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Reminds me of the old saying......he who shoots and runs away, lives to fight another day...LOL

But on a serious note, I have been recently considering your last paragraph.  When this finally all starts it will be nasty.

If and when it happens, we will be confronted with multiple fronts. We already know we will have Muslim Jihadi terrorists within America, as well as black 'flash gangs', illegal criminal aliens, and even government, but adding disenfranchised people from cities and urban areas will make the task even more compounded! And add to all of that, the distinct probability that obozo will open the door to UN troops!

Yeah, it's going to get REAL nasty!

Is that from White House propaganda? I did not see anybody fighting back. Why not? If they take the guns away, the scenario will be similar to Germany under Hitler or Russia under Lenin or Stalin. And it will be done that people will hardly notice. Piece by peace, county by county. News? What news, all is almost in control now. It is not secret anymore that anybody writing anything against White House will regret it. White House said that.  Jobs now, HEMA camps, kangaroo courts will follow.   It looks like somebody is trying to scare people instead to give them courage. Who does not fight for freedom, he does not deserve it.


History to be repeated. Prepare .

Its a scam.
I registered, and provided cred card info, for which they claimed no charge will be processed.
After confirming my sign up, via email, I tried to get a movie.
NO way!
They offer few plans, each with the cost and becoming recurring.
Anyway, I cancelled but noticed fine print, authorizing them to charge $ 0.99 for "expedited cancellation"

Live and learn.
No big woop, but I will file a claim with cred card bank for refund of $0.99

That movie clip looked interesting.
What is the title of that movie??


May be this is what the American people need. To have the living s....t scared out of them so they will wake up.

We have seen Obama out all week telling every one that would listen that the sequestration was going to be a devastating problem with having to cut the level of spending. There is conservation of laying off Air Traffic Controllers, No money for our military and illegal aliens being let go.No talk of eliminating the free cell phones, money given to the solar energy industry or the extravagant vacationing being done by the Obamas.

The threat is real and it appears to me that it is coming. What will you do? Hide in the basement or get up and fight these bastards with their own game. 

Thanks for posting this.  It clarifies why the trailer is posted and the motivation of the movie makers.

A little more action, but similar to 'Red Dawn' thirty years ago.

Thank you Twana.  You have found  someone who understands what ia coming (hopefully not, but...).  It Is a scary situation, but the Obama Administration is leading us toward just what is shown in the trailer.  I just hope and pray that something (or someone) will have the b.... to do more than outwardly complain but will take action to lead a revolt among the Republican leadership who will them start impeachment proceedings against the treasonists in this administration.  Of course, there ia always another course of action, and that is for the military will take action and arrest Obama as a traitor and stop the madness.  Only time will tell!

Twana, I personally think you posted this correctly, because I think people kinda need to see in Video what the reality might be, it sometimes will wake people up, but from what I have seen, the sheeple will NEVER wake up, they don't believe anything is wrong in this country till the government is knocking or should I say, blowing the door off of your house or apartment (off its hinges), while either shooting you on the way in or carting you off to the FEMA camps, more than likely, you will be killed and the government will move on down to the next residence and repeat this scenario till they are done, then move on to the next community. This how they work.......

We have brains, we have talent.  We have honor and integrity.  We will defeat this evil....hopefully sooner rather than later. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.



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