LYONS: The agenda an enemy would devise,,,,,It's no surprise Obama is the enemy

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LYONS: The agenda an enemy would devise

Obama makes America weaker

In the current overload of Obama administration scandals and strategic disasters distracting our attention, it is easy to ignore a more central truth: The Obama administration is hastening the destruction of America from within.

The latest disaster is allowing Iraq to slide into a full sectarian civil war, which when added to the other scandals that include Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, illegal immigration and Ukraine, the American public’s attention is clearly on overload. As a result, not much attention has been paid to the recent meeting in Switzerland between high-level U.S. and Iranian delegates that made absolutely no progress in resolving core issues on Iran’s nuclear program. Reaching a final agreement with Iran by July 20 would now seem to be out of the question. However, with President Obama desperate to sign an agreement with Iran, nothing should be ruled out.

Mr. Obama has already made significant concessions and may make more without regard to either our or our allies’ security. With President Obama now considering how Iran can help stem the ISIS advance on Baghdad, further disastrous concessions could be made regarding Iran’s nuclear program that would have far-ranging impact throughout the region and beyond.

Key unresolved issues involve Iran continuing to enrich uranium to the 20 percent level rather than the reactor-grade level of 5 percent, already conceded by the Obama administration (instead of zero). As Fred Fleitz of the intelligence and forecasting service LIGNET has pointed out, Iran’s 5 percent enriched uranium stockpile would only take about “3 weeks longer” to reach the 20 percent enriched uranium level needed to produce weapons-grade nuclear fuel. LIGNET has also reported that Iran now has enough 5 percent enriched uranium, if further enriched, to produce up to eight nuclear weapons.

In addition to Iran’s refusal to cease development of advanced centrifuges, another key problem area is Iran’s refusal to cease work on its heavy water Arak reactor. Iran has rejected a proposal to convert the facility to a light-water reactor, though it agreed to never build a reprocessing plant to extract plutonium from the reactor’s spent fuel rods. How comforting.

Another core issue is the number of operational Iranian centrifuges. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France want Iran to reduce the number of operational centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,000. Iran has rejected this plan and stated it needed more centrifuges — possibly up to 30,000 — to produce fuel for its Bushehr light water reactor. This is nonsense. In August 1995, Russia offered to provide Iran with a 10-year supply of fuel for their nuclear plant at Bushehr for only $30 million. Iran adamantly rejected this offer because Russia insisted that Iran return the spent fuel rods to Russia for reprocessing. Instead, Iran has proceeded to spend billions of dollars in constructing underground hardened facilities for a “peaceful nuclear program.”

However, this fits an emerging pattern of arming our enemies. The Obama administration’s Middle East policy is in shambles. The embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood was always puzzling since their creed is to destroy the United States from within by our own “miserable hands.” The administration’s influence on our switching sides on the war on terror cannot be overestimated. In Libya, we armed al Qaeda-affiliated militias under the political control of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are now doing the same thing in Syria with no end in sight to that humanitarian tragedy.

Libya and Iraq, both previously declared success stories by the Obama administration, are now sliding into states of civil war, primarily due to Mr. Obama’s policies. The impact on our allies — Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — cannot be overestimated, particularly with a nuclear-armed Iran.

Our emasculated response to the Ukraine crisis has only served to enhance Vladimir Putin’s global influence. NATO, led by the United States, appears to be irrelevant. Furthermore, our feeble response to China’s imperialistic actions in both the South and East China Seas has only served to encourage our enemies to take bolder action.

Compounding this unstable global situation is the crushing debt brought about by the feckless policies of the Obama administration. It has contributed to the unilateral disarmament of our military forces, jeopardizing our national security. As a result, it has weakened our influence throughout the world. Furthermore, the illegal immigration on our southern borders, with tens of thousands of children and adults infiltrating the country encouraged by the administration’s disastrous Dream Act policy, is unconscionable.

What’s happening to America’s standing in the world is not due to incompetence, as some have claimed. This is planned. We are witnessing the Obama administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood creed, which is to destroy America from within. Congress must be responsible to take back America. Nothing less is acceptable.

James A. Lyons, U.S. Navy retired Admiral, was Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations.


