Constitutional Emergency

Judicial Fiat From the Bench - Changed the Meaning of/in the Constitution - Natural Born Citizen

They got to the judge!



Watch how fast "lawyers" will run in and try to tell us this assessment is wrong!

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I thought at least one of the lawyers was on the way to Hawaii to examine the original birth certificate!! BHO's attorney submitted a "copy" to the court which gives the Plaintiffs the right BY LAW to examine the original!! If they still do this, they can have this decision over turned on appeal, as THERE IS NO ORIGINAL IN HAWAII!!!  This judge was threatened or something, to make this decision -- else he just thought on his own that he'd end up like the judge in AZ!! If this usurper doesn't get thrown out soon, we will have no elections, and all who oppose him and his comrades -- well they'll be coming for all of us.  LOCK AND LOAD!!!

I'm not through fighting!!  I DON'T believe it will be won in the courts!! Money talks to them, or fear. Either way, we're into Feb, with 9 months to election day -- if we get there.  I don't believe that will happen either, with all the stuff coming out of DC!! I've NEVER been one to be "Politically Correct",  I call it like I see it, and corruption is at all levels of the government!!

The different branches were created so we'd have "checks and balances", but too many "behind closed doors" deals go on so they can all increase their off-shore bank accounts, while they destroy our Republic, and rip The Constitution of the United States of America to shreds!!

The only think I have to check is my weapons and supply of ammo!! I'm not whinning, just stating how I see it!!! Like you said, Twana, we have to look within our own ranks, and I too, am not sure we'll find many there either.

L.O.L. ;  Sorry Twana, I can't resist, (the buffoon in my D.N.A.):  QUESTEEEOHN ?  -  Does that "RIGHT" mean that Weuns or OUR kin will be able to sit on the Right side of the FEMA camp or Gas chamber when they pack us in there? ? ?  This Questeeeon is meant to be a Thought Provoker for Them That Can't See Past Their Own Precious Skin..  Sorry, I'll get onto my next thoughts in a blog about Governors issuing Executive orders to keep anyone off a ballot who can NOT Be E-VERIFIED.

You know funny one should mention E-verify ..... I believe I heard somewhere that when Obama's ss # was entered into system it came back with some rather interesting data ,,,, most of which doesn't verify him !!!!!!

Van Irion said the the Ankeny case ruled was what he called a Dicta not a precedence that overuled the Supreme Court precedent.

This was part to the attempt by obama and the democratic party to change the Constitutonal requirement of being a NBC.

There were 13 attempts to change the constitution prior to obama's candadicy. He was groome to bring in the NWO for the elitists.

Evidently they never read the 14th Amendment.

Natural born citizen is not defined in the Constitution, but, born in the U.S. is.    This is your definition of precedent.  An opinion, An interpretation by an individual and not law.  There for it would be interpretation and oppinion is no law at all.

When does a lower court in a minuscule place in Indiana or anywhere in the nation usurp the power or ruling of the supreme court of the United States?  Why does a judge ignore a ruling from the supreme court when shown in open public the history of said ruling and side with a lower court on any decision ?  When do you have a defendant refuse to show up in court under order and win with out default when there were no one to present any rebuttal to the plaintiffs information ?

A bench warrent should have been issued along with finding for the plaintiffs.

Here you do have precedent and you only have to look as far back as Billy Clinton.  Patty, I suggest either you head back to school or at least back to your own site where folks of like mind will actually listen to such dribble.   You have no separation of branches while the bench rules the nation through and teachings of precedent as precedent  not law.  All you have is criminals in command. With judicial fiat and a nine member politically appointed oligarchy you have what is seen today. Contempt, Corruption and immunity for those who wheel it.  Happy trails,  Patty



Judges are not supposed to base their decisons on precedent. Do you know that the Constitution is not taught in law school? They teach precedent instead so lawyers come out with a law degree and much less knowledge of the Constitution than I have. And how does a minor judge's ruling in Indiana overrule a Supreme Court decision of 1875, Minor vs. Happersett (88 US 162)?  You will wake up in a FEMA camp someday because you don't know enough to defend yourself.

Patty   Obviously you did not go to law school. A higher court does not have to follow precedent established in a lower court, but a lower court must use precent from a higher court to help render a decision. Judges do not make laws.

Most lawyers study "Case Law" NOT "Constitutional Law" and there's a BIG difference!!!

I agree, Twana.  "They" could have got to him by just ordering him to render an opinion in Obama's favor, regardless of what it took for the judge to support his ruling.   The big problem is not only the corruption of the judicial system but also the way this opinion will be used now by the media to support the "born in the U.S." theory.   

In fact, not long after the ruling became public, I heard Bret Baier on Fox report that "a judge in GA has ruled that Obama is a natural-born citizen because he was born in Hawaii."  So there you have it.  Set in concrete as far as the news is concerned.  

We might as well forget any battle against a Rubio vice-presidency.  Our Constitution was severely trampled on once again.  This is a sad day for America, because it shows the justice system is destroyed.  Where there is no justice, there can be no freedom.



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