Constitutional Emergency

It is Time to Vote Now, The Time to Deal With Treason is After We Win This Election

Folks there is no question that illegals are not allowed to vote. To do so is a Felony in every sense of the word and prosecutable in Federal, State and local courts. So let us watch at the polls and if the Federales show up and try to allow them to vote, take names and if possible get photographs.


Sheriffs, the Supremes have long ago established that you are the supreme law enforcement Officers in your respective states and no Federal official or law enforcement officer has a greater power. Do your duties and do not let the Federal law enforcement types dictate to you. Arrest them if they interfere with your doing your duties.


Citizens whatever you do you must not only vote but you must encourage your neighbors and family members that are registered to vote to get out there and vote also. We all know what Obama and his ilk are about, we have seen enough of him and his so-called justice department and their acts and failure to act is for lack of a better word nothing short of Treason. So after we are certain that we have won this election, We can then and only then begin to deal with the treasonous acts of the Federal agencies.


Do not talk now of armed rebellion, that is all they need to start shooting. What is happening in Monroe Tenn. is an example of the kind of thing that we must stop along with what Obama and crew are trying to do in Arizona. We will deal with them peacefully unless and this is a very large unless they fire the first shots then katy bar the door. For if they try another WACO kind of attack on our citizens then they have never seen the reign of hell that will descend on their miserable hides.


Bide your time patriots, get out the vote and prove that we the people are the ultimate power, not the Federal Government, and certainly not the politicians and the press.  Time to take out the trash.

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