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Kyle DEAD!!! Kyle has been out spoken and on many missions..... They are sending message to the opps community to stop the adds and shut up or die


Message from Ranger Up Military


URGENT Request from law enforcement: Double Homicide just occurred at Rough Creek lodge by Glen Rose TX (Hwy 67). Shooter has fled in a big black F350 Truck with Rhino lining down the side. Big tires and rims. One victim was a Navy Seal sniper. Suspect fled in said vehicle and could be heading to Hamilton county area. Suspect is believed to be highly trained with militray experience. Please use extreme caution if this vehicle is found. If this vehicle is located please contact TX Ranger Briley of Erath county SO 2549653338, or Justin Caraway 3252803963.

_____________________________________________  Erath County Sheriff's Office, Stephenville Police Department and Texas Rangers investigators are on the scene. Updates will be given as they are available.


Just wonder: " government taking out there own folks with contractors......... be interesting to see where the seal was assigned......... Hope he is not the one who took out the muzzies on the boat when capt. was rescued.....Obama did not like that........ or one left from a mission like benghazi who they did not want to talk because of what he new as a reactionary force........ Member the admiral was relieved with Ham because they were going to help"


Michael DeltaEcho Five-Eleven: " just read that one victim was the well known chris kyle... ex navy seal ... thats a strange case thou..."
A man called the deadliest sniper in United States history was found dead Saturday.

"He has been out spoken and on many missions..... They are sending message to the opps community to stop the adds and shut up or die"

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I just Googled Chris Kyle and his biography on wikipedia has already been updated to show his death.  Something smells here and it sure don't smell like roses.

This is what government does when they feel trapped or threatened with exposure. It's been going on for well over a century. It happened to the five that trained with me.

Who was Kyle?
Is he the one who posted stuff on Facebook?


Kyle was a real American hero. I can't remember the count, besides the count doesn't really matter, but he is one of the finest Snipers we have ever had working for the good His kill count set a world record of sorts. What's even more important, there are probably hundreds of our guys that are alive today because of the actions Chris Kyle took to eliminate the enemy.

I'm gonna pray tonight that this is a sick hoax and tomorrow we will find out that he's alive and well stomping around the back-country somewhere in Texas hunting for wild hog.

JUST SAYING......LOT OF PEOPLE WHO KNOW TO MUCH DIE?   WONDER WHY.  STRANGE FEELING SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT   Recovering from PTSD on a gun range. This will make old Chuckey Schumer a happy boy after his remarks of PTSD folks being criminals.        

We don't just execute them, we have an express lane to the death chamber, the only thing faster would be driving thru Mickey D's drive thru.

While this is a sad thing, it once again brings up crazy.  Not sure of the circumstances involved but the guy that did the shooting had severe issues with PTSD...this also brings up the FEAR that if you have PTSD then you are crazy therefore you cannot own a gun...this has been brought up before to classify ALL veterans that have PTSD  as unable to own a gun.  This might be enough to push it over the edge.

It might be noted that many docs think that 100 of combat vets have PTSD and a high number of non combat vets also do.

I personally know a Navy guy who is rated at 100% disability for PTSD because he was on a ship in the China Sea just off the coast of Vietnam, never set foot on Vietnam soil...

I just read his book and it was an outstanding book at that. I can't believe he was taken out like this but he was. WOW! for once I want to hope this was just a nut job that took him out but I'm afraid not. This sounds planned to a T and it makes you wonder what the hell is going on here. RIP Chris Kyle and may you go to be with your brothers that have gone before you.


The article says they got the guy that did it and that is even stranger because to take out this person he had to be damn good. So is this another setup or what? Yea I know we will never know for sure.

Just read a report saying Kyle and another man took a fellow Vet to the gun range to help him with PTSD. For some reason, the man they tried to help, eddie ray routh, shot both of them and stole Kyles truck.



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