Constitutional Emergency

It's Begins! "NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors"

Here is an update for this video. Some folks have told me this man did this a year ago, some say two years ago and some say even longer ago. Obviously I don't know when this mayor did this AND I'm confused as to why some folks thinks it's no big deal now because it was a year or longer ago...........Didn't the second amendment matter back then too?


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The seeds of revolution are beiing sowed across the land!!!  Ask for no quarter, and give none, to treasonous bastards who are hard at work destroying the birth right our founding fathers gave to America!!! 

An old Nazi tactic - rat on your neighbor.  Kids are often used in this effort too, as in asking them in school - do your parents have a gun?  (or do they litter or do they smoke and on and on). 

WTF! Have become the old Soviet Union where neighbors spy on each other for profit? This mayor has got no right to do this, let alone use taxpayer's money to pay informers with!

as vicki has stated, it reminds me of nazi germany.  Why is it the so called progressive never seem to remember or learn from history?

Aw, Booker. You don't want the ILLEGAL guns from the hands of CRIMINALS, but the LEGAL firearms of LAW-ABIDING gunowners.  You are just as bad as the rest lf the anti-gun crowd of Brady Bunchers, the immoral lamestream media, and politicians who rush out to exploit a crisis of national tragedy for the sake of their own malicious and unconstitutional agendas.  You don't really give a damn about the people; you just want to spout hypocritical propaganda for the sake of remaining in the spotlight in case you want to run for higher office.    

Is that $1,000.00 coming out of the mayors pocket or the taxpayers pocket?

Effing fascists.  How about we offer thieves $1000 and a map to the homes without guns.

Who, exactly is this individual and can we get his professional contact info. I want to clarify, exactly what he said. Then, respond accordingly.

This is the exact type of stuff that went on when Hitler sent his youth out in the public to geather information.

And this guy is entertaining a run for president. Well Booker another black man has set his sites on the job as well and never give it up.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

Just call and turn in liberal democrats.  Doesn't matter if they own guns or not.  They need the harassment.



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