Constitutional Emergency


We can no longer sit on the side lines and hope someone else will shoulder what needs to be done. I know we're old and crippled but we must do it...charge the battery on the wheel-chair and prepare to move.

Hillary Clinton is the principle causing LIAR, raising America to the brink of destruction of our judicial system as a nation under law.

This is not about politics and no party should ever be mentioned, it's about the rule of law and the complete destruction of the United States of America.

The evidence is quite compelling that Hillary Clinton violated her oath in carrying out her duties as Secretary of State; that she violated her own rules established for all members of the State Department against communicating official business outside official State Department channels; that she purposefully established a non-secure communications server in her private residence in which she knowingly used to communicate Top Secret and higher intelligence information; that she purposefully and willfully lied to cover-up the cause of the fatal murder of four United States government employees in Benghazi; that she purposefully and willingly lied in the face of grieving mothers, in the shadow of the coffins of those killed in Benghazi, citing a video as the reason their sons were killed.

The short paragraph above, which only skims the criminal surface, cites Hillary Clinton's reflection as one of the most despicable, heartless, self-serving, law breaking government officials in American history. She must never again be eligible to represent or serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton is the reason LIAR and must be held accountable. Make no mistake Hillary is not in this alone but is the principle that must put before a Judge.

There is every reason to believe the Department of Justice is moving toward "white wash" of the Clinton debacle which cannot be allowed by "we the people".

It is mandatory that everyone of us contact every person we communicate with and prepare to descend on Washington, D.C. at a moments notice. If there is any indication that Hillary Clinton will not be brought before a Federal Grand Jury for high treason, and multiple crimes against the American people, LIAR must be activated.

PFA has all 50 State Groups still active and should get more active alerting every American that understands the threat of LIAR and be prepared to round up millions of unarmed citizens to send the message in D.C. Use Face Book and Twitter. We can't allow our 240th Independence Day be our last.  

Clinton must be prosecuted or all hell breaks loose.

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Something needs to be done.Enough is enough.Is Harry Riley going to call a March on Washington or what?

I hope so, after today , I don't know about you, but right now I could eat nails I'm so ANGRY !

What we really need is a military coup...

Yes, we do but I don't expect it will happen - not after the Muslim-in-Chief's continuous purge!!!

After following this discussion for a couple of days and reading some of the defeatist, pessimistic and comments of "don't say that stuff on this forum" why don't we just run the white flag up the pole, bend over and take it like whippy little cowards and succumb to slavery.  That's what I am reading from so many of you freedom loving patriot.  Good thing we didn't have such whimppery some 240 years ago.  In the words of one of my favorite Virginia natives, "As for me, give me liberty or give me death."  I would rather die than live as a slave to the global elite and oligarchs running this F'd up federal government and the corrupt state governments sucking on the federal teat.

Thank You very much...People don't understand that even if we meet in a cave...drones can pick up our conversations. We don't have a choice now a days, so we do what we do and hope enough of us survive to remove all these bastards from office, I agree with you 100% and would be glad to fight side by side with you.....

So what are you actually going to do, other than complain here and post about watering trees of liberty?  Because if pecking away at your computer and insulting people who make realistic suggestions, makes you feel you did something important, go ahead.  But I don't see you posting anything of substance.  The rest of us will be out actually meeting with people and making plans but don't expect us to broadcast it here hoping to convince you we're freedom loving patriots. You can either talk about it, or you can do it.  Some of us will be busy out there in the real world dealing with real situations while you moan and groan at your keyboard.  

Amen Rattler... I get tired of people saying it's time to start the armed revolution by spilling out blood on the "Tree of Liberty"!! They have no idea of the planning and logistics, stratigy and equipment itvwouldvtaje to overthrow a government, and not just any government, but the government of the United Stated of America!
Most revolutions are people rioting in the streets with no idea or plan of what their doing which only leads to them getting their asses kicked. I have a question for those who are wanting to start the revolt: how many people do you personally know in your neighborhood who are willing right now to put it all on the line and take up arms against the government??? I'll bet most of you can't find ONE person. So how successful do you think your going to be in your area at refreshing the tree of liberty? Quit pounding your chest with your keyboard and start using your brain.

Suggestion....Why don't you go to OZ and get a brain and while you're there get some courage !!! Like the First Patriots, all we need is a leader with courage and some battle smarts, like them we will come out on top. THEY faced a very powerful enemy at the time and won , so can we , without crybabies like you. What do you want us to do ...raise our hands and surrender ???They do have the upper hand, what do you think we don't know that, BUT the will to overcome and with God's help ,WE WILL WIN !Lady Liberty weathers all kind of extreme weather, so can we.

So exactly what are YOU doing, other than typing insults at fellow patriots who disagree with your assessment?  Is that how it is, agree with you or we're cowards because we tackle this intellectually?   Do you think the founding fathers won the war against all odds because of firepower?  No, they outsmarted the British.  But you go ahead and type how all fighty you are.  That will keep Clinton from being elected...not!

I read your reply below; that's BULLSHIT too, and you know it.  So just sit back and eat the shit they feed you while tyranny takes full control without even a small whimper from anyone.  Peaceful protest, "talking to people", tackle it "intellectually" while the Constitution is killed by the global elite in both major parties.  RIP America, killed by complacency!

Have fun in prison.  

In the meantime, type a few more times how you're going to water the tree of Liberty.  That will impress everyone.  



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