Constitutional Emergency

Folks, Everyone needs to learn how to post their own information in Discussion Forums. I cannot do it all myself and I am also not interested in many things people send me to post. For several reasons, plus some I think it's just not helpful information.


1. It doesn't matter because nothing will be done about it and its a waste of our time and resources. We know the works are righteous but we also know we have a fully corrupt despot Gov. who will not correct themselves. We must use our time and resources in ways that will work and stop throwing money and time away trying to get justice through the corrupt Judicial System and/or DOJ. We are running out of money and time.

2. It's not my interest and I know nothing about it and don't have time to take on anymore issues. Not meaning they are bad, just meaning I don't have time to put anymore on my plate.

Plus I sent something out yesterday that I wish I had not only because I see some folks have fully trusted without vetting. We must be vigilant in all things. The more I put it through common sense and also talking with PFA members that have worked in Fed. Agencies have shown me what is being sold in said post is not even possible. Everything can be read online no matter how secure we try to make it. Also remember Gov. TSA and Homeland Security just hired a bunch of back room hackers. Use to this country arrested folks with bad intentions, now they praise them and hire them.

VDA tried to create a site for us to communicate in a very secure and private location online. It was made that secure, however the only problem is, we can't get in to communicate. Making it so secure hindered us instead it of being what we needed it to be.

I also need folks to help in vetting new members and information posted. I really cannot do it all. I need PFA to be a team and all work together. We all must vet all info. This is a way we have each others backs.

Another helpful thing will be for those who post discussions, please check first to see if that topic/issue/article has already been posted. If so and you have more info, post on the already posted discussion that way when we are doing research we can find info in one place and not have to waste time searching for many posts on same topic. With that said, staying on topic in posts is very important. Please also be consider of others posts and do not distract from issue/topic.

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Thank you and as always you are right.


At present I am still involved with the grassroots politics of my township and county plus area of state and national.  If things change where I believe I am no longer effective within the GOP I will move on to give more time to the TP/conservative groups.  I do believe at present the only choice we have for organizing without snoops and trolls is regular mail.  It might be slow, but for now it is private and secure until proven otherwise.



Twana, God  Bless, You've  had  a  great  up-bringing  to  PFA,  sincere  members  Is ``Joint  Knowledge."  Log It..!!

 I am trying to find out any info on the congress charge of Abuse of Power My obummer. Any info would help.



Agreed with the mail comment for now that sounds right.



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