Constitutional Emergency

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This is why everyone need to prepare. The New World Order is dangerous but real

In truth there is wisdom....however it is our choice is whether or not we accept it; true,  this is only a portrayal of what could happen in the extreme...that is one "benefit" of Hollywood,  you can SEE the possibilities.   LET US ACT ACCORDINGLY, and pray to our Lord that the righteous are victorious in the end.

Semper Vigilo, Fortis,  Paratus et Fidelis

Snowman, if you're special forces vet, as I am, you should know that we SFO vets know quite a bit about how to slow down and even stop advancing forces.

As I told Twana, this trailer depicts an imagined scenario, not for real, yet a possibility. I can already see from the few comments I've read here that it's already spooking some of our members. We can't let that happen. We need to focus on preparing, mentally, physically, and above all, tactically.

To all SFO vets here, get your groups together, WEEKLY, discuss and form tactical plans, OFF LINE.

as a ex member of that community you are right this can very easily happen here. gee do you think all those pistol rounds dhs bought were for target practice. we can stop this though by selective preemptive action taken strategically against some of the lower echelon players

It's not just HPs they've been stocking up on, try full auto weapons as well!

I'm sure not a SFO (though I wish I was) but in this life I am a mother, grandmother and pretty much a "normal" average person.  I see the value in taking a peek at a video like this one only to make us look at a possible reality but after the peek instead of becoming fearful we need to stand up and, like Stingray says above, get our act together.  I would put spiritually prepared at the first of the list before the other "prepareds" yet in actuality, we should be doing all five and the same time.  I am convinced we are heading for some really tough times and evil people will be doing everything they can for their own gain.  Okay, that's the facts so put on God's armor, put on your boots, holster your protection, pile up your beans, gather your friends and family, stand up and face it!

We need one like you in the state of Washington. How hard can it be?

Clare, 2 of my brothers live there, but I'd bet they're both libtards. They haven't had any contact with me since I left the navy.

In Lewis County CB......we seem to be few and spread out around the State. 


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Brother Stingray, wholeheartedly agree, and they have every right to be scared.  I would rather have someone on my side that gets the importance of "IT" whether real or a "possibility", as opposed to the many that live in liberalandia thinking "AWW That can't happen here!"  I'm sure ol' Jimmy Joe Jeff Bob thought the same thing when that ball round went wizzin past his ear at Fort Sumter...

As for me, I'm nobody special, as the saying goes, I'm no hero, but I served with Heros.  Just a Grunt...03-hump-a-hill.  Ended up as XOs Radioman and Training NCO for the Company because 1) Combat Arms Bonus and 2) HS Grad that could READ, WRITE Effectively, and type 40 wpm.  A literate Grunt is a great commodity.  That eventually got me to Company Armorer, meaning I get to be current on Everything in my inventory and other armor's inventory when they go shoot....I am a Cold War Marine (77-86), sat off the coast of Iran (1980) playing head games with a Soviet Trawler, during Jimmy "I screwed the pooch" Carter's fiasco and waited for the call....Techno-Marine  Air Traffic Controller, top of my class and 1 of 5 enlisted out of 83 Marines that held Warrant Officer certifications .....I have studied WAR since the inception of the Military Book Club in the late 60s.  History is my passion....History of WWII, Mao Tse Tung on Guerllia warfare. Viet Nam and I remember the evacuation of Saigon..and was part of the boat people rescues in 79 in the Pacific...

Not as lean, still a Marine and still keep my 300 yd POA-POI dope on my scope. Love things that make a really loud BOOM! but only when I'm the Boomer......not the boomee....I've been out too long to be classified a "Lean, mean, green fightng, I'm older and if needed...I'll just shoot ya. 

I live by the fact that IF I CAN THINK IT.......people more devious than I can too and probably ALREADY of the easiest things these people can do is simply PAY ATTENTION to what is going on around's not rocket science, yet the average lay person has absolutely NO CLUE.   I still have my FM Library and the .mil sites have a plethora of information available.   Some pinhead on the blog sites wanted to know what my signoff meant....I told them it was Latin and they need to look it is WHERE we as a Nation, need to be...Always Vigilant, Brave, Ready and Faithful.....God's Peace Brother!


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

In working up my ancestry I've found that in every generation there have been prominent military leaders, dating back into the mid 1400's in Europe, most notably British admirals and generals in the 1930's and 40's. Also quite a few engineers, architects, LEOs, teachers and judges! Seems I've been all of those so far, except for being a judge.

Semper Fidelis




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