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Once again, since Obama’s secular socialist community organizing press won’t tell the American people the truth, someone has to!


Over the years, I have written more about our Founding Fathers and documents than most Americans have ever read in a lifetime. But just in case I missed something, I went back and read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights one more time and nowhere did I find a “right to collective bargaining” – aka criminal socialist union thuggery, intimidation and extortion.


Public Opinion

Did anyone really have to poll to come up with this answer? Most taxpayers are sick of being bankrupted or held hostage by union thuggery and oppose labor unions, especially for public servant jobs paid for by taxpayers. Ironically, most union thugs like unions… This, they call “breaking news!”


It depends on who you ask… but as a general rule, you can anticipate that socialists see nothing wrong with socialism (collectivism) and everything wrong with freedom, individual rights and capitalism. People willing to trade their individual rights for collective bargaining rights love unions, while people still stuck on individual rights tend to hate them.


Public vs. Private

The discussion also changes based on public sector jobs paid for by taxpayers, vs. private sector jobs, paid for by private employers and ultimately the consumers of goods and services. Private sector jobs feed the public trough and public sector jobs drain the public trough. Hence, there is a significant difference between the two – one being on the asset side of the ledger, the other being a liability for every American taxpayer.


Most Americans believe in and support the concept of individual rights, not the collective rights of one special group over all others. Still, most support the right to private sector unions, so long as the people have a right to reject unions, under right to work laws.


They also accept the right of union shops to bid on government contracts, but not exclusively via union bid only laws, which keep 88% of the workforce from even bidding on government contracts, though they still have to pay for them.


But in the public sector, labor unions amount to nothing more than the collective extortion of taxpayers. The right for a few to hold an entire state or nation hostage until they can milk taxpayers for ever increasing wages and benefits, in what is supposed to be public servant jobs.


The insane practice should have never been allowed to begin with, and should have ended long ago. Whether it’s Iceland, Greece, the Middle East, Wisconsin or the United States, public sector union extortion has bankrupted government after government leaving union pension funds unfunded to the tune of a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. Once the public feeding trough has run dry, there is nothing left to negotiate, which is exactly what Wisconsin Governor Walker told state union workers. Indiana Republicans should have had as much backbone and sooner or later, they will have no choice.


The Union Revolt

Union community thug-in-chief Barack Obama is working with his civilian army, made up of well-indoctrinated college students, union members, Black Panthers, Muslims and illegal aliens still praying for amnesty, to create a national disaster out of the battle between taxpayers and the international labor movement.


Just watch how these people react in Wisconsin, when nobody lost their job, their pay or their benefits. All they lost was their ability to hold Wisconsin taxpayer’s hostage to prop up labor unions that are the financial foundation of today’s Democrat Party.


Remember the “buy American” and “look for the union label” ads of years gone by? You don’t see those ads anymore because most American union workers don’t make anything anymore. They work in government jobs now, on the taxpayer’s dole and that’s why government has grown at a pace no GDP can keep up with.


The Pursuit of Happiness

The individual right to define and pursue happiness through the sweat of one’s own brow is the fundamental right of every American citizen and it always has been.


But there is NO constitutional right to collective bargaining in the private sector or collective extortion in the public sector.


The mere notion that union workers are somehow special, deserving of special rights, wages, benefits, powers and government consideration that no other American has, is in and of itself, un-American, not to mention wholly unconstitutional.


And the idea that people making less should have to pay for those special wages and benefits in higher taxes, just so that union members can pay union dues to prop up the Democrat Party, is totally insane!


Union members should wake up and get a clue! The American taxpayer is fed up with being robbed of their earnings to prop up international secular socialist interests represented by today’s Democrat Party, which won’t even exist without labor union funding.


The unionized American press can lie about this story in support of their Democrat unions all they want. But the American taxpayers have finally figured out who has been screwing them all these years.


Democrats, labor unions, the press and the lawyers who make it all possible!


When the people look to see who has been bending them over in government for years, they see the union label. The jig is up folks! Your right to collectively out-bargain the American individual is at end. Get used to the idea…



You are not a Tea Party candidate anymore Rand. You are a U.S. Senator now. Stop with the childish Tea Party data-mining for ignorant donors with your stupid petitions and just introduce a National Right to Work Act. Stop talking about it and DO IT Senator.


We heard the speech, that’s how you got elected. Now, stop talking and start DOING! You won’t get another penny or signature from me until you actually DO SOMETHING!


Governor Walker for President! The first politician I’ve seen with real backbone since Reagan!

