We can no longer sit on the side lines and hope someone else will shoulder what needs to be done. I know we're old and crippled but we must do it...charge the battery on the wheel-chair and prepare to move.

Hillary Clinton is the principle causing LIAR, raising America to the brink of destruction of our judicial system as a nation under law.

This is not about politics and no party should ever be mentioned, it's about the rule of law and the complete destruction of the United States of America.

The evidence is quite compelling that Hillary Clinton violated her oath in carrying out her duties as Secretary of State; that she violated her own rules established for all members of the State Department against communicating official business outside official State Department channels; that she purposefully established a non-secure communications server in her private residence in which she knowingly used to communicate Top Secret and higher intelligence information; that she purposefully and willfully lied to cover-up the cause of the fatal murder of four United States government employees in Benghazi; that she purposefully and willingly lied in the face of grieving mothers, in the shadow of the coffins of those killed in Benghazi, citing a video as the reason their sons were killed.

The short paragraph above, which only skims the criminal surface, cites Hillary Clinton's reflection as one of the most despicable, heartless, self-serving, law breaking government officials in American history. She must never again be eligible to represent or serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton is the reason LIAR and must be held accountable. Make no mistake Hillary is not in this alone but is the principle that must put before a Judge.

There is every reason to believe the Department of Justice is moving toward "white wash" of the Clinton debacle which cannot be allowed by "we the people".

It is mandatory that everyone of us contact every person we communicate with and prepare to descend on Washington, D.C. at a moments notice. If there is any indication that Hillary Clinton will not be brought before a Federal Grand Jury for high treason, and multiple crimes against the American people, LIAR must be activated.

PFA has all 50 State Groups still active and should get more active alerting every American that understands the threat of LIAR and be prepared to round up millions of unarmed citizens to send the message in D.C. Use Face Book and Twitter. We can't allow our 240th Independence Day be our last.  

Clinton must be prosecuted or all hell breaks loose.

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great info Robert !!!! Will use that.

Michael,, we are as depressed and angry as you are.  Can you tell us out here.... Every single Trump Rally i see.. has thousands of people.. filling stadiums...!  The one in Kissimmee fl on aug 13th. 

He had so many people in the stadium , they were squeezed in and it held like  8,000 or 10,000 people  and when he left that night....  200 police on mototcycles were , were waiting for  Mr Trump , in the dark, circling him to safely escort him to his plane .. and then Trump  thanked each and every one of them... shook their hands.  So if All of Trumps Ralleys are like this.... and Hillarys have like 80 people , and one of her ralleys they had to get people to stand in... !  My question to you.. how could her numbers be so high... and Trumps so low.!!! Everyone wants to know this.  Its a scam... i do not believe it ... Its just math,,, and logic.. there is so much corruption.  Can you please find an answer for us Michael and let it out .. i will be watching for answers if you have one. thank you.

I agree 100%; it is because the whole media is playing political ball, I just read yesterday they kicked Michael Lynch off Newsmax for supporting Trump too much; I guess Hannity will be next. I bet that sorry Tim Kaine is chomping at the bits hoping Killery will go down so he will be in the cat bird seat.

Kaine has problems from his past as governor here in my home state of VA, receiving gifts and kick-backs for favors while he was in the governor's mansion.  She picked him as her VP because he is as crooked as she is.

Kaine is an Obama kiss ass.I bet he is chomping at the bits for her to fall over so he can take her place. On July 15, 2012, he tweeted that his wife wanted their marriage to take other lovers, he calls it embracing herself. ha ha. What a weird crew

People rallying for trump are like a cult. They show up like people show up for those old time televangelists. You all know the ones. They fill stadiums with the faithful. Those faithful make them filthy rich also and donate to all the cause they throw up. Now when it comes to Hillary's supporters. They are diehard democrats. You trump supporters who believe Democrats actually support trump because they came to primaries and voted for trump. Wrong. Most democrats are solid liberals and will do what ever it takes to see a democrat win. It doesn't matter their history. Viola Hillary. If You want trump to win. Really want him to win. You have to become more dedicated than they are. It doesn't mean going to rallys. Those are useless. It means yard signs. It means wearing trump supporting clothes. It means posting about trump and making those posts go viral. It means keeping trump in the news no matter what it is about. You have to get trump to be a name first in every ones mind. You wont change mine. But you will turn around many. Though I say now I think you are wrong about trump. I believe you have the right to support him. So I have quit arguing with you all. Go get him elected. Oh I almost forgot. You need to get him to talk more on what he claims he is going to do and quit attacking anyone but obumma and Clinton. HE needs to keep hammering on the greatness of the people and they will be great again.