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I have been warning the people on these sites about what the usuper fraud and chief was doing to America he only gets away with what hes doing because he is black and that's the only reason.I've been called a racist by the politicaly correct trolls on these sites.America is on her way down into the vortex of destructionThe whole idea of political correctness is to do propaganda work on a people to believe that if they say or do anything against the doctrine of the dictators they are racist.We all are racist.The black is racist against the whites and other colors.The browns are racist against all colors,ect ect.We all are racist.Of course every color believes his color and peoples are the best in the world.One football team believes their team is better than all the rest.One school believes their school is better than all the schools in the world.races and colors compete with each other for the same reason they believe their race and color is the best in the world.So if you have any discernment at all you can see what I am talking about if not you'll jump off at the racist accuser.What makes up the demoncrap party are all racist.They accuse the conservative of being racist while they are guilty of the very samething they accuse me of racism.Your ok if you agree and go along with their political correctness but disagree and you receive a one way ticket to hell.Sad but true.I am glad I'm of the age I am..

....As a matter of FACT, since 2001 the United States has lost over 42,000 factories. Of these, 36% employed over 1,000 people. 38% employed 500 to 999. Dell computers and Ford Motor Company have announced the closing of more factories. In addition, approximately 90,000 more industrial and small commercial plants are presently at risk of closing their doors over the next few years due to a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is government legislation for business regulation and corporate taxation. This unfriendly approach toward business is literally driving the manufacturing base out of the United States! AND sadly, there doesn't seem to be any serious initiatives from the United States' leadership to reverse these trends... Additional statistics show the US has lost in excess of 7 million manufacturing jobs since the present recession commenced in 2008. Manufacturing employment within the US computer industry was actually lower in 2011 than it was in 1975!... With over 1 Billion cell phones manufactured worldwide, the stunning fact is, the US manufactured *NONE*!!!!....Even the Apple -I phone is not American made...(A Chinese company makes them in Southeast Asia)...A once thriving and dominant position in the circuit board manufacturing sector within the US is today controlled by ASIA!!!...They also produce 84% of all circuit boards worldwide! Industrialized cities like Kansas City, St.Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, NewYork, Boston, and Baltimore are a "shadow" of what they once were in steel, automotive, chemical, and electronics manufacturing!!!

Welcome to Argentina...... sad......

Our nation has gotten into it's current condition because congress has let it happen. Once in office, they stay in office working like they're in business for themselves. All branches of our government have sold us down the river to foreigners for their personal advantage money wise. And the voters keep re-electing them.

Why would a person spend more money on a campaign than they not will get back after their term: Not within it, after it? Because industries can buy them out and pay for their campaign. Thus industries can make more money with cheaper wages in foreign nations.

Why has no one in congress called Obama's constitutional eligibility for the Oval Office to question? I've been trying for over 5 years to get an explanation of his constitutional eligibility but I haven't received it yet. Why? Because he isn't in that office legally yet he's in it with congress' consented approval.

In my understanding of history -- pitiful as it is-- I seem to recall hearing  somewhere that the biggest error men make --is they have yet to discover a way to factor the human element. Yes! Obama and his helpers have done much to harm America Our  standing in the world--and on the home-front.I really do not know how much of it will be lasting harm. Mop up will always be as big a task as the mess made. I remind myself of the Code taken "...I will Trust in my God,and int he United States of America.' Deep  inside I still trust in the American people--the We the People..." I still trust in the Founding documents and the ideal reflected in them. And I believe God can do miracles--I've seen some. Didn't  a lot of folks notice the  hollowing out of our Military after WWI--and when Pearl was attacked--and we were drawn into WWII how many said we could NOT do it.My father--and his father both served in WWII. I had College professors who  had worked in the Aircraft factories--or in munitions factories--and from most accounts I have read--or heard it was one H--- of a Ride. But how did we come through? By God's Grace--and the American Spirit. I trust in that. What did that guy say on 9-11-01

"wasn't it --"Let's Roll." Oh the reason I came on was to say I LIKE this idea of discovery as to if we can initiate legal action to have the entire lot tried for TREASON-- or at least Dereliction of duty.That may be the only quick way to build a fire under the chairs of Congress. November ain't too far away-now and we need to encourage others to REMEMBER in NOV. and to TRUST but verify--and to Only pull that lever  for someone you can honestly say you believe will defend our US Constitution.And none of this good ol boy Liars Club political promise 'em anything but  give  'em govt. as usual.