JB Williams

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Great post.
"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." -  Sir Winston Churchill -
Amen on the note to Rand Paul. He has sent the petition for repeal of the healthcare bill for us to sign showing our support. I did that, but, he kept sending it again and again for a donation even after us telling him that we were trying to live off of SS. I finally blocked him. I don't think he realizes that the election is over. I thought he got paid to do whatever it is he does besides ask for donations. Why can't you just do what you can and that be enough for the Polititons.
The Union knows America is broke. Why should citizens who make less money pay them?
DEBBIE: We're the ONES who can help correct the short sightedness and tunnel vision that has been promoted by the UNIONS and DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS to fire up the loudmouth demonstrations by IGNORANT and STUPID workers.
Ron Paul is famous for his on-line collection of money, over 10 million in 08, of which he spent little, like father like son. I could live for a year on the postage money from the contribution letters I received last election cycle. Half of my Es are requests for money from every politician and supposed Tea Party group out there. Take our poll and show me the money, what a crock. The Paul's talk the talk but do not walk the walk. When a real leader stands up and says, that all those in Government who do not support enforcing our immigration laws, closing our borders completely, rounding up all the illegals and deporting them is a Traitor and needs impeached, indited, tried and if convicted of Treason, hanged by neck till dead. Then we will have found the leader I we are looking for, an American who believes in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Our open borders and illegal problem is what is going to bring this Country down. See you all in DC March 19th
As a retired Union Elevator Constructor I should have mixed emotions about the feelings that our nation has concerning unions. But I do not. The Building Trades and the Elevator Constructors are much different then the Government unions. Elevator Constructors pay 100% of both our Healthcare and Pension contributions. We are self insured on our medical and control our pension which is fully funded. When we got a raise, say 50 cents an hour, 15 cents went to medical, 15 cents went into our pension and we got 20 cents in our check. Most of the Building Trades are under the same system. When I was Business Agent in the 80s I warned the Building Trades against aligning themselves with AFSME and the other non producing government unions. They did not listen and it will cost them dearly. All unions are now painted with the same brush as greedy, lazy and shameful people who care only about themselves. When the real unions who produced something joined forces with the non producing government leeching unions they sealed their own fate. It will take decades if it ever happens before the Labor Unions restore their standing, honor and integrity in our Country. What a shame as it was the American Labor Unions who built this Country to what it is in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Contrary to popular belief it was not union wages the drove industry from the USA, it was the EPA, Government regulations with a major boost from NAFTA and willingness of the American consumer to buy all that junk from China. No matter how little American workers are paid we will never be able to compete with the slave labor in China, India and Taiwan. When I hired in at Ford in 1965 I earned $2.50 an hour and worked my butt off for every penny I made. Today no factory worker in China make anywhere near that much an hour. What I was paid 46 years ago. Here in Akron Ohio the union tire builders worked on piece work. The more tires they built the more money they made. The rubber shops left Akron when the EPA wouldn't let them build new plants and told them they had bring existing plants up to new EPA codes. They just closed up shop and moved overseas. We will never be the Country we once were till our manufacturing and factories comes back. When all you make is paper that is all you will ever have. Union teachers and government workers shuffle paper, that's all they do. They make nothing and they produce nothing. See you all in DC March 19th

I dont think most Americans bare any ill-will to Unions in general, but they must live or die at their own making, the GM bailout is an example of Gov intruding and supporting Unions where they have no interest other than POLITICAL. If auto manufacturing by the likes of Toyota can produce a product that actually makes the company a profit with non-union employees and GM CANNOT, without a bailout from us the taxpayer, then those unions should FAIL, and bankruptcy be their tool to restructure and break the Unions so they ARE once again profitable. If they continue to fail, it should be obvious to everyone, that their business model should be changed in favor of non-union, its that simple.

Government support of Public Unions at the expense of their citizens will always lead to failure because the employees of such a system will always demand more, and taxpayers will recieve less. And lets not forget This is the road to more and more Socialism.


Margret Thatcher said it best: "Socialism is fine, Until you run out of other Peoples Money"

C'mon folks, Rand Paul and other politicians have political organizations that collect contributions for political campaigns, activities, etc.. They email, call, mail these requests as a matter of routine, it takes millions of dollars for advertisements, flyers, opinion polls, rallies on issues and can't expect them to pay out of their pockets.  They don't specifically target anyone as an annoyance, instead focusing on like minded constituents who support their views. As for the collectivist nature of unions, organizing minorities and unions are two planks of the communist movement. They wail about the wealth of the rich, their motto is wealth redistribution--from those with the most to contribute,  to those with the biggest needs. Bolsheviks in Russia overthrew the Czar with this same ideology, organizing the people in revolt as a weapon against the wealthy elite ruling class. It brought communism and Vladimir Lenin to power. Castro organized the Cuban revolution in this same manner, overthrowing Bautista with the peons and gave them a brutal communist dictatorship.  DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THE UNIONS ARE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OR THEMSELVES?  DO YOU BELIVE OBUMBLER LOOKS OUT FOR ALL AMERICANS OR JUST HIS SUPPORTERS AND CONTRIBUTORS??
The problem is the people don't know right from wrong any more,they do what the T.V. TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO,can you say PRAVDA.
Texas, the foreign auto makers do not have the legacy costs that Ford, GM and Chrysler have. What are legacy costs. That's the unfunded libilities such as pensions and health care costs of their retirees. You know the hundreds of thousands of employees who worked 35 to 40 years in those plants and earned those benefits. Toyota and Honda got sweetheart deals with no union contracts, no taxes, free land, new roads, railroads, and no legacy libilities, ie. huge government bailouts. You just don't know about them. Yes they are non union, another sweetheart deal from our government. While the American auto makers were paying out over the top dividens on their stock instead of funding their pension libilities, All the while paying for those libilities out of their yearly profits. All it took was a couple of bad years and they were broke. It was Wall Street and the Boards of Directors who bankrupted the auto companies not the workers. Ford which is controlled by the Ford family, they own over 50% of their stock, didn't need or take a bailout. They didn't need one because they managed their profits and libilities responsibly. While Wall Street and the Boards were lining their pockets with GM and Chryslers profits the Ford family didn't. Toyota and Honda don't care about their workers and will drop them like a hot potato when they are used up and guess who will foot that bill, yep you guessed it the American taxpayer, another Government bailout to the foreign auto makers. Do your homework and find out the truth. It's all out there if you take the time to look. It's real easy to make a profit with all those sweetheart deals and give-a-ways from our government, oops I mean the American taxpayer.  See you all in DC March 19th



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