Constitutional Emergency

I am a loyal, and nearly every day, listener of the Rush Limbaugh Show.  I have begun to wonder what is up with him and the other conservatives who so adamantly oppose Barack Obama.  Rush spends 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday railing about Obama and his policies.  Rush says Obama is the most dangerous man in America (not a quote) yet ignores the biggest weak spot Obama possesses, the “natural born citizen” issue. 


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You should all have noticed by now that none of the conservative talking heads will ever call Obama or Hillary a communist or a marxist. That is because there are FCC rules that prohibit calling the president certain names and other 'rules' and constraints that they all have live under. The "freedom of speech" does not extend to broadcast media's right to say anything they want to say. (unless of course it's the liberal media calling GW Bush names). All broadcast media like radio and TV must undergo a review each year to determine if they will be allowed to retain their broadcast licenses. Any and all "complaints" against a specific radio or TV station are reviewed, and then some Government panel makes a judgement decission. They can pull a stations license any time they think it is warranted. Notice Glenn Beck has said several times that now he can say things that he would never be able to say when he was on FOX channel. However, even on subscription only media like GBTV on the internet there are still limitations. Those limitations even extend to this forum media, there are things that we can not say here less we run the risk of being shut down and recieve a knock on the front door. This is not new under Obama administration, those laws are 100 years old.

Ronald, I don't see an regulations that prevent anyone from talking about acts of Congress or Supreme Court decisions. Someone may try to fall back on your explanation but I would find that really lame if that was the excuse they use. Look at Alex Jones and Pastor James Manning. They won't talk about this partly because they are looking at Msarco Rubio and Bobby Jindal for future WH runs and neither of them are eligiblie either. If they ameka  fuss now the demoncrats will make a fuss later. Their problem is that I will make a fuss if the put Rubio up for VP this year.

And the point of this link is?

I didn't understnd what the link had to do with the topic. If you have a link that show Rush covered the topic I would love to see it. I am not being not-nice, just not sure about the pertinence of the post. Asking for context is not being rude.

Michael, is this designed to support or debunk the notion that Limbaugh won't touch the eligibility issue, or do you just like the song?

I agree the song is funny but it doesn't change the fact that Rush ignores the biggest story in my life time.

Rush Limbaugh is a shill and ENTERTAINER and a deversion for the masses who works for the establishment and always has and seldom if ever speaks of the centrality and the vital importance of an immediate return to the Constitution! He avoids talking about the "natural born citizen" issue because he is DELIBERATELY misleading and ignoring issues that expose these wickedly evil people as to who they are, their true and full intentions for mankind and who they work for, This "conservative" talk show host like many neoconservatives  believes in legal unions between two women or two men! How conservative is that by granting vile putrid sodomites the legal status of married couples we are further incurring and assuring God's wrath, judgment and total destruction of our on our nation for the over 50 million babies murdered in America since Roe vs Wade! Limbaugh never speaks of the federal reserve bank which Thomas Jefferson said was a greater threat to our liberties than a standing army nor does he ever point out that many of the same people that serve in the Bush administration also serve the in the obama regime and these people are members of the CFR, the political arm of the federal reserve bank, the bank Jefferson correctly pointed out was a greater threat to our liberties than a standing army!!! Every administration since the twenties has had all major cabinets and sub heads dominated by CFR MEMBERS!!! You want to know what is really going on? Listen to Alex Jones on to be fully informed as to the all of the diabolically evil plans of the satanists of the banksters and the globalists and not propaganda and misinformation from a neoconservative entertatainer radio talk show host like Rush Limbaugh who is just another neoconservative and part of the problem, not solution!



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