As we have seen large amounts of manufacturing leave the US, we are presently experiencing the unparalleled increase of national debt in combination with the debasing and decline of the American dollar. Recently, China has been quoted as saying that "The time has arrived; The dollar is a product of the past" and needs to be replaced by a "Global Currency" that is more secure and "neutral friendly".....It is a known FACT the US has printed literally trillions of dollars over the past 4 years, tripling the money supply as well as generating more debt in the first three and one half years of Barack Obama's administration than all the debt generated from George Washington through George Bush. The rating agencies are now beginning to consider the negative impact, which simply means a "downgrading of US bonds, is likely to occur at some time in the future"!!! It has become PLAIN to most of the world, it is "highly improbable" the US will ever pay off its debt. The financial community is now beginning to sound the alarm. There is growing concern the US could, very possibly, default on its debt!!!!

Suzanne, go to youtube for his videos...he has a website, contact him, let me know your feedback..thanks

T. Walker,,,this deadly process started in 1979, in the 80s, Reagan ruined thousands of small farmers/ small oil the i990s, Clinton and Congress built our coffin, Bush / Cheney dumped four trillion debt on us by way

of illegal / ineffective invasions..Obama and his bosses are trying to nail the coffin shut....

Chisholm, I feel that your heart is in this but; All of this mess began LONG before 1979.......I have served in the military from 74 thru 2007. I can't begin to tell you what i have seen, experienced, what i have (supposedly) NOT seen, or NOT experienced.......I was a pawn. Who was trained to become a Knight. Who advanced to a Prince....My lips are sealed......You think that there was an illegal/ineffective "invasion". Okay. I will respect that....But let me be clear; From what "I" have seen and from what "I" have experienced and for this "disability" that "I" now suffer from....Bush *did not* make that call (albeit justified).......Back in the "Late 80's" (very late 80's), We went in and liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. (He wasn't having it!! Flexing his military and such)....I was deployed in August of 1990 to Saudi Arabia...(Operation Desert Shield)......This was a prelude to the first invasion of Iraq to (IMHO) make sure that Saddam didn't take over the SAUDI oil fields as well as Kuwaits.....5 months later, "Operation Desert Storm" began......Dodged a few "Missiles" here & there" but, Saddam's elite military got demolished!!! His "surrender" was based on that he would destroy his "WMD'S" and leave Kuwait & Saudi Arabia alone.....He "RENEGED" on that promise and Clinton KNEW about it....Did nothing....Bin-Laden was a "Wanted Terrorist" by (not only the US) INTERPOL and was "Captured" by Chad? 

Sudan? (I can't remember which African Country). And Clinton wanted nothing to do with him so "they" let him go....This was in 1998.....3 years later we have 9/11, Our EMPIRE STATE attacked, OUR PENTAGON attacked, (Which is the "Brains" of our military intelligence) and an attempt on "who knows what"??? The WH???? AND the Terrorist that Clinton did not want anything to do with is on every living channel that he could possibly be on...Is laughing and celebrating and having a "good old time"!!!!...I'm NOT SORRY!!!! NYC is my effing home!!!! I am a WITNESS to Iraq's WMD'S!!!! I am a disabled Vet because of them!!! So I would appreciate all of you to STOP bashing Pres Bush on that ONE issue!!!!....AND "IF" you think that i am LYING....Why not find my medical records that have *disappeared*!!!!! Since you have so much "KNOWLEDGE" of NO WMD'S!!!!!.......

Everybody is now talking about Assad Syria now having Chemical weapons,,,,,, Where in hell do people think he got them? They were shipped to Syria by Saddam Hussein when GW Bush and Chaney discovered them.

WOW! Great revelation! You have to be an idiot not to have known this for years now It's all talk and no action! One wasteful congressional hearing after another! Just one big "dog and pony show" with the disgust and the payment by the taxpayers! The left is so brazen now they outright lie and spit you in the face! They know the republicans are weak and they can get away with it! The more corrupt they are, the more raises and promotions they'll receive! And to add to that lunacy, they'll never be fired! Only in America and in the public sector!!



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