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UPDATE ON THIS ALERT.  We now have more information on Gregory Burleson.  We know now that he has developed diabetes and very poor condition and this UPDATE will share with you what SSG Moe Posted on Facebook this morning on May 14, 2016.  I have much information on this and you can access all of it on link below which is the page on my website.   Gregory is the blind man in prison in Nevada, who is in danger of dying.  He is being ignored, and even calling and writing has not helped, as you will see in the Detention Order that the Judge signed on 5/12/16.  This has to be dealt with and  we cannot have Americans, who have done nothing, no real charges on them, be held in prison with no medical treatment or care, when their health is dwindling and that prisoner is dying. We believe at this time, Gregory might have fired his attorney, or that his court appointed attorney has failed him, as we don't even see the attorney's name on the Order the Judge signed.  I know working as a paralegal in Florida, all orders had the Certificate of Service on them showing that the attorneys in the case were provided with the pleading or order.  All that Gregory did was attend the Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014.

Please see it in your heart to do whatever you can to help Gregory.  I am afraid he does not have much time, so calling seems to be better than a letter, but even calling and letters would be twice as good.  Here is the link to my webpage, the easiest way to share all this information with contact numbers:!urgent/x5l40  

Also attached a jpg file of more information for Nevada's Federal numbers for anyone involved. Gregory's Judge is not on this file though, and that probably could be found on line if you desire to call Judge Navarro.  

ADDITIONAL ALERT:  Michael Emery, Journalist with The Voice of Idaho was taken by the FBI (swat team) while going to work on May 7, 2016 early in the morning.  We were told he had recently received some sensitive information which we believe might incriminate a lot of government officials, we also learned that he was probably setup as well.  When  he was taken, his wife was home alone when a swat team broke in, held her at gunpoint and she says she was handcuffed for 3 hours while they cleaned out all of Michael's stuff, camera, video camera, journals, computers, etc.  We also have since learned he is being held in a undisclosed place.  We have not heard anything and we all are thinking of him, especially what our other prisoners are going through and have went through. PLEASE PRAY FOR MICHAEL EMERY.   He is also a Veteran, a very good person.

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The damned Judge is acting as Co-Prosecutor and judge BOTH. Where is that legal??
At one time there were 57-58 ranchers in Clark County, Bundy is the only one left. All the others have been run out, run into bankruptcy and the land taken over by the BLM. Here's what I've got for today:


With confidence, Joel Hansen, Attorney for Cliven Bundy, asked Judge Navarro to recuse herself from the Bundy case on the grounds that because of a lawsuit filed against her, Harry Reid and Barack Obama early this morning, she has now been put in a position of direct conflict of interest. Mr. Hansen also pointed out that he believes the fact that she was directly appointed to the bench by President Barack Obama by the suggestion of Harry Reid also creates a clear conflict of interest.

The federal lawsuit seeks to remove Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro from the case, an order allowing Washington, D.C., lawyer Larry Klayman to join Bundy’s defense team and more than $50 million in damages. The suit also seeks Bundy’s release from federal custody.

Mr. Hansen gave us all a little peek into what the future theme of his case will be -- Accusation by the defense that Harry Reid played a major role in what happened in Bunkerville in 2014 creates an immediate conflict of interest when it comes to Judge Navarro's ability to oversee this case without bias.

Mr. Hansen also eluded to her possibly being assigned to this case directly by Harry Reid himself.

Finally this Judge finds herself having to defend her position as puppet judge for Harry Reid and the United States Government.

“In short, defendant Navarro has shown her true intentions and bias and prejudice, rising to the level of denying Sixth Amendment right of counsel and to a speedy trial to plaintiff Bundy, following the ‘marching orders’ of her benefactors, defendants Harry Reid and Obama,” attorney Joel Hansen alleges in the complaint.

Key points made by the the defense left Prosecutor Steven Myre at a loss for words -- He was pleading with the judge for her ruling today over whether Mr. Bundy should stay in prison until his hearing which is said to be as far away as February or March of 2017 .. she refused his demand and set a May 25th date to give her ruling -- A ruling that may never come if she recuses herself from this case.

When Myre suggested that it was ridiculous to assume she should recuse herself because she was appointed by Harry Reid and that all Judges are suggested by one politician or the other -- Mr. Hansen answered him by suggesting that maybe it would be wise to appoint a Judge from another STATE who was at the very least not appointed by Harry Reid.

The People agree.

*Pictured below -- Joel Hansen

If you are on Facebook, Dennis Michael Lynch has a great video on the BLM....How much of Nevada it has under control...

THIS IS AN UPDATE:    After sharing this information with many on Facebook, many groups that are really up on what is going on with the prisoners, and sharing here on Patriots for America, we now have some people working and checking on Gregory Burleson.   Michelle Fiore is on this, and I did get some responses back, one in particular the CCA and they confirmed that this article talks about.  I think between the CCA having problems and also the fact that some of the guards in this Detention Center where Gregory is housed, there are problems, but it sounds like Jessica Fauth reported the actions of guard while she was there.  Hopefully since they know many people are concerned and watching things will change for Gregory.  Still wondering if he needs an attorney, because I sure could not get the Attorney's name from any of them, I even private messaged Assemblywoman, Michelle Fiore.

