Constitutional Emergency

Have the likes of Obama and a betraying Congress finally destroyed America?  Even in light of imminent disaster, America is still observation last year that blood would flood the streets of America by this past July was a bit could very well be July 2015...........

The above link is a powerful argument of reality................

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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blood has been flooding the streets but at the hands of race baiters, making way for the islamic terror, where ever sharpton and jackson and holder appear islamic recruiters are right behind them. muslim infiltration goes beyond the shadows to the senate floor. 2016 will be the turning point as Americans get ready to puke these lifers in congress out once and for all. The hammer is about to drop, and fight tooth and nail as they may, new blood AMERICAN blood will sit in the WH and lawlessness will come to a halt and Our CHRISTIAN NATION WILL RISE AGAIN.  As God wants, we will deliver. everytime a nation has turned their back on God he has taken it down. He will again if Americans don't turn back to God. So be it. 

wendy you and lou cel are right

it is past time we stand up and soon, the rinos are not listening and we are getting new blood into the congress it must be now or OMG i cannot imagine what is gng to ensue.  

we cannot wait we must make our voices heard and trust God is w/us b/c we cannot loose

the elitists want a nwo and it has been in the making a long time nothing new; we must fight or we will have a bigger one later one

get in who we want and make the establishment a thing of the past TIME FOR WTP TO REGAIN WHAT IS OURS 

oh and Lou my congressmen is useless scott garrett of the 5th congressional dist in nj 

@ wendy genua

The  " ones " that turned against God are a very small minority , about 13 %  ; these are " Real " #s .
The real problem is : We Christians don`t stand up to them and we do not fight back ; that is the Problem.

Raffaele Cafagna: You are correct, there is Evil Black Cloud and power hanging over nation now. We Christians can't remove or change this situation. Only the Masters can, this is why we are at the end times and our sins have caught up with us.



You are so right!! God expects to fight for His values & nation. Turn the other cheek doesn't mean sit down & shut up.

First things first.  Pressure our law makers to elect a new Speaker of the House and the same thing for McConnnell in the Senate, In 2016 we need to run Tea Party Candidates against all the idiots who took Obama side in the vote, including my House Rep, the once reliable, Gus Billirakis, of Tarpon Springs, FL   .  We need to have Vets, and Tea Party supporters surround the Captial next year to show we mean business.  No more Rhinos. 


From what I've read people are pressured to reelect the same leaders such as Boehner & McConnell. I have also read that they pay a fee to be leaders of Committee's.

Everyone, who has ever served in the United States military, took an oath to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  I retired back in 1997 and still remember the oath that I will keep even with my life!

Me too .............and Shall Remember for Ever . I retired in 95 ;  2nd I.D. Hell on Wheels .

I spent what time I had last week calling our congressmen and we all see how that turned out. I dont post a lot because my wife has had a stroke and she takes up most of my time, but she is getting better?? so I hope to be getting on here a little more. WHITE people seem to be dumb struck whe it comes to calling what happend in FERGSON what it was, they seem to fear someone calling them out on RACE??. BUT until folks start standing up it will only get worse, so I say lock and load, and stand by for all hands on deck.

WE  can  Share  those  words  my  Sen.  have  blocked  me,  except  Mr. Issa.. < he  asked  me  to  remain  on  his  deck,  Same  here  in   Mexifornia  dumb  struck...  Salute  


Sorry to hear about your wife & happy that she is getting better.

I as well spent time on the phones last week. Dem. Davis Scott's staffer hung up on me when I was telling her that in N.C. in the month of Sept.,2014 there were 420 American children raped by illegal foreign invaders & almost another 400 in Oct.,2014. 

I find it odd that when I call a Dem, complaining they always want name,address & ph. # . RINOcrats don't ask those questions.



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