Constitutional Emergency

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Thank u Col. Riley. Gives me hope for God and Country instead of the gloom and doom I feel today.

His light grows dim fighting its way thru the fog of continuous wave of lies. I find I doubt even the ones I trusted before its time to clean house of all of them and get some good term limits in place. At seventy I feel ashamed for enjoying our liberties without paying more attention to the termite nest our government has become. Bite by bite they chew at our constitution. Everything still looks solid on the outside. What they never could take by force they use lies and misinformation to make the people think they are doing a great job. I call this the Obama magic show for he makes fabulous promises and presents it with great fanfare. Like all magicians you must watch his other hand for it is usually in your pocket. His promise to protect will cost only a small freedom that he assures you that you will never miss it. but like the termite our freedoms bite by bite will fall in one catastrophic action. It is time to open the doors of our holy houses to inform the people of the evil eating this nation from within. Myself I will start this november with my vote


well said Grampa...

Col. Sir, How can this not be GOD'S Will? And if so, than how can we fail? I know you feel this too. I will help however I can. Besides, how often do you get a chance to fight and die for the LORD JESUS. To go home with something to show. But, neither will I advocate violence, execpt if all other possibilities have been exhausted. I will not bow down before evil.

Thank you,  Salute,  Col. Riley,  knowledge  is  power for  OAS.. IT'S  TAKING  GRASP  IN  CALIFORNIA.. God  bless  this  operation,  peaceful  words  of ``` truth..

General Vallely is not involved with OAS direction or guidance.  He is reported to be working to integrate all Tea Party elements into one gigantic force.  At any rate, I suspect I know the genesis of your question and I don't buy all the b.s negative accusations against him.  Similar accusations have been made against James Neighbors, Overpass Director.....typical leftist agitating to divert us into answering rumors, unfounded garbage....  We haven't had perfect a man or least not since Jesus walked the earth.

Very nice response ! I have always supported your efforts here and you know that but I stay away as much as possible because you have some on here who feel if you speak honestly about certain topics then you are the enemy ! I am a realist and do not live in a fantasy world with butterflies and rainbows . I am more a murphy's law women and prefer living in reality ! Good luck my friend !


Dr. Benjamin Carson, won the Linn County, Iowa midterm caucus straw poll of about 1000 caucus-goers by an impressive margin:

Dr. Benjamin Carson 87%
Governor Scott Walker 6%
Mike Huckabee 3%
Governor Rick Perry and Rand Paul tied just below 2% about joy..........this is it.



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