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Immigration and Sanctuary cities and States, What's going on here?

I've been trying to figure out how to make my real estate investment business profitable. At the same time I'm also trying to figure out why so many of the larger cities in America are so willing and eager to become sanctuary cities or even States like California.

Well I think I've figured out the answer to both of the questions. It's another Government run money scam. As usual when something just doesn't make any sense, - Follow the Money, and more often than not you will find another Government scam that a whole bunch of people are reaping the benefits from.

Here's the story; I have some rental houses, and most of the time our tenants are all very good at paying their rents on time and in full. Occasionally however we end up with a tenant that always has trouble meeting their financial obligations. They have a hard time paying their rent or they can't pay the rent and the utilities within the same pay period. Our rental rates are not the highest in the area but they are not the lowest either. In fact I have one three bedroom home that rents for only $550 per month. The house is clean and well maintained. But the tenant always has trouble meeting her rent and paying the utilities on the first of the month.
So with all that in mind I started looking around to see how other rental property owners handle that kind of problem., What I came up with is startling to say the least.

If you search around the country to try to figure out the average rental rates for similar style homes, ( 3 bedroom 2 bath, wood construction home), then naturally the rates vary according to the area and the average income levels of the area. But then I found something that just didn't appear to fit. I found rental rates that appeared to be far below the average for the area. Instead of charging $550 per month for a small single family house they were asking only $350. How can a property owner afford to pay his mortgage, taxes and insurance if he's only charging half of what they should be getting? The answer is that that rental rate price is based on a Per-Head basis. $350 per month for EACH person living in the house. A man and his wife plus two small children equals $1,400 per month. ($350 x 4)

WOW, That sounds pretty good, now how can we do that??
That's when I ran into the scam, and the money trails.

Immigration and Sanctuary cities; Under our American Constitution and American immigration laws why would anyone be in favor of illegal immigration? And why would anyone like California Governor Jerry Brown be so much in favor of being a sanctuary State and so willing to accept as many illegal immigrants into their State or city? They are very aware of the potential of some of those illegals being Islamic terrorist. They are aware of the potential deaths that these terrorists could bring. They know about all that but they don't care. Those problems don't effect them and they don't give a rat's butt about the American citizen's that might be killed.

Going back to the rental problems and how can anyone charge $1,400 per month for a single family home. The person who actually signs the lease can simply lie about how many people will live there. (It's just me and my oldest daughter”) ($700)...... Here's where the Government scam kicks in....
It turns out that President Obama and the Democrat Congress set up the money chain through the department of immigration and the Federal housing authority.
The Government pays these Non-Government Offices (NGO's) to relocate and house these illegal immigrants. (That's not news – everybody knows about that so far.)
But what we didn't know is that those NGO's are relocating and settling as many as 14-20 immigrants into one single family house. The land lords and property owners are collecting $350 per month PER HEAD,,,,,Paid by the NGO, The State (California) is collecting $1,200 per month PER-HEAD,,,WOW – all of a sudden we're talking about some real money. How much is the State collecting???

($350 x 14 = $4,900 per month,, $350 x 20 = $7,000 per month. That's $84,000 per year for a single family house that I am having trouble collecting $6,600 for.) And it was all set up by our own Government and Barrack Hussein Obama. No wonder California Governor Jerry Brown wants to welcome all those illegal immigrants. They're not looking for a new labor force, but they are building the next generation of slaves.
If you want to follow the money trail just check out those NGO's that Obama set up, (Hint – they are all secret and well hidden), And then we can simply watch and pay close attention to which politicians in Washington consistently vote against any immigration reform bills. Keep in mind that the owners of all that rental property do not necessarily live anywhere near it, and not even necessarily in the same city or State.

Refugee Resettlement: The lucrative business of serving immigrants

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Try this Google search and look at the results,,,,,, Amazing.

NGO immigration placement;*

What's causing the rise of Islamic Extemisum and the persecution of Christians??? According to a report by "Open Doors" there's evidence its US Foreign policy!!
2015 was the worse year in modern history for Christian persecution according to the human rights group "Open Doors" Their 2016 report list 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted. Of the 50 listed 41 countries are Islamic. 35 of the nations Islamic extremisum has risen to a level akin to "ethnic cleansing" for Christians. Their examination indicated that something else stands behind the rise of "genocidal Islamic extremisum" US FOREIGN POLICY. In every Islamic nation where the U.S. has intervened in the name of "freedom and democracy" radical and Jihadi Muslims-tend to be the ones empowered by US foreign policy. Surely our government knows the data, so I have to ask myself "What is the real reason for their involvement in these nations??". They are in essence going against those who worship the One true God which is going against God Himself. And for Obama and the other who profess to be Christians I'd remind them (and you)
Who we are to be caring for. And I'll leave you all with just two Scriptures to ponder. Mat. 12:48 "JESUS said who is my mother and who are my brothers?. And he stretched out his hand toward his disciples and said, here is my mother and my brothers", for whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and mother. Mat. 25:37-40: "And the righteous will answer him saying, Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you a stranger and take you in, or naked and cloth you? Or when did we see you sick or in prison and come to you? And the King will answer and say to them, Assuredly I say to you in as much as you've done to the least of these "MY BRETHERN" you did it to me". Our foreign policy is not only doing none of the above they are aiding in the persecution of Gods elect according to the research I presented. True faith is not only in ones words but is revealed in ones actions and America as a nation is sorely lacking in that Department.



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