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Climate change:

Is there really any climate change?, Any Global Warming going on? Or is it Global Cooling?

The answer is – yes of course there is Global Climate change. Anyone that knows anything at all about the Earth and any 5th grade science should be able to tell you that there has always been changes in the Earth's climate. Anyone one who has ever heard of the Ice Age and the Global freezes of the past can tell you that over the past few million years Earth's climate has undergone many changes, from Global hot temperatures to Freezing ice ages.
So Global Climate Change is not the real issue of today's political disputes. Politicians today want you to believe that we – human beings, - are responsible for creating the latest version of Global Climate changes. They are trying to convince you that the Earth is over populated, or that our burning of fossil fuels to power our automobiles and our industries and homes is responsible for the current changes in Global climate. Automobiles and our industries have only been around for a little over one hundred years (100). So how does that account for the warming of the Earth after the last Ice Age? Politicians don't want to talk about that. It doesn't suit their agenda. More about their agenda in a minute.

Air Pollution and water pollution;
Once again anyone with any common sense and any knowledge of science can tell you , yes – absolutely, we can and we have created a huge amount of Global air and water pollution. No arguments there. Most of the people in America today are too young to remember something called the Love Canal. That was a place in Up-State New York where a bunch of people dumped loads of industrial poisons and chemicals into a canal and then buried it over. Later on somebody else was screwed into buying the land and (not knowing about the poisons and chemicals) they decided to build a housing development out there. After about a hundred people started getting sick and dying somebody decided to try to find out what was going on. When the truth was discovered several companies went out of business and several people ended up in prison. The people who lived out there sued the Government for allowing it to happen so the Government decided to clean it up. That was the beginning of the Environmental Protection Agency (The EPA). Another thing people don't remember is when Lake Erie caught fire. Yes, Lake Erie , one of the Great Lakes up in Michigan and the northern part of the country actually caught fire. The Great Lakes had become so polluted that when the mess actually caught fire it burned for several months.
So the short answer to this discussion is Yes – Absolutely, we can and we HAVE learned how to pollute and destroy our own environment. Hopefully after all these many years we have finally learned how to live on this planet without destroying it.

But all of that still doesn't answer the questions of the political environments and the agenda of the politicians. What about their current claims of Global Climate Change, Global Warming, (or cooling) depending on who you talk too. Well it appears that the short and easy answer to all of that is really easy, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”. Money and Control that is. After World War II the politicians decided they needed to find something that could be used to gain and maintain control over the ever increasing numbers of world populations. They knew that during times of war the peoples of individual countries would unit around one Common Cause. But during times of peace there was no deciding issues to get people to unit around anything. There were no issues that would keep the people focused and concentrating on an issue and keep their focus off the games the politicians were playing. They want their business (games) kept in the dark, away from the attention of the people.
So they invented this issue of Global Climate Warming. First it was Global cooling, then Global Warming, and then when that failed they changed it to Global Climate Change. They thought surely that was a way of phrasing it that no one could possibly argue with. And if they could get everyone to focus on that and unite around trying to solve those problems then the people would not be paying attention to what they were doing.

The Agenda:
Follow the Money: The UN and the Paris Climate accords. That was all about the fundamental transfer of American money and wealth to other smaller – undeveloped nations. Of course during the process of transferring all that wealth out of America the United Nations was set to collect their “Fair Share” of it all. These are some of the “Games” the politicians don't want you to know about. This was all dreamed up and established way back in the 1960's and '70's. The United Nations Agenda-21 was developed in around 1982 as a means of controlling the population of America. The plan is to get the people off of the land in the majority of the country. Once the people have all been removed from the rural parts of the country the United Nations would have no problems extracting the minerals and nobody would be in the way to disrupt their operations. The transfer of American wealth could proceed unabated and without the people revolting. At least that is what the plan is.

The conclusions of all of this and a summery of what Global Climate Change is all about can really be summarized in just a few short words, MONEY and CONTROL.

Is there really any Global Climate Change? Yes of course there is. There has always been Global changes in the Earth's climate. Live on planet Earth would not be possible without it. That Global Climate change can easily be explained by doing a little research. Read the articles and research in the Milankovitch cycles and the Apsidal Precessions. These talk about the constant changes in the Earth's elliptical orbits around the solar system and around the Galaxy.
The UN and Paris Climate accords; We've already established that we can and have learned how to pollute our environment, but hopefully by now we have also learned how to exist on this planet without destroying it. Advances in pollution control and changes to the way we produce energy have come a long way over the years. YES we still have a long way to go but we can and we WILL continue to make progress is those areas.
The UN Agenda-21/30 and the fundamental transfer of the wealth out of America; I see no reason why America should hand over and transfer all of our wealth and mineral resources to any other countries or to the United Nations. These are nothing but political crooks and scam artists. President Donald Trump was right when he withdrew from the Paris Climate exchange accords and also when they said NO to the United Nations Global Climate accords. The UN Agenda -21/30 is nothing more than a fundamental theft and raping of all of America's wealth and resources. But don't expect these politicians and thieves to rest at all. They have already moved on to their next scam, the Global currency scam. This one will be even bigger than the UN Agenda-21/30 and if we don't pay close attention to it they just might pull it off. Keep your eyes on the Federal Reserve bank and what they are up to. Two hundred and twenty five TRILLION dollars is nothing to sneeze at. And you wonder why they are so upset about Trump winning that election in 2016 instead of Hillary.


Barack Hussein Obama signed an executive order EO#13575 creating the White House Consul on Rural Sustainable Development. This is the Obama order to implement the UN Agenda-21 in America.

RP McKinley

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