Robert.... You make some valid points on methods used to get a person elected (it must be prefaced that the election is fair and honest however!)
But I'm confused, most people feel the elections are rigged. So which is it because you can't have it both ways as this flies in the face of all the laws of Logic. I've been using a mathatical principle of probability therory on the probability of America returning to its Constitutional beginnings and the conclusions are not good folks. If any one desires I can go into it in detail later, I have to pick my son up at the airport.

Yes Michael, I'd like to hear your conclusions.  Have a safe trip to the airport.

Michael, I do not say that the elections are rigged. I have said all along if they were rigged then trump would never have won if he were an outsider.  All these people claiming that elections are rigged do nothing more than prove that trump is an insider.  I say they are not in any more than the fact that the media controls what is put in front of everyone every day. The fact that the establishment controls the vast real wealth and they use that wealth to control the masses.  The people who claim that Trump cant win because the elections are rigged are the real negative people. People wake up. You control who wins. Quit bashing #nevertrump people that just locks them in even harder. trust me I know. You may still be able to quit trying to beat them over the head trying to convince them they are voting for Hillary if they don't vote for trump. Argue the real points. Discuss the real issues and show where trump really supports what he has said.  Show points where others cant say here is where he went back on what he has said after winning the nomination.

I think Michael anything short of a full all out revolution by the people has any hope of restoring the constitution. Though the chances are you may have a military leader rally and decide instead to institute a military dictatorship. Or even better chance is the states separate permanently.

Just my Opinion.

You call it a cult.  Most people who are fully informed about globalism call it a national movement, which it is.  The movement exists because of the many people who are tired of the globalist politics and interference in domestic and foreign affairs.  If you are not aware of this fact, please go to and watch the 3+ hour video called "From JFK to 911, Everything's a Rich Man's Trick."  It's all about the history of globalist control of America.  The people who are aware of the globalists are the ones supporting Trump.  They know that he is our only hope to stop the destruction of America.  And going to the Trump rallies is not wasted effort.  It shows the world that the ordinary American people are supporting Trump for President, and also goes a long way to show that the polls are rigged.  Social media does the same - Trump far excels Hillary in the numbers of people who are following him on all the social media.  I believe Trump will win, and it won't even be close.  But he will need to get at least 60% of the vote in order to overcome the voter fraud that will attempt to deliver Hillary as President. And most people don't 'feel' that national elections are rigged - we KNOW they are.  It has been proven historically, as well as by recent studies by Stanford University.  If Hillary does win, the people who voted for anyone other than Trump should be prepared to accept responsibility for the destruction of America, because that outcome is inevitable under Clinton. 

Linda, you are right about what will happen if Hillary wins.  But if Trump does win we will have to keep his feet to the fire to do what is necessary and required to restore the Constitution as it was originally intended.  As I have stated before I am not "thrilled" with Trump but he is the only candidate with a chance of keeping Hillary out of the White House and that alone is why I WILL cast my one vote for him but I am, and all should be, prepared to do what will become necessary should Hillary win.  I have appreciated this forum and gratefully that Harry Riley took the great effort to make this available but I have to concentrate on a bigger aspect in my life now; continuing the process of ordination through the Hebraic Perspective ministry I am blessed to be a part of.  I will stop in from time to time, in the mean time may YHVH God bless and keep all of you in His Love, Grace and Mercy.

Polling is historically inaccurate, but the primary purpose of polling, which is manipulated by the globalists, is not to show how the candidates are being received by the people.  It's to program the thinking of the voters.  If the polls can convince us that Trump has no chance, then some people will switch to Hillary in order to be with the winner, and others will stay home, believing there is no point in voting at all.  Do not let these polls influence you - they are ALWAYS wrong, not only because of the artificial programming, but because the samples are way too small to accurately reflect voters' opinions.  They over sample population groups that favor their desired winner - in this case, Democrats, Women, and Minorities.  Voter fraud is also problematic, and the Clintons' donors own two of the voting machine companies, so you can bet your booty that they will be preprogrammed to flip votes from R to D.  Trump will have to get about 60% of the true vote in order to beat the machines, BUT HE CAN DO THAT!  Social media tells the real story.  Trump has about 10 times more followers than Hillary, on all the social media.



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