How liberals view Benghazi vs. Fort Hood vs. Bundy Ranch summed up perfectly in 3 pictures...

I can't imagine what they will call "peaceful, unarmed, non-violent, law abiding" Operation American Spring.............???

Tip of the hat to General Childers for the picture trio.............


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Is anyone really surprised hope not after 5 yrs of this 

Says it all.

Thank you. The BLM and Harry Reid have no class. They are anti-American.

Who is John Galt?

Already on my Facebook page! Share away folks!

Many working on it Don

How can anyone in this administration or their complicit media friends even say these things with a straight face?

Just got off the phone with my friend Arnie and he has even more damning, criminal evidence on little dirty Harry Reid. We'll be bringing that out on the AmericanStatesman show tonight at 8. Call in number is 347-857-4364 and if all goes as planned I'll be live streaming it at  An open invitation to Col. Riley is always there, any time I'm on-air. please take the time to broadcast this to everyone and anyone you know as we make the push to inspire as many as we possibly can. Check in from time to time at and watch as we continue to build on delivering the truth and the set.

Actually no liberal progressive communist really cares what any of these are called as long as it happens to conservatives.  That my friends is the thing we have to be really concerned about more so then obama.  One way or another he will leave office in January 2017.  The people who voted him in office will still be voting however, to complete the transformation into either a communist or fascist state.  Furthermore, they will once again be doing anything they have to to guarantee their candidate’s win including fraud.  Make no mistake about that.  On the other hand if someone like Bush were doing exactly what obama is doing nothing else but Bush’s takeover would be on the MSM news and he would be declared a rabid terrorist.

These treasonous sons of evil must be held accountable! We've been asleep at the wheel 4 way 2 long but somehow through the grace of GOD we the people have been awakened. We have 2 find a way 2 have Common Law trials of people like Harry Reid the Senator from Nevada who's been secretly selling off the peoples land 2 the Chinese & hiring BLM thugs 2 threaten people's lives. The more we look the more evil there is 2 see leading straight 2 our so-called trusted servants......I find it amusing that the criminals in D.C. make laws they don't abide by yet expect we the people 2 do so or else. Our gov. is no longer legitimate & hasn't been since the 1870's when the United states of America became the United state gov. a corporation & we were tuned into servants instead of masters! THAT MUST BE UNDONE!

When we the people physically stand up to the Socialistic Federal Government - the Government does feel fear.  The Bundy Ranch was a coalition of several organizations, including some townspeople and ranchers who don't belong to any particular organization.  Many of them were armed; but so was the BLM.  Yet, it wasn't a particular organization facing the Government. 

OAS is a we the people / Patriots for America Rally.  And to all those who want to impeach Obama - well - so far that's taking quite a long time.  Why not simply demand his removal from Office.  And to those who say Martial Law is coming - Why not simply demand Obama's removal from office.  And finally to those who are awaiting the 2016 elections, or fear that Obama will run for a third term - Why not simply demand Obama's removal from Office.  That's what OAS is doing - we're not looking at what all may or will happen tomorrow - we're going to DC to do something about it NOW!

The Left knows they are dealing with a "proletarian" mind set, therefore, they will not hesitate to increase their outrageous claims while exasperating the few who know what is going on.  Keep in mind, (without God, there is NO freedom....)Therefore, Godly People, expect to be labeled "terrorists."  The spirit which imbued Adolph Hitler and the 6 million innocents slaughtered, inhabits Congress, the Executive Br.  in Washington, D.C.and  is shielded by most of the Media outlets around the country and around the world.



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