"Hillary to lose presidential Super Bowl"(But not to Marco Rubio)

Exclusive: Larry Klayman predicts Clinton's own party ultimately will boot her

Published: 11 hours ago

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Larry, as a fighter for the US Constitution, how can you even suggest that Marco Rubio meets Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the constitutional qualifications to be President/Commander in Chief?
Marco does not meet the "natural birth citizen" requirement and you know it. He is a citizen for sure, as he was born in Miami, FL in 1971, but, his parents were Cuban citizens at the time of Marco's birth. Add Cuban citizenship to Marco's history. Marco's parents were not naturalized U.S. citizens until 1975 which clearly proves Marco can never be a "natural born citizen".
"The US Constitution Matters" to me and millions of Americans. Have you fallen into the establishment mold in suggesting an unqualified candidate be elected as president?
You of all people, a fighter for "right", ignores the "natural born citizen" requirement? As you know the "natural born citizen" qualification is only mentioned in one place in the US Constitution...that being as a requirement to assume the office of President/Commander-in-Chief.
We have evidence of what a fraud, illegal president can do, Barack Obama, who has allegiance to other that the United States. How is Barack working out for you?
Your integrity is on the line........please publish your argument that proves Senator Marco Rubio is qualified IAW Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution...that Senator Rubio is indeed a "natural born citizen".

Did it matter with Obama? And since when are the Washington elites required to live by the letter of the law? The laws are for the peasants. For cripes sakes, the Dems are running the most corrupt politician since....ever. 

And they're all well aware of her criminality, which tells us they're just like the Republicans. We're SCREWED.

You are so right, we have a one party system and now with Paul Ryan in control it is even worse than when Boehner was the speaker. Ryan is evil, Boehner was just incompetent. BUt don't count those murderous Clintons out yet there enough dumb women that still love her including my own daughter in law, who has twin grandsons in the US Marines. Go figure that one out!!!! We are in big trouble. Rubio is the establishments pick and if Trump doesn't get his act together we will be stuck with that fraud/Rino. I have emailed Mr Trump on his campaign web site that he has to calm down and give us the You're Fired side of him. He needs to stop the bickering back and forth with the losers and concentrate on a more calm precise deliverance of just some of the things he will do and how. Enough with the wall and China already, we got that, now he has to tell us he will fire those that are crooks, get rid of the enormous amount of departments that do nothing and get paid big time, overturn those executive orders, get rid of the Czars etc. That is what I want to hear. Maybe if enough people bombard his campaign web site his staff will be able to tell him to change his way and start doing little meetings not these huge rallies. We know he can draw the crowd but now it is time for a calm deliverance of what he will do without the foul mouth.

I have done basically the same thing - this is crunch time and he needs to stop with the childish rhetoric and start laying out the meat of his actual policies.

right u r i too email Trump they all nd to know rubio signed on to the I-Squared Act which lets in uncapped no. of muslims from all over 

Ohitlers invasion of refugees needs to STOP and his open borders is a tragic horror grab a gun

WTP know this and if u listen to Pat Caddell he has been polling Americans WE ARE RIGHT the nation is on the verge of revolt no one listens to DC anymore or trusts them why should we they manipulate and lie.  

We know what hillary is all do but those who like her like her.    Rubio is mr amnesty the establishment cannot wait for him to b pres GOD FORBID we need Trump or Cruz

when will people learn reality ????  your entire system is corrupt / occupied by agents of

global one person can defeat them.

is Rubio a homosexual ?

Didn't you read the article Bonnie? Cruz is INELIGIBLE. And Trump is a loud mouth with no real solutions other than "Give me power and trust me.", which sounds similar to Obama in 2008.

bernie is a pothead and would place Israel interests over ours as Congress does.

hillary wants our weapons while an advocate of LGBT

Anti-Semites still trolling this forum?

EDUCATE yourself, don't cry the anti- semitism excuse .

global elites are in charge ..research and identify.

George Soros is a member and happens to be Jewish.

let the truth fall where it may...

The global elite are of all persuasions, not all claim to be Jewish, there are many who claim to be Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist, etc. Yet you appear to target only the Jewish ones; anti-Semitic tendencies.



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