Constitutional Emergency

Investigate Obama or risk permanent political-media corruption

Investigate Obama or risk permanent political-media corruption

September 30, 2015

The political-media establishment is desperately trying to run out the clock on Barack Hussein Obama, while continuing a deliberate policy to ignore credible evidence and divert any investigation that might expose their own complicity and negligence in the greatest fraud and Constitutional crisis in US history.

Stated simply, the political-media establishment knows it would not survive the revelation of what they themselves undoubtedly suspect - the distinct possibility of an illegal Presidency, one that has done more damage to the country than any of our enemies ever could.

The silence among the politicians is deafening. With the exception of Fox News, which is the propaganda arm of the Republican establishment and the Chamber of Commerce, the media are composed of partisan liberal activists, who control, manipulate, or even create news to support the Democrats and an extreme left-wing political agenda.

Obama succeeded in 2008 because the Republicans struck a deal with the Democrats not to question Obama's eligibility for office and his personal history. Furthermore, the liberal media took radical steps to protect their favored candidate, killing negative stories about Obama and even threatening to accuse his opponents of racism in order to make them "sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction."

There are two Ayn Rand quotes that accurately sum up the current situation.

"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see."

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality."

How is it possible that a President, on national television, could present as his official birth certificate, a digital image so riddled with obvious anomalies that only the counterfeiters themselves or the complicit could vouch for its authenticity, yet no one in authority says a word?

Evidence suggests that Barack Obama has been using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number (SSN) since at least 1986. That number, 042-68-4425, issued in 1977, was set aside exclusively for Connecticut residents, a state in which he never lived nor did any member of his immediate family. In addition, SSN Verifier Plus showed the birth year 1890 linked to that number. Because SSNs are not re-issued, multiple birth dates for one card usually indicates a stolen number.

The data and documents associated with Obama's Selective Service registration also appear to contain inconsistencies. Most noticeably, Obama's registration card has a two digit year ‘80" on the postal stamp, unlike the four digit year stamp "1980" found on all other registration cards completed at the same time in Hawaii and other states. It looks like a 2008 postal stamp was cut, the 08 inverted and reinserted into the stamp to mimic a 1980 registration. Interestingly, Obama's alleged SSN 042-68-4425 appears on his 1980 Selective Service registration, which is six years before that number, associated with his name, can be found in personal background databases.  

According to federal law, failure to register with the Selective Service would subject Obama to a possible fine and prison sentence and forever prevent him from working in the executive branch of the US government.

Despite the presence of probable cause, there is still no US government investigation, no outrage in the media and no demands for the truth from Congress. Skeptics of Obama's "official" personal history were immediately derided as racists, rumormongers or conspiracy theorists.

This is how weird or perverted, the situation has become.

Using Saul Alinsky tactics in order to suppress any legitimate inquiry, the pejorative "birther" was coined and is used by reportedly paid Obama operatives directed out of the White House, who troll the internet to smear, denounce or ridicule anonymously whoever criticizes their ayatollah.

One might say, it is a liberal version of the Gestapo, a cowardly gaggle of otherwise unemployable girly-men and un-datable females working out of their mothers' basements - a taxpayer-funded cash for trash program.

Make no mistake, however, the Republican establishment, either through complicity or fear, is completely intimidated by Obama and his acolytes and will neither oppose his policies nor seriously investigate the hundreds of questionable, unconstitutional or potentially criminal acts committed by him and members of his administration.

If we had honest government and objective journalism, Obama would still be an Illinois state senator voting "not present," instead of wreaking havoc on an international scale.

As an act of self-preservation by political correctness, the political-media establishment has decided to avoid reality and not to see what is glaringly evident and the American people will continue to suffer the consequences until the country is cleansed of the corrupt status quo.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at

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Just what are you saying? Clarify for those of us that don't get what you mean.

I sent this article to my state rep. I really doubt I will get a reply.

No one will investigate Obama. He can do what he wants. Ask Mitch M. 

Gloom & doom begets more gloom & doom. This MUST be done.

It will take a lot of people high in places going out to arrest Obama and his clan, including those democrats and republicans who approved the Iran Nuclear deal.   They have all committed treason against the USA.   We need retire veterans (who are able) the marines, any constitutional Sheriff's and whoever with authority to do it, no matter what the results will be.  Yes, it could lead us into a revolutionary war, but it needs to be done before it is too late....Here is what the DOJ, Attorney General is doing now, with Obama and this is bad.   They have brought in the UN and started a Global Police Force  Initiative with the UN and got several Cities to join them.  Congress not even involved, nor the people of America.  Loretta Lynch states she is representing Obama and will do this.  This was all done in the past day or so, while we were all busy trying to fight all these other issues hitting us.   KrisAnne Hall talks about it here on her website.  She is a Liberty Lady, who used to work as a prosecuting attorney.  She teaches our Constitution and is very good at it.

Yes, do check out KrisAnne Hall, she is one smart cookie and has laid out some good plans to help us restore our Republic and Constitution but I believe, in the end, it is going to take a revolution to restore our nation.

So, Obama's Social Security number was issued to a person who was born in 1890.
I guess that means that Obama is 125 years old. Hmmmmm. He must have some really good make-up artists!


No he does not have a good make up artist he is the real devil.....

That would be funny if it weren't so serious.

FDR signed the Social Security Act into exhistance on August 14, 1935.  My question is how can a Social Security number be issued in the year of 1890?  I do not understand the process of the social security number being issued before the social security act was made into law.  Just asking for information.  

LeVerne, Get real please. The man was born in 1890, he was issued a Social security card and number AFTER the SS Administration was created in 1935. He would have been 45 years old at that time. But the Social Security number was issued to him, and NOT to Barack Hussein Obama. They do NOT re-use numbers.

Soros' Goal: "One World Socialist Government." Frequent White House Visitor, Convicted Felon and Communist, George Soros Bought the 2008 Election and Obama. He Recruited Jeffrey Sachs in the 80's to Make Huge Sums of Money by Crashing Markets Throughout the World. Soros is Now Running America with the Help of Media, Hundreds of Organizations, a Financial Mafia and the World's Richest People. George Soros is the Face of the Communist Takeover of America   There's a whole lot more. O is not an American. He was in Pakistan rather than in college in Colombia (sp?) U. The GElites are planning another Holocaust for All of us. There's a grassroots movement to get rid  of the Fed Reserve which in turn would stop the elite which in turn would allow to make some arrests, and then we could start over again. This banking system is in every city, state, country in the world, and that is how they control us. We must stop them before they kill us or throw us into their camps. Soros also pays for racial divides and cop killings. More later. 



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