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Iran already has atomic weapon, making nuke deal 'moot,' says US military expert

Iran already has atomic weapon, making nuke deal 'moot,' says US military expert

Iranian workers stand in front of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, about 1,200 km south of Tehran, on Oct. 26, 2010.

Iran already possesses a nuclear weapon, thus making the deal to stop it from acquiring atomic firepower a "moot point," a retired US Army major general and a senior military analyst revealed.

Speaking on Newsmax TV on Thursday, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely said intelligence reports indicate that Tehran has "gotten the support from Russia,from North Korea and from China" in building its first atomic weapon.

"It's a cabal that's been set up to support the Iranian nuclear programme. They have the launch systems. They have the guidance-control system. They have the detonation system. They have the warhead. And guess what? Russia and North Korea's tested everything for them," he said.

"All they have to do is put it together like a tinker toy — and that's why they have the nuclear capability now," Vallely said.

He said Iran only agreed on the nuclear deal to be able to get back its $150 billion worth of assets that were frozen as part of the Western sanctions slapped on it for its sponsorship of terrorism and plans to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Vallely's assertion that Tehran is already armed with a nuclear weapon was supported by retired Army Col. Derek Harvey, former adviser to Gen. David Petraeus.

"It's very credible," he said of Vallely's statement, adding that "we need to treat Iran much differently with greater level of suspicion and doubt."

Vallely joined nearly 200 retired military generals and admirals who sent a joint letter to the US Congress earlier this week urging them not to pass the Iran deal.

While polls have shown that Americans opposed the deal, President Barack Obama's campaign among Congress members appears to be paying off.

CBN reported that to date, 29 Senate Democrats are backing the deal with two against it and 15 others still undecided. That's close to the 34 votes needed to uphold a presidential veto of an agreement rejecting the deal.

Meanwhile, Iran renewed its pledge to wipe Israel off the map. Hussein Sheikholeslam, an Iran foreign affairs adviser, said he "rejects the existence of any Israeli on this earth. Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan."

As the Iran nuclear deal continues to be debated in Washington, Russia and Iran have announced agreements including two Russian space companies forming a joint venture with an Iranian corporation to build a satellite observation system.

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My guess is that their first target(s) will be east- and west-coast EMP events, with or without simultaneous detonations in the New York and San Francisco harbors.  This will have America waving the white flag, giving the Iranians plenty of opportunity to have their way with Israel.

Iran has been enriching for years. They must have 50 nukes by now. They only need the time and money to develop ICBMs to become a world power. Obama just gave them both with his Nuke deal. Traitor, Traitor, Traitor

Did mutually assured destruction stop being a thing?  Even if Iran does have nukes, they can't sensibly use them.  That would be as ridiculous as Syria using its chemical weapons when that was the "red line," hence why there were few problems when Russia proposed destroying them.

Secretary of State John Kerry's Daughter is married to an Iranian Doctor. His best man at the wedding is the Son of the man John Kerry was negotiating with on the Iranian Nuke deal.
Obama and the administration know Iran has all the equipment they need to assemble the bomb. The only reason they want to complete their Nuke Deal is so they can release $150 Billion in sanctioned funds. And they know that Iran is already using those funds to attack Israel.

Two things that I do NOT believe;

1) That it will take 10 - 13 years for Iran to build and assemble those weapons, They already have everything they need. And as General Valeley said, all they have to do is assemble it. And they have the assistance of Russia and China to do that.

2) I don't think Israel will be their first target; America will be. But the time lapse between the two will be short. Perhaps almost at the same time. Why do I think that ? If they attack America first it will keep us so busy fighting our own fires (literally) that we will not be able to react to their strikes against Israel. And the same goes for an attack on Israel. They will not be able to react to any strikes against America. Iran will strike both Israel and America almost simultaneously. The name of the game is to create mass confusion so that neither one can react to defend the other.

Back during the 'cold war' days with Russia, we had a system we referred to as MAD, - Mutually Assured Destruction. Obama has eliminated that possibility by depleting our Military and decommissioning our nuclear arsenal to the point of near total useless and non-existent. Plus Iran does NOT fear any total annihilation, they believe that must come about before the third Imam can return from the well which he was thrown into. They look forward to it.

And so does Obama.

America had better remember God's word about those who curse Israel.  This treasonous regime is on the verge of completing the destruction of America and will do so unless America repents and begs for God's mercy.  Sadly, it is doubtful that America as a whole will change at this late hour so prepare for the worst as it is coming.

The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail. All these curses will come on you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the Lord your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you.”
~ Deuteronomy 28:43-45

Now, considering those money lenders, those money changers were the ones who put together the modern political entity called "Israel," you may want to take a second look at the scripture.

You want to clarify what you really mean?

Simple: "Those who curse Israel" does not apply to just any country that calls itself "Israel," particularly when it was originally formed by the Rothschilds and similar plutocrats.  That's probably why it regularly breaks God's law in the first place.

Okay, I get that, the Israel that this speaks to is the Israel that came out of Egypt not the modern nation state of Israel. The modern nation state of Israel normalized homosexual perversion long before we did in the USA. Oh I have some issues with that Israel but I have good friends that live there and I want them to be as safe as I am (for now) here in the USA, but that is soon to change, I am sure.

That's true.  Keep in mind, though, that the actual people of Israel do not need to defend the NWO construct [even though I'm sure some will].  For example, the Soviet Union was "annihilated," it's not there anymore, yet that worked out pretty well for many of the ex-Soviet people.

They probably do

i know it is pointless but the tea party is holding a rally against the Iran deal on Sept 9

also Bob Corker just turned the constitutional treaty powers around and gave them to Ohitler he is a traitor too.

many in the GOP for some reason are all NWO nuts 

Let's look at the obvious ok? The PRIMARY job of government from the president on down is the protection of the United States. It is obvious that they have faile in their primary function but have made usore vulnerable. And NOONE in government or the courts or the Justice dept or the military is doing anything about it. Isn't it reasonable that they should be tried for failing in their primary duty and tried for actually assisting our enemies in weakening our nations security? Ok, stay with me.... If nothing is being done on any level the only conclusion is that they all agree with their course of action. Can anyone think of ANY other reason? So if what saying is perect we have anarchy on a massive level. Those of us who are berated for being CONSIRACY therorists are calling it a conspiricy for obvious reasons I just stated. If the goal of almost all our leaders and departments of government is to transform America, if holding them accountable and bringing them to justice is a nonstarter, what recourse do we have? This cabal is deep and wide my friends I think it's bigger than any of us can imagine. It looks to be so huge that a handful of the faithful cannot turn it around. What does anyone think can reasonably be done to restore our nation? We no longer have the Constitution or the law, there nonexistent.



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