Constitutional Emergency

I have created a private group for PFA Veterans and All who have served

This group is going to be strictly for those who have served in our Armed Forces. This group is specifically to be a productive action working group - not so much just a location to shoot the hay.


To join this group, I, or group administrator will need to invite you. I also need someone who has served and has been a PFA member for several years and is well know by us on PFA to vet all who want to join to make sure no stolen valor kinds get in.  We want to avoid that here.


Troops/Veterans if you want to join please contact Marvin Green. He does the vetting for the PFA Military Group and will get you in.

Infiltration is a problem with any site. To help with security a copy of a DD form 214, ID card or other proof of service will be needed to become a member of this unique and honorable group. This should be send in private message not publicly.


Ask any questions you have and offer suggestions here. Thanks guys. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help serve you.


If you need to get your DD form 214 here is how you can get it.




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S/SGT, USMC serial number 1190645 - 1951-54. Korea.  Sign me up, Twana.

My husband was a little fly boy, or politely called USAF. And I was Women's Army Corp, or what he calls a ground pounder. We were both medics during Viet Nam. We have paperwork to prove our service, and VA picture IDs.
We want to join your group, if you will have us.
Tommy Burns
Linda Burns

Not sure how I feel about not being eligible since my membership here goes way back but, I somewhat understand.  I have other friends in Unions that feel the same way about outsiders. Guess I should have served if I really wanted to be a Patriot. I'm just a guy that wants small government and a Christian based society although far from being an Angel, I know that is what is best for America. I have common sense and people that voted for Obama do not! I do not need to be a Veteran but wish I was. God Bless them. Privatize away! What ever it takes to help save our Constitution..........Bill.

Hi, 19 years USAF and US Army Ssgt. Medical Spec., Wide Band and SATCOM Spec.

I'm very interested in joining this group, have both DD214 and an ID and privilage card

I am IN and have been scene I took Oath, (Nonnisi pro ego pro DEUS quad Terra)

A. Menges, 1SG US Army Retired, 1950-1954, 1956-1879.  Korea, 1950-1952, Vietnam, 1967, 1970-1971

Show me the invite and identify how I can securely provide ID or DD214. Been on Harrys list for years. Gene Abernathy, CWO, USN, RET.

I would be honored to be invited.

Della Creighton USArmy 1980 to 1990..DAV Finance

I would be honored to Join this Group. Served in 1963 -1967 Armor 7th Army Europe. MOS includes Armor / Armor Intelligence / Aviation. border Duty. Top Secret Clearance Required.
Hi Twana,

Charles Lukens, here.

Do I still have to send you my DD214?


Charles Lukens



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