Constitutional Emergency

Hillary says that she may entertain some restrictions on abortion as long as it was in the middle to  the end of the third trimester...She said it as though what is the big deal we are only talking about abortion of a child....This is a sick evil twisted human being....How could anyone I mean anyone vote for this CORRUPT EVIL WITCH....She belongs in prison....She is not a human being she is a sick sick selfish shell of a real person....SHE MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH....

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George speaking of evil, which I agree Hillary is, I'm wondering if you and others sense what I'm feeling?
I'm feeling evil is spreading out around the world unlike I've never felt in my lifetime. From ISIS, the Taliban, other radical Muslim groups, the wat our soldiers are being persecuted for standing up against evil, our children being indoctrinated into the Muslim religions in our public schools, our religious rights being taken away, Russia, Iran, Syria, China spreading out around the world it just seems like darkness is covering the face of the earth..... I can sense an evil oppression, it's almost like you can cut it with a knife. The days are evil and the darkness is spreading across the globe.

Unfortunately you are 100 % correct Michael..Evil and corruptness is enveloping the Globe....We do not have to go far to see it..It is in D.C. Just look at what is and has been happening in our very own capitol...Evil is in the White house...Evil and corruptness has a seat at the table in our congress...Just look at the likes of Mitch Mconnel..He is as corrupt as it gets ..But yet he is running the senate...He is flat out nasty...Dog eat Dog would be a pleasure to see compared to what we have now....No one represents the people anymore....They represent themselves and each other....Either you are part of the nastiness or you are shunned....Look how the treat Ted Cruz all because he is one of the more honest people.....Look at the cartel ....Karl Rove, Boehner, Jeb Bush, you can go on and on....But yes the darkness is beginning to completely cover all aspects of life....That is why we as Christians have to support each other and hope and pray that GOD intervenes before we are completely done as a people....

AMEN George AMEN.... This I know from first hand experience, that we need not fear the devil or his demons for Christ has given us His authority to Use His name and the powers of darkness must obey.
And no matter how evil and corrupt the world becomes we will not be decieved even if the world believes a lie. No demon of hell is a match for the Armour and the sword of the spirit God has given to us believers.
We are more than conquers in Christ. Christ has already won the victory and sits at the Right hand of the Father. We know it, the devil knows it and he knows the time is short until he is finally judged so he has gone out with great wrath seeking to destroy and set up his kingdom. I pray every Christian would remember His victory and their Authority and stand up and proclaim it til His return...

That is just one of many things the Clintons are responsible for. Does anyone remember the Clinton body count from Mena Arkansas all the way to the Whitehouse?

The Clintons are murderers, whether they pulled the trigger or had it done for them. They are certainly hell bound for many reasons.

George, Hillary is what the Gnostics called an Archon. As such she lacks the ability to feel remorse or empathy towards humans. It should also help to better understand her emotionless attitude regarding the Benghazi ordeal where the lost of lives was directly related to her decision not to prevent it from happening. To understand the why and what Archons are you can google the name Archons or see this link:

You can take it for what it's worth but when we look upon the evil that is dominating this world at the present time along with the rulers who have presided over us throughout history since the beginning of time causing death and destruction, fear, suffering and all other negative expressions, the history of the Archons should explain the why. There will be and are those who will deny the truth for the simple reason they have forgotten who they are and their reason for being here (in this reality) and will argue all this is make believe, false and that all who believe the truth are crazy. The Bible speaks of the Archons and perhaps the first example would be the serpent (reptilian) in the Garden of Eden. 

The reality we are all living has been created for us by the Archons to sustain their existence (again, you must do your own research), and can be defeated by the collective consciousness of all humans within this false reality accepting the understanding the only way is through the expression of unselfish love for everything and everybody. When the term awaken is used it is not about our government but rather a spiritual awakening each of us must have. Break on through to the other side. The path to enlightenment is within each of us and now more than ever we need to follow it. It is the only way we will change what is happening and defeat the Archons. Learn what they are, why they are and you can begin..



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