday for comments they made on-air in response to President Obama’s address to the nation on Sunday.

Here’s what Peters said, in an interview with Stuart Varney:

“First of all, he keeps speaking about ‘We can’t give in to our fears,’ you know, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ Look Mr. President, we’re not afraid, we’re angry, we’re pissed off, we’re furious. We want you to react, we want you to do something. You’re afraid. I mean, this guy is such a total pussy, it’s stunning.”

During a segment on “Outnumbered,” Dash said:

“His speech was an epic fail. It was like when you have to go to a dinner with your parents but you have a party to go to afterwards. That’s what it felt like. He was just trying to get through it because he wanted to go to this event afterwards.

I did not feel better. I didn’t feel any passion from him, like you said, Andrea. I feel like he could give a sh*t, excuse me, like he could care less. He could care less.”

Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shine, announcing that Peters and and Dash would not be allowed on the air for two weeks, said this:

“Earlier today, Fox contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air. Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks.”

As Fox News is wont to say, we report, you decide.

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    They can pray any place at anytime, I was delivering gasoline to a station one day, a car pulled up & four Muslim's got out, one of them got out & laid his rug in the dirt & prayed,the others went inside!!

Henry.... Gotta give Allah thanks for that cheap gas!!!


Lee... Plainly none of the signs of the breaking of the sixth seal have appeared in on the earth or in the heavens. If you were an honest, humble, forth right individual you would simply say you got carried away and mis spoke. What were left with instead is your word and Gods Word I would incourage people to take the Word of God over Mans word any day. It's a shame that you keep trying to justify what you can not plainly show, but hey Lee, I'll keep my eyes to the heavens for stars falling and mountains and islands moving!! Jeez Lee, God desires Truth on the inwards parts, know why? So that that same truth comes out of your mouth!! Try to have a blessed Christmas, hope that broken seal dosent ruin it for you.

Christmas?, another pagan event brought in by the pope?, no thanks, he and satan's pedophile, mohammed, have no place in my life. i'm just a man, God is God and I found Him in the entirety of the Holy Scriptures, you can too!

Thanks for following up Delta. I said much the same, also focused on the right of free speech. I told them that myself and other patriots I am associated with will stop watching Fox News if they continue to excoriate some yet give a pass in people in the left who say Christians and NRA members are to be feared more than the Terrorists. We expect honest unbiased reporting, nothing less. It's past time we put these groups and these people who are protecting and giving a pass to our enemies on notice. "Were going to hold you accountable". Thanks again, hope others will follow suit.

To Michael and Delta;  I concur with both of your comments.  I myself am tired of the games the islamaphiliacs are playing.  Time to restrict anyone from any warring area who cannot be truthfully and honestly vetted/investigated.  I am tired of these "visas" which are given to foreigners without any vetting at all.

I want America back!!!!  God Bless America.  Merry Christmas to all here.

Thank You LaVern. United we stand now we just need to let those who want to flood our nation know we're opposed to it and immigration must stop in the interest of national security until we figure this thing out. And all this crap about Americs opens its doors to anyone who wants to come on is just that....."crap". Before immigrents are allowed in our national security comes FIRST! No one is willing to put a stop to this insanity but Trump. For that reason and that reason alone he should be Commander In Chief. To hell with these bleeding hearts telling us we have to save the world, let them resettle in a nation of their own culture, let Saudi Arabia for one take them in. They can molest kids and face Mecca 5 times a day all they want there. Their not going to become Ameticans and we're not going to become Muslims, end of discussion. Stay in the Middle East.
May you and yours find strength and grace in Christ this Christmas.
Well, I suppose the truth hurts . I applaud those two for saying what we all feel. Leaders do not lead from behind. Has this alleged leader ever been on the tip of the spear in any endeavor? What a total embarrassment to our country and to manhood in general.
Michael, if you're wanting a level playing field you have a better chance of winning Powerball. The American media has spoon fed us just what they want us to know, nothing more and nothing less but you are right on one point, keep being vocal and get as many people as you can to join you. The one thing they can't over come is voices lots of Americans using their voices. They know they are wrong and time is against them unless the public cave in. Hang in there
The socialist just lost after 17 years of ruling in Venezuelua. I hope the left not only continues their socialist agenda I hope the drift further to the left, it will be their undoing. The pendulum always swings both ways. The blacks are coming out excoriating Obama publicly as the worst President in History. It is slow going but people are waking up. The left condemns Trump for wanting to end immigration of all Muslims the right excoriate him yet he gets rousing applauds and is still in the lead. People arnt buying what the left and the Rihnos are selling. Again, Americans are a differant breed of people, we're not giving up our Guns, our gas guzzlers, our Bibles. They estimate the American people will but 20 million guns this year!!!! That shows were not buying what the left is selling!!
Oh in regards to Trumps comments and those who oppose saying that "The majority of Muslims are peace loving". Thats an oxymoron. You can't follow the Koran which had over 1200 verses on Jihad and killing the infidel and be peace loving. And for anyone who disagrees I ask you this. When though out history have Muslims lived in peace with non Muslims? They even kill their own!! Trump is right, the rest are wrong. The first priority of the President is the safety of America, he has failed and so has everyone who fails to see Muslims for what they are.



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