I think though all the calls and attempts to help made a difference for this man, because this article sounds somewhat better than the one I read earlier.   Thanks for everyone wanting to help and helping us get a handle on this.   This has been a real trying experience, but we can see good things coming from these horrible things that happened.  There is the article and this is very informative....I think I will subscribe to her page.   THANK YOU MICHAEL REGAN FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

Patricia... This is good news. The fact that they know people are watching and are concerned will hopefully change the way he's being treated. Sorry you couldn't get any info on the attorney, so I'm going to contact the facility where's he's being housed and voice my concern along with others since I won't be able to contact his attorney.
Patricia. I have emailed my concerns to CCA and Govenor Sandavol's office. I will contact the detention center tommorrow.

If and when a person is held in a State or County detention jail, The JAILER is responsible for that persons safety and security. That includes any types of health problems. If the person is on any kind of medications then the JAILER is responsible to make sure they get that medication on schedule.

The JAILER can be held accountable if anything does go bad with him. And it doesn't make a damn bit of difference what any judge has to say. The Judge may have put him there, but the JAILER is responsible for him now.

You may want to remind them of that fact.

One problem with this, this is the Federal Government who arrested them, and this detention center is privately owned and from what most of these Detention Centers in Oregon and Nevada are saying, they are getting orders from the US Marshall.   Even Gavin Seim, who knows the Constitution like the back of his hand, called the Oregon Detention Center and chewed them out when he heard Ammon Bundy was chained and shackled to a bench in solitary for two days without food and water.  They told him they are just following US Marshalls orders.   But I think even this prison has to abide by the same regulations.

I am awaiting some more detailed information on Gregory Burleson from one of his best friends.  I just private messaged him on Facebook.  I sent that information to Michael Regan, as he is interested especially in finding out the attorney, and I believe Gregory is a veteran as well, but will confirm that when I talk with his best friend.

However, what is happening out west, well it just got more interesting.  Michael Emery, journalist for The Voice of Idaho, was arrested just last weekend, and it was horrible.  I got to know him and even talked with him when he posted videos. He was a very helpful man, who you could tell loves his Country.   We have been told he is okay, but in a disclosed place.  There were rumors going around that Michael had just received some very sensitive documentation that our government (the corrupt part) did not want him to have.   I just watched a 1 hour movie of an interview with Emery right about when Jade Helm was taking place.  Emery was involved with weapons in the military and doing a lot of very sensitive work.He had quit his service a while back, but in this video he talks about the corruption in our government, exposes a lot and I just hope that Michael is not in the hands of those that are corrupt, as I feel he is probably being tortured.  Hopefully he is in the hands of the good, but made it look like really arrested, so he could be safe.   Anyway, if you would like, this video pretty much tells a lot, and also kind of gives you some hope for America, but we will have a lot to go through to save her. After watching this video, I know now that God has been with us all this time....I keep praying for our Country.  Check this out, you will not be sorry, it tells a whole lot

Here is another video that also shows what Michael was doing in Oregon....

I just found this on Facebook. Judge Jeanine has discovered the story about the Bundy's and Harry Reid. We may be making some real progress - finally.

Thank you for sharing this...there is a lot going on that we don't know about I am sure, but things are coming out in the open.  Just hope and pray that some of these involved with the treasonous acts start getting put in prison and tried for their crimes.   Dirty Harry Reid is involved in a lawsuit, just pray the Judge is not corrupt or gets paid off.

This is an out rage....I am so pissed....Called the prison only to get a robot run around. I need a phone # of his lawyer...Or at least a donation link . I can not  turn my back on Greg. I need to do something. I live in Georgia..That is good for me..I could get in trouble for sure over this...

Kevin, I am still trying to get that information for all of you on here.   Talked with SSG Moe yesterday and Deb Jordan who is Pete Santilli's show co-host.  Pete is in prison for being a journalist.   Deb said she will try and get that attorney's name for me, as well we are trying to figure out if Gregory is a vet.   I have Private Messaged Gregory's best friend and his cousin on Facebook, still waiting for a return reply.

To make things worse, I know some militia and III%er's in Ohio, they are giving heads up that they might be needed soon out west and need to be ready.  I have seen all kinds of stuff all over the internet that Dirty Harry Reid is fixing to take the cattle off of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada now that all the men are in prison, and I for one know that many militia and others will not allow that.   I found out in a video done up by Michael Emery the journalist from The Voice of Idaho, who was swat teamed and taken to a disclosed place (pray for him as well), that in 2014 when they had all those people under the bridge and trying to get the cattle back, he said if one shot would have been fired on any one of those people, women, and some older kids and men, that there were as many as 5,000 militia on their way and ready to fight.   I have a feeling that something is about to pop out there.

I guess this is how they plan on killing our election and stop Donald Trump from being President!  Pray that someone good happens to expose this corruption before they go any further. AMEN.



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