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Monday, December 27

MANY COMMENTATORS have pointed out that in the Western world there is a growing "anti-Muslim sentiment." Often this observation is accompanied by the implication that, "this intolerance will lead to internment camps like those created during WWII for Japanese-American citizens."

This implication is alarmist. It is fear-mongering. Nothing even close to that is happening, and nobody is even recommending it.

But some things are already happening that are much more frightening and actually real: 270 million non-Muslims have died in the name of Islam. This is more deaths than has been caused by any other political system in history.

The number of Muslim countries is increasing. Their degree of Islamization is increasing. Muslim influence in Western democracies is increasing. Muslim violence is increasing. The weak-kneed appeasement by non-Muslim politicians is increasing. The influence of Muslim countries at the U.N. is increasing. Muslim control of the world's economy is increasing. The number of mosques and madrassas being built and attended around the world is increasing. The overt display of Islamic supremacism worldwide is increasing.

This is all happening now. It is not an alarmist creed about what might happen or where something might lead. It's already happening.

So when you hear someone imply that criticism of Islamic doctrine will lead to internment camps, take a deep breath and begin setting the record straight.



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And praying that we wake up before their violence spreads to every man woman and child that refuses to convert.



We all know how the maslams like to lop heads off shoulders and how they like to drag bodies around behind car and trucks.  We need to be aware of what is going on around us at all times. This problem is not going to end well there are going to be a lot of people hurt or much worse.




At this stage of the game you never know, not all the players are on stage yet and when that happens then we will all know what the next movement is. At this time only the band is playing and the first act is only about half way though.
And what do you think they will do with those of us who are disabled or those of us who have some type of illness this is not going to end well in either case. we are the ones that will probably get our heads lopped off because many of are unable to WORK.

What we need to have happen is to have all those that have NOT been brainwashed to rise up and retake this country back but I fear that it may already be too late.



You are sooo right about that My own brother thinks that obumer is the cats meow he blames Bush for every thing including everything that has happened this year they even blame him for the death care bill also Bush as every knows that he did not push this nightmare of a bill through.

Nobama took care of that with the deathcare bill, more commonly referred to as the healthcare bill!  What an oxymoron that is!  You've seen the death panels established over Christmas and the appointment of Berwick, also slipped in during the night without the congress vetting him or agreeing to the appointment.  Berwich is a big promoter of the death panels, that's why Nobama assigned him to senior health care.  Our days are numbered!  If we can't serve the collective, then we will be disposed of one way or another!
That is very true. in one way or another we will be disposed of by this government.

''WE THE PEOPLE''  knew what was going on, yet '' WE THE PEOPLE''  just sat back and did nothing...when are ''WE THE PEOPLE'' going to stand up?  everyday obama is taking our RIGHTS, LIBERTY, AND JUSTICE out of our hands..yet ''WE THE PEOPLE'' keep going along, saying can say ''WE  THE PEOPLE'' let it happen, we have closed our eyes & let him do as he pleased..MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US...but its not too late, yes it cold out, rainy, its snow on the ground etc...but as long as ''WE THE PEOPLE'' do nothing,

its our FAULT..



your right look at what the freedom fighters in the revolutionary war had to go through look at the hardships that they went through IF THEY CAN DO IT THEN WE CAN DO IT. The battle is about to be joined.

 You will be disposed of by this government only if you do nothing and allow them to do it. I was born a Marine, served as a Marine and by all that is holy I will die as one and not at the hands of the likes of this Administration or its lackies unless of course it is because I am out of ammo in which case I will continue to march to the sound of the guns until I can use my empty gun as a club